Vote: Mugdha Godse vs Bipasha Basu vs Lara Dutta

Monday morning and time to have some fun. With All The Best picking up big time at the box office and Blue doing fantastic business in Week 1, we assume most of you have already watched the two Diwali releases in theaters and not on those pirated copies with filthy camera prints.

The two leading ladies in the All the best, both ex super models, looked stunning with Bipasha Basu making a surprise re-entry in a double role right at the end. Mugdha Godse was hardly there, yet looked super hot in those limited scenes.

Lara Dutta looked at her sexist best and was arguably the best part of Blue, wasn’t she!

Whose your pick? – Mugdha Godse, Bipsaha Basu or Lara Dutta.. Vote Now and also drop in your comments below

Mugdha Godse vs Bipasha Basu vs Lara Dutta

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