Vote: Delhi Belly vs Buddha Hoga Tera Baap

Both Delhi Belly and Buddha Hoga Tera Baap release this week and two biggies releasing on the same day, is never a good idea. Still, both films belong to different genres and the former is for Adults only (Delhi Belly).

Over the last few years, the reputation that Aamir Khan productions has slowly built has been tremendous. A film with Aamir Khan’s name to it, is guaranteed to be good.. that’s what the audience believe. So, a head-start for Delhi Belly is almost guaranteed and the film should open much better than Buddha Hoga Tera Baap.

Which movie will you be watching this weekend? Let us know by voting below

Delhi Belly vs Buddha Hoga Tera Baap

Buddha Hoga Tera Baap vs Delhi Belly

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  • agar koi free main bhi ticket de toh bhi delhi belly naam ka bakwas movie mat dekhna,total torcher,how could aamir khan produce this nonsense flick,imran khan proves that he is a total shit and shit can happen only on him,he rightly deserves it……..he should quit acting like uday chopra did………

  • Haven’t seen DB yet, saw BHTB average movie, too overrated and overhyped, however our Shahnshah performs superbly as usual,

  • Aamir khan ne phir se prove kar diya hai ki wo sab se zyada creative our innovative hai.Jo DB ko dekh kar pata chalta hai.Imran khan ne achchi acting ki.

  • BIGB is BIGB and Delhi belly is not even near to BBuddah…Amitabh rocks again..only fools can compare these two films


  • plz dont vote delhi belly wo bohat bakwas film hai agar vote karna hai tho BHTB ko vote karo amitabh bachchan is the king of bollwood i like him

  • he he he kahan amitabh bachchan or kaha amir khan amitabh is young forever amitabh is bestttttttttttttttttt

  • I think he is the only Living Legend belongs from India..Any word for describing Mr Bachan is tooo small to say anything about him..

  • db———just a cut paste of of lock stock n the two smoking barrel’s an average flick.
    bhtb—— awesome movie! n the dialogue’s r amazing….a feast for the bada baap of bollywood’s fan’s.

  • i m great fan of Amir khan.His ghulam ,ghazni & 3 ideats are some of my favo.. movie.I m eagerly waiting for his next movie.
    But one thing i always keep in mind and all other should also keep.

    ” Sachin Aur Amitabh do no his Aasman hai Apne field ke ,Unke Allawa baaki sab jamin, Isliye Plz kabhie aasman aur jameen ka comparison karna nahi karen aplog.”

  • DB______________A cult classic, new, fresh, chocking, comdey at its best=Superhit
    Buddah_______________A B grade movie, nothing new, boring, pretty crappy=Flop

    Enough said.

  • Ye log bhi Jamari tarah hain achcha kam karenge to shabashi milegi aur is tarah ki kkudaah dim banayenge to barbadi!!!

  • kaha amitabh or kaha aamir wo takla hi thik tha (gajani).so pls dont watch DB…….

    save your money dont waste on this type of movie……….

  • Only AMIR KHAN He is the best in hollywood.amitabh bacchan ab budhe ho gaye hai.delhi belly picture bahut achi hai or adult bhi hai.

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