Aishwarya Rai’s Heroine cancelled!

Aishwarya Rai’s Heroine directed has been cancelled indefinitely for now and the future now looks bleak for the Madhur Bhandarkar directed film.

As Aishwarya and Abhishek prepare to embrace the next phase of their lives, UTV put all the speculation around Heroine to rest “We would like to put an end to the speculative and factually incorrect stories that are doing the rounds on Heroine and to clarify the position once and for all. At this point, nothing is more important to us than Aishwarya’s well being and good health. We have all agreed that the best step would be to avoid shooting further, rather than proceeding with an incredibly demanding schedule over the coming months”

“Even as we will truly miss this opportunity to work with Aishwarya, the entire unit wishes her the very best for the exciting time ahead as she and Abhishek move into this special new phase in their lives”

While the projects stays on hold for now, not many in the media have been able to contact director Madhur Bhandakar who is supposedly in a state of shock. UTV too is said to incur losses of over Rs 3 crores.

All in all, a sad end to a very promising film. What remains to be seen is, if the shooting will continue after Aishwarya delivers in November? Arjun Rampal too seems to be in shock, as the actor had provided bulk dates for Heroine.


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