Vote: Best Film so far in 2012

More than 30 Bollywood films released in the first quarter of 2012. We have shortlisted 13 films.

Which is the best film of 2012 so far? You can pick 3 films from the list. Vote now!

Best Film of 2012 So Far

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  • lets compare imdbs ratings hr agneepath wins from all releases except kahani ,hr is second super star after srk he is bigger than salman and amir

  • kahani is best an imdb rating of 8.7 (highest ever by a bollywood movie ) ,agneepath is also good imdb of 7.2

  • Acc. To Aam Junta n Box Office Collection it is Hrithik’s AGNEEPATH…i don’t care about Polls only n only BOx Office Matters.

  • kahani is best film of bollywood and no second chance for any film this year one more film fare and national award for vidya balan

  • the ending of two films which i would never forget first farhan akhtars don and second sujoy ghoshs kahani

  • the lovers of ready and wanted may not understand kahani and give benefit of doubt to agneepath i request them to vote for kahani

  • Agneepath..Agneepath.. and Agneepath.. this film should win the following awards: best film, best direction, best story, best songs, best actor (Hrithik), best Villain (Sanjay) best best best.. God I saw this film 4 times at cinema! can’t remember when I went for any bollywood movie in the past 10 years 4 times to watch.. no film except this one.

    Kahani is a good film, but it’s a one time watch and doesn’t deserve to win any award.. just a good film

  • All those voting for kahani..go n watch kahani again n that it can touch even half what AGNEEPATH…then bark here…only BOX OFFICE MATTERS..All Polls Sucks

  • best film 2012 so far:
    ek main ek tu

    if all or some of u have not saw movie players
    please watch it, as all of u know mustan DUO make gr8 thrill movies
    search on google players have beat all records of world tv premiere(zee cinema) movies of india.
    even 3 idiots, ra1,bodyguard golmal3,singham

  • best film 2012 so far:
    ek main ek tu

    if all or some of u have not saw movie players
    please watch it, as all of u know mustan DUO make gr8 thrill movies
    search on google players have beat all records of world tv premiere(zee cinema) movies of india.
    even 3 idiots, ra1,bodyguard golmal3,singham
    bcoz d reason is audience want to see the greatest robberry of century(rs10000 crore gold)
    i know players failed at the box office
    but how many of u know that its net box office collection was 50 crores approx
    HUH thats huge
    then why flop?
    bcoz it was costliest movie of india(100 crores approx)
    movie flop bcoz of starcast
    think if it was SRK( instead of neil)
    akshay kumar (instead of abhishek)
    i bet this movie had break all records of indian film industry
    how many of u remember mere yar ki shadi hai(uday chopra,jimmyshergil)
    now think if mer yar ki…. was made with SRK as uday salman as jimmy
    i bet agian it was bigger hit then kuch kuch hota….

  • Without a doubt Agneepath I don’t care that upcoming big movies this year can go past its collection but for liking a movie from heart Agneepath will be way ahead…….

  • agneepath, the cheapest movie(older was far far much better, ab was awesome like alpacino)
    best movie are:
    kahaani and paan singh tomar

  • who’re those crazy ppl who’re voting for the flop and crap film (Players!!!) hahahahaha!!!! that proves how bad yr taste is!!!

  • I wonder.. maybe Abishek himself is voting for it, or Bipasha as she didn’t give the audience any hit film lately!

  • OFFICIAL: top 4 movies of 1st quarter of 2012 according to “BabaFoOkey” are
    1) Kahaani: super Hit
    2) paan singh Tomar: Semi hit
    3) Ek main aur Ekk tuu: semi Hit
    4) Agneepath: Super hit

  • Agneepath and Kahaani are both excellent movies! Outstanding! You can’t compare as they are both different films. Agneepath is an entertainer which has one of the best actors of Bollywood (in my opinion) i.e Hrithik Roshan whereas Kahaani is sheer art which has one of the best actresses of Bollywood (IMO) i.e Vidya Balan :) Both rock and I think 2012 belongs to both of them! ;) I think these awards should be given to them :
    Best film: Agneepath – I love Kahaani but I like slightly like Agneepath more. Like um… 0.01% more. Yeah? ;)
    Best actor: Hrithik Roshan for Agneepath – Brilliant performance! Hats off to him. He expresses almost all his feelings by his eyes! I’m expecting him to get a National award for this! (And man, he is so handsome ? :P)
    Best actress: Vidya Balan for Kahaani – Amazing performance! Definitely winning this year too! + National award maybe (Natural beauty ? She doesn’t need make up to look beautiful :) She is really cute in Kahaani)
    Best villain: Sanjay Dutt for Agneepath (Definitely winning) (Tum Kya Leke Aaye The… Aur Kya Leke Jaoge… Definitely an award for Best villain ;))

    I’m writing whom I think deserve the most so early because I have no hopes from Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2 and London Ishq. Vidya is going to get tough competition from Kareena (Heroine) this year and Hrithik from Aamir (Talaash).

    P.S. Paan Singh Tomar and Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu are also awesome movies! Watched PST yesterday and it’s definitely one of the finest movies of the year so far (After Agneepath and Kahaani). Irfaan Khan is superb!

  • Those who say only box office matters are unimportant and ignorant. The people who like films like Agneepath probably also like films like Ready, RaOne, Housefull etc. in which you don’t have to bring your brain to the cinema hall. The people who say only box office matters are delusional because 10 years from now, nobody will remember this Agneepath, but they will remember films like Kahaani. Satyajit Ray’s films were not blockbuster hits, yet the world today knows that he is the greatest cinematic genius India has ever produced. He is respected much more than all the stars are. Box office doesn’t matter. Quality matters. After all the box office celebrations die down, after all the noise and craze are over, people will look back and remember only the good films, not the blockbuster ones. That is the difference between a hit film and a good film.

  • Also, as far as box office is concerned, Agneepath collected double its investment, whereas Kahaani collected SEVEN times its investment. That makes Kahaani a much bigger hit. If you are talking in absolute terms of cost recovery, then obviously the bigger a film, the bigger the return. It’s simple math. Agneepath was bound to get more money because it is a Rs. 50 crore film and it has a huge starcast, cheap item songs and loads of advertisement, whereas Kahaani is a Rs. 8 crore film and has a female lead and no known face other than Vidya Balan and minimum advertisement. Therefore, Kahaani is the bigger hit.

  • Vicky Donor…..wht this movie nt in list…..!! i think it’s the 2nd best movie in 2012 & songs r too delicious !!

  • Kahaani is the best… all r worst movies of 2012……my vote goes to kahaani n vidya balan….the hero of bollywood….

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