Saif and Kareena fail yet again as Agent Vinod flops

With significant drop in collections almost  everyday since its release, Agent Vinod has been rejected at the Indian box office.

Breakdown of collections in India

  • First weekend – 27.5 crore
  • First Weekdays – 9.5 crore
  • Second weekend – 3.25 crore
  • Total so far – 40.25 crore

Like we predicted early last week, Agent Vinod will not surpass the collections of Kahaani – which is the second biggest grosser of the year after Agneepath. With the release of Housefull 2 this week, the Sriram Raghavan directed film is likely to be out of most theaters.

The film’s failure is a major setback for Saif Ali Khan, whose last success was Love Aaj Kal way back in 2009. It’s also Saif and Kareena’s third flop together after Tashan and Kurbaan.

Agent Vinod Verdict – FLOP



  • I don’t understand the audience sometimes. The movie had a really nice plot and should have done better at the Box office. Yes there were one or two gaps in the way the plot unfolded but the acting was good, the direction not bad at all and it had decent music.

  • kareena will have to depend on talaash to keep her relevant this year. u know she is nothing without the 3 big khans. two flops in a row has proved that she is only #1 becos of her khan movies.

  • kareena has already given a successful movie this year with Imran khan, that’s “Ek main Aur Ekk tuu’..yes agent vinod is a flop,its no big deal as his two most ambitious movies will come out this year..they are Talaash and heroine… last year kareena had a flop in form of Ra1, but she is still at the top….

  • @tintin ; ra.1 did 115cr business in india and worldwide business is above 200 and verdict is hit though business is average…AV budget is 60cr and its worldwide business is 50cr hence verdict is flop…Vidhya is numero1 and cuz of kahani’s success Talaash will be affected …Mark my word “Kareena is finished” XD

  • Wat else can u expect ven kareena is der in d movie without the 3 big khans … Yup Kareena is ‘FINISHED’ … Its Vidya ruling it al \m/

  • If heroine works out at BO, then Kareena can be referred to as an actress with star power. Otherwise she is nothing without Khans.

  • Kareena shows her versatile acting by diff. Scales of acting in diff. Movies like g3,bodyguard,ra1,ek mein aur ekk tu & nw agnt vinod . . .& yea av iz flop bt it doesn’t means dat she don’t know hw 2 act . . .better don’t compare her wit othrs actress like vidya etc . . . Vidya iz talented bt it doesn’t meant dat we understimed kareena’s actin scale . . . .in every movie she olwaz acted her role so well like perfect . . . She waz,iz & will olwaz be best . . . .& many more to come . .& also she olrdy opened this year with one of the big hit ek mein aur ekk tu . . .& nw egerly 2 wait for heroine & talash . . . . . Better u asshole stop arguing abo others actng scale . . . .

  • it’s not agent vinod, it’s “aged vinod”, so with zero valued actress. no more exclamation , as this
    become a super flop.

  • agent vinod is a good picture inspite of little boring after the arrival of omm puri

    the mix of old music with the new picture didnnot matched couldnot catch on the audiances


  • kirshma kapoor come back she is outstanding actor amzing stylish and so gourgouse…bebo,kat priyanka,vidiya,so fiiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssssshhhhhh…lol

    the quwen come back some asses kick..

  • kirshma kapoor come back she is outstanding actor amzing stylish and so gourgouse…bebo,kat priyanka,vidiya,so fiiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssssshhhhhh…lol

    the quwen come back some a s s e s kick..

  • this movie is a dissapointment . guys dont watch this movie is a flop movie . there is nothing good in saif he is the worst actor ever yaaaaaa but SHAHID KAPOOR roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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