Vote: Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar – these two are by far the two most discussed stars in the last 2 – 3 weeks here. There have been some HUGE discussions and arguments in the comments section, right from Diwali when Blue clashed with Main Aur Mrs Khanna. Although Blue was a clear winner, Salman’s Wanted that released on Eid was a much bigger hit.

The quality of films – of both stars – hasn’t really been upto the mark, but their fan-following seems to be increasing by the day. Hard to believe but true.

As things stand today, Akshay Kumar commands a bigger opening at the box office, but Salman Khan with Wanted  proved he still has it in him to pull crowds to theaters.

Who is your favorite star  and why? Reply in the comments section below.

Do not forget to vote. Note: Just a fun poll, we’re quite curious to know whose more popular here – Akshay or Salman.

Salman Khan vs Akshay Kumar

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  • KHAN(GAY)- TU AUR TERA BAAP KUTTA….not ma father….u all GAY family including SRGAY….U & ur father & SRGAY S**KS.. U dnt hav d awk to accept things…datz y u r abusing ma family….saale har jagah marwane kyu aa jata hai…U R CHILDISH… like SRGAY….TERE kehne se saab maan nahi lenge ki SRGAY KING HAI…only SRGAY fans believe dat he z KING…..

    SALMAN ROxxx…….

  • hahahaha mr. idiot puneet.. tu sala gay ke bachche tera bap gay tha na??? u saying that u r gay…. also haha ur all families are gay……. srk is the only king of bollywood not only saying me and his fans world called him king of bollywood and he is the most powerful man of the world not saying srk’s fan ……..its the world people saying which u all idiot saitan(sallu) fans get it… he is the most successful actor of bollywood who gives many blockbuster and superhit movie in bollywood…

    mrs. poor girl (Nila) tu gandhi nalike kire koun haklu tera bap haklu hoga.. hakluke bachche …
    saitan(sallu) is over he is now out of top5 actor …
    and he is saitan khan of bollywood
    he is saitan khan of bollywood
    he is saitan khan of bollywood
    he is saitan khan of bollywood

  • himmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    saitan khan………its matchin buddy………..salman to gya ……just like her x-girlfren katrina….
    now…..salman bollywood pe kya mu dekhaye ga….so sad newssssssssssss……

    now the devdas of bollywood is salman khan………not happinin yar….first aishworya……katrina….

  • hey idiot nila puneet and all saitan’s fans liten one thing…
    akshay vs salman for me akshay is greater actor than saitan(salman) even he become superstar after long time struggling in bollywood when he came in bollywood he had nothing no guidance like srk and govinda…

    the srk, akshay and govinda are the real actor……..havin the story of striggle
    whereas ur this saitan is here in this bollywood just bcoz of his father……his mother

    so king is srk……

  • u idiot saitan”s fan nila most of people in the world love him ……………
    i don’t like saitan but i also dont hate him… the king of bollywood srk…… u hate him because of his success.. people hate him who jealous from him like amir, saitan and akshay’s fans are jealous….
    srk is the king of bollywood forever..

  • Akshay Kumar will be torch bearer from India for 2010 Olympics

    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, November 12, 2009 – 14:15 IST

    The sportiest star of the Indian Film Industry, is now going ahead and becoming the international khiladi as he will soon be seen in the most respected sporting event, The 2010 Olympics games, as the sole star representing the global entertainment industry.

    Akshay has been the brand ambassador from India for the Special Olympics World Winter Games for the past three years, but this year he is also going to be the torch bearer at the Winter Games being held in Vancouver, Canada.

    Akshay’s love for sports is a well known fact; he was recently awarded the highest Japanese honour of ‘Katana’ at his first international karate championship. Not only that, but he has shot for ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ for the National Geographic channel recently.

    This one would be another feather in his cap, as only 15 international celebrities have been invited to Canada to participate in carrying the torch.

    The games will be held from January 30 to February 14, 2010. Akshay will be presented the torch on November 16 by the Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, in Mumbai. At a high power exclusive lunch organised for 50 CEO’s of respected tourism companies, the PM will be introducing Akshay as the sole torch bearer from India.

    It’s not only an honour for Akshay but an hour for our industry and most importantly for our country. Kudos to Akshay!

  • KHAN(GAY)-NAHI…ma father z nt like urs father….U GAYS….I thnk u hav nt undrstood wat i hav writtn..sorry GAY galti ho gai…pata nahi tha tuje is word ka matlab pata nahi hoga…apne aap pe has raha hai…chal badiya tune accept to kiya…U people alwaz S**KS like SRGAY….hahaha…teri aukaat hi yahi hai…nw u wil understand….GAY KHAN…frm nw onwrdz dnt evr pas cmmnts on wat i write….ok …nahi to aise -aise wordz tu dictionery mein bhi meanin nahi dhund payega unka aur tere baap ko bhi nahi pata hoga….Only GAYS called him KING…not normal people…Go & S**K each oder D**K….

  • So now where are all salman fans after wanted two back to back flops, wanted was a hit just because of Eid and his religios fans, there was question raised who is a bigger superstar salman or akshay but the fact is its akshay kumar, he cant even get a opening like newcomers, except partner(2007) he is not able to generate good opening (from 2005) in any of his film even his few hits like no entry and wanted, and now look at akshays film its exactly opposite Except Tasveer all his films got good opening irrespective of bad films like ccc2c. When MAMK was releasing salman fans wrote blockbuster, superhit but actually it was a disaster same was when london dreams released. He is a superstar but a yesteryear superstar like dev anand, Dharmenda, Dilip Kumar. I completely agree that he gave so many hits but in 90s not in this decade. Salman is very popular no doubt but then Mithun Chakroborty is also popular. So Salman days are gone and its akshay who is on top.

  • İ am not jealous of haklu khan. but you idiot (khan) jealous of Salman khan. If not then why you always write about Salman not aamir or akshay

  • idiot puneet jo gay ho usko patha hota hai na gay kya kisko gay bolta hai ………. im not gay so i dont know what’s gay mean…. mujhe lagta hai tera bapka bap bhi gay tha nahi to tujhe kyase malum huwa ki gay kya hai?? idiot apne apko sabit karidia na …. that’s right… tera saitan(sallu) bhi gay to nahi???… tu kya bolega sala kutte…. tuj jaise kutteko kyase thik karna he mujhe pata hai ja jobhi ukharle….
    saitan(sallu)’s fan puneet is gay hahahahahahahahaha

    and niliiii tu jealous nahi hai to kyu star ko hate karti ho?? o jo bhi ho tujhe kya hey??? all world accept that he is the king of bollywood and he listed in most powerful man of the world.. so what’s ur problem with him??? i am not jealous of saitan uske pas kya hai main jealous honeke liaa nahi to personality hai nahi bolne ke dhanga, bas dher sare flop filmo ki line hai aur tum jaise poor fans hai ……. aur kuch nahi hai

  • i wrote about akshay also u didn’t read my previous comment if not go and read what i wrote about akshay… akshay is the superstar who came in bollywood with nothing… like srk and govinda…

    i accept to superstar of bollywood these three bollywood mai aya apne hi khubi se naki apne relativeke power se… main nahi manta ki ye amir, salman, hritik are superstar… ye lok to apne dad, uncle ne lyaya hey…

    the real king of bollywood is shahrukh khan
    akshay and govinda are also the real superstar of bollywood

  • KHAN GAY- Tera baap idiot….BK…GAY ….wen u dnt knw ENGLISH y u alwaz write cmmnts over here..muje ENGLISH ati hai isliye pata hai meanin GAY ka….oho Neeche instructions bhi to ENGLISH mein hain…tuje kaise samaj aaega…hahaha….are yaar tuje kaise pata hoga in words ka matlab jomaine likhe the….chal apne baap se jake puch lio agar use ati hai ENGLISH to…okz…U S**KER…agar na pata chale to SRGAYse puch lio….wo to practical karke bhi bata dega KARAN JOHAR GAY ke sath…hahaha…yea SRK is the KING of GAYS..ok i also agrees…SRGAY is the KING of GAYS….

  • hey idiot puneet kutte king of gay to tera o saitan hai tu sala apne apko gay sabit karhiliya to kyu bakbas karte ho sala…
    tumhara wo saitan gay hai that’s why he is still single……dont try to tell he got girlfren… bcoz…as he is gay and cant give satisfaction…ash…….dump….him…..which is followed by katrina……so poor fellow….koi bhi ladki ko satisfy nahi kar sakto……that’why saitam(salman) khan is gay

  • himmmm…intrestin…it seems true that …you mr.khan and one more thing:-

    aishwirya………thumbs down him
    katrina………….how can she b satisfy with old man
    asin………..she willnot give any chance kiss her ass

  • one more sad news for all the saitan khan fan…… dreams sink in the bollywood…..

    i mean the film is flop…..the recent breakin news……

  • Khan and Kajol. ur lives must be so pathetic dat ur commenting on Salman so much.
    Khan it is wrong to call some1 Saitan. stop being ignorant

  • to all Salman haters. why do u hate da guy so much. da media writes so much rubbish bout him and continue to degrade him. yet he does so much for charity and oder good causes.

  • Hey! seems ppl r highly jelous wid Salman’s popularity..Gr8 goin Salman..keep it up..u noe had it been poll b/w Salman n Shahrukh, Salman wud hv got more votes…Akshay seems nowhere near to Salman..c da votes..I still rmmbr da poll conducted by Star TV b/w da which Salman ended wid 38% votes, Amir fetched 33% and Shahrukh fetched 29% votes…Kajol nd Khan can u recall dis???poor guys…hahahaha………

  • salman always be super star and number one actor round world and noone cant change that . he is the best actor in bollywood and most is movie are good has story line and you want watch again ok . LONDON Dreams is good movie salman khan acting is super and wanted was hit because of salman khan .

  • what’s wrong and what’s right mujhe sikhane wala tu kaun hai be?? some one can call srk haklu to main kyu nahi bolu ke usko saitan?? salman is saitan … jab tera saitan ne hi nonsense behave karte hai to media uske barema kya lekhe usne great kaha hey lekna chahiya kya??? he is really bad boy and saitan khan…. u idiot Naveed…..

    mr. Abhinav i dont hate saitan… i dont like him… tera saitan ke pas kya he jo hum lok jealous honeke liya… he is not so popular than srk …. flopmaster king se jyada popular??????? what a joke……… nahi to amir hi hay shahrukh se jyada popular……

    srk is the king of bollywood forever…….
    srk roxxxxxxxxx

  • yeah… dream is good,,,which was made for srk……..

    anyway…geting good movie also salman can do nothing……its sinked…flop… fren…now salman’s magic is gone….

  • okay Khan u called me an idiot fine.
    but u r really pathetic low life dat ur commenting on some1 u dont like. Salman fans dont go into SRK threads and leave malicious comments. am a Salman fan but i also like SRK. ive liked him in many films.

  • NAVEED- Dont writ these kind of words to KHAN…bcz his ENGLISH is poor…

    KHAN GAY-Ab tune saala bana hi lia hai…den ask frm ur sis only…if m GAY or not..hahaha… U hav gone out f ur mind…there r so many movies which were made 4 odr actors but they gifted to SRGAY wen he waz nothin but a piece of azzz…like
    although it waz still a FLOP….they gifted to SRGAY….Ur SRGAY told in interview dat ‘HE HAS GOT SUCCESS FROM FILMS WHICH WERE REJECTED BY ODERS’…he is the KING OF GAYS FOR SURE….but if he really is the KING of BOLLYWOOD & KING means by U shud deliver good openin then Y-
    1. SWADES opened to 50-55%
    2. PAHELI opened to 45%
    3. KANK was an AVERAGE
    4. BILLU opened to 55%

    SALMAN has alwaz delivered GOOD OPENIN rt from his first movie…except…LONDON DREAMS which opened to 40-50%

    nw KHAN if u dnt knw hw to SUCK den tak a tution from ur so called KING of GAYZ SRGAY…he wil teach u 4 sure….U S**KER..

    lets not stoop to da low level of some people here. lets just stop replying back to stupid and immature comments and idiots like Khan will just get bored.

  • I think akshay and salman are the best but they shouldn’t hate each other because what have they done to each other so there is no point of arguing. And they suit katrina kaif but they shouldn’t fight over each other. But as I say that I love both of them so much.

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