Vote: Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar – these two are by far the two most discussed stars in the last 2 – 3 weeks here. There have been some HUGE discussions and arguments in the comments section, right from Diwali when Blue clashed with Main Aur Mrs Khanna. Although Blue was a clear winner, Salman’s Wanted that released on Eid was a much bigger hit.

The quality of films – of both stars – hasn’t really been upto the mark, but their fan-following seems to be increasing by the day. Hard to believe but true.

As things stand today, Akshay Kumar commands a bigger opening at the box office, but Salman Khan with Wanted  proved he still has it in him to pull crowds to theaters.

Who is your favorite star  and why? Reply in the comments section below.

Do not forget to vote. Note: Just a fun poll, we’re quite curious to know whose more popular here – Akshay or Salman.

Salman Khan vs Akshay Kumar

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  • India- 1.SRK
    4. akshay
    5 salman

    UK- 1 SRK
    2 akshay
    3 hrithik
    4 aamir
    5 salman

    USA- 1 SRK
    2 Hrithik
    3 aamir
    4 akshay
    5 salman

    Australia- 1 SRK
    2 akshay
    3 hrithik
    4 aamir
    5 salman
    these r the rankin of actors in different countries.

  • akshay is a very good actor but salman is much better then akshay.wanted is a huge hit and blue is,salman is the best and is more sexy and handsome then akshay.

  • @Ahsan and Amish, this is a kind request to both of u…kindly go 4 a mental check up, Agra in India would appropriate 4 u guys……….

    Winner is Salman all da way………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abhinav- its the fact dude… salman became famous after wanted till den every1 wer just hopin.

    this s the actual status of ranking..

    am not SRK fan. wat s true am tellin dats all…

  • hey Amish…
    This is topic of Salman vs akki…plz dont bring Haklu Khan here..
    Mard’o ka topic hai….No Place for haklu.

  • Allen- gud comment… ha ha.. but thats d actual ranking dude… both akshay n salman r in top 5 but not no.1 thats al i wanted to say…

    may be after bad box office this yr.. akshay may `ve gone down in rankin n salman after wanted has come up but they r not no 1 at present.

  • INDICINE TEAM- Hav u all gone mad..??? Why r u comparing SALMAN with AKSHAY…?? SALMAN is a superstar for the last 20 years…& Akshay has got a superstar status in last 3 years…SALMAN is way ahead in popularity as an actor & in terms of fan following…Even SALMAN has more fan following then SRK & AAMIR all over the world…check out the net…Yea Akshay has improved a lot as an actor…but he suits only in comedy only…chk out these figures…


    Hav a look at these figures also-
    In terms of FAN FOLLOWING all over the world-
    1. SALMAN KHAN(Has fan following in METRO as well as medium & small centres & in PAK, DUBAI & UK)
    3. SRK(Has fan following only in METRO cities & has more NRI fans in US)
    As an actor-
    1. AAMIR
    2. SRK

    1. AAMIR(535 POSITION)
    2. SRK(735 POSITION)




  • Salman is too good for that Akshay..
    Akshay tasted success just recently whereas Salman is beyond all these things now..
    He far stronger than Akshay in all aspects..
    Just take London Dreams!! Salman comes with an perfect award winning performance.
    Cannot compare Salman with Akshay!!

  • salman always will be super star noone cant replace him and all his movie great has story to watch it but akshay movie past few month are big budge movie but are not have any kind story you want watch.

    london dream is super movie and salman khan did very good job in movie super 10 out 10

  • Salman acts worst , look at wanted , mamk . in mamk , a serious role , shit dialogue delivery . Akshay is way ahead of salman . look at the figures of past 5 years . Indicine sucks man

  • For everybodys information, Number of hits given by Akshay is 35 and not 26.

    Also May be Salman is a super star from 20 years , but he is from the same background. So he got good films in the starting of career itself.

    On the contrary, Akshay has no one to back him, he is on his own. Without any support he came to this position and today he is the most bankable actor. Appreciate that fact.

  • salman is a great super star with great acting skills, his all movies are family movies and are really entertaining. Akshay acts in same way in every role no verstality, and usually movies are not family movies.

  • Come on, no doubt Salman is far more superior and popular than akshay..and who says salman can’t act..this is the problem with you people, he is one of the most finest actors ive seen and a great human being..he has a massive fan following all over..but hes hugely underated..its about time give credit where its due ..salman rocks!!

  • @INDICINE team.

    Dear Indicine team
    Learn the poll basics please before giving a poll. You must have given a poll which tracks voter by his IP not by cookie. Because of this error not only many Salman fans will vote again and again by refreshing browser/deleting cookies but also post comments under several names.
    And as truth is very few AKKI fans visit your website I guess becaise you favour and side too much with the Khan trio.
    I dont believe these poll results at all.
    Thank you. Also if I am mistaken in my opinion or judgement, please forgive me and let me know my mistake.

  • Also I say the following not because I am one of the hugest Akki fans but this is the truth, Akshay has a much larger fan following than Salman. Just see some of the reactions when Akshay performs in a concert and when Salman performs in a concert and compare. Also Salman have a little more number of girls dying for him but Akshay has a very large fan following of males and females in all age groups including elderly and kids.
    By the way Wanted might have opened better as it was a solo release and Blue was a multiple release in Diwali (festival week) where opening is supposed to be slow.
    The other fun part is London Dreams which is a much better movie than wanted overall has not even have had 2/3 of the opening of Blue even though LD is a solo release with critics praising it a lot unlike Blue where there were many fake critics online opening blogs/websites just to bash AKki and movie. I felt Blue was a very solid action movie.

  • Though I personally love Salman and Aamir next to Akshay and Salman a bit more than Aamir, it makes me mad when I see so much purposeful and intentional negativity against the Kumar guy yet he is so amazing that he succeeds in each and every film. Only 2 films are flopped this year and a total of 4 only since last 3-4 years.
    But I love Salman too and I certainly hope and pray to God that his movie becomes a Hit at the least. Also his performance was praiseworthy and his best one till date. Completely outdid Ajay Devgan. Now the other Khan who I dislike the most in Bollywood and whom you Indicine like a lot could not have done this performance as Salman at all. This performance was not replaceable by anybody.

  • Indiacine team,

    Why did you remove my comments which contains nothing objectionable. I have seen very rude remarks here but none was removed, really unable to understand. Perhaps you dont like my name.

  • Abhinav! You stupid man, you should go to mental check up, because you are fan of someone like salman who is always doing things like mental people. Drank driving, killing people on the roadside, going Jail every other day, fighting with co stars . As a normal human think and decide who should go to mental check up?

  • Ahsan khan kaunse gao se ho bhai….


    ABHINAV your right man salman is known to people all over the globe right from his first break maine pyar kiya….

    But akki is known to people as comedy actor from past 3 years……..

    ALL AKSHAY FANS STOP CALLING AKSAHY AS KHILADI…. can he do a movie like WANTED he cant even dream of it…

    SRK hi tikk nahi paya salman ke agay… akki abhi bi bachha hai….ALL HIS 2009 MOVIES ARE BIG FLOPS…


    BLORE poeple know only one khan… salman….


  • you people dont have to waste any more time or posting comments over here….if you want to compare akshay and salman,just watch MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGE one more time….okay???and if you are still not mentally handicapped you will know that akshay is far beyond salman…its producer,director all had praise for akshay and he won the best comedian and supporting actor award for that movie…want any more clues you dumbs!!!and by the way in bollywood tere is only one true archrival for akshay all these 20 years …and thats it???why you people are comparing a person who delivers 1 hit a year with another who delivers 2 or 3 hits every year…are you ppl out of your minds????

  • after GARV its been a long time salman produced a hit called WANTED…shame …shame.and it full credit goes to PRABHUDEVA the director and the original script ,bcos its a direct remake of tamil film POKKIRI
    WHATS IN STORE FOR SALMAN NEXT YEAR???nothing!!!but akshay has 17 movies lined up in next 3 years including one hollywood project by david ellis.just with muscles you wont get everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Only Salman khan.
    i love him alot
    salman khan have a great fan following.
    he is a super star of box india. ilove him alot

  • actually their is no match between salman and akhshay.the star power is far more than akhshay.akhshay took the attention of the odeiuence after 2006 while before non of any one paid attention.he did same type of acting in every movie so im bore with his acting.infact i dont know how the movie like sing is king and namastay london was hitted.just by luck or the absence of srk movie.

  • as salman is my favourite.while akshay also did some good work.but it is ridiculous to to start comparing of two actors on basis of just releasing the movies on the same date.everyone one has his own style.salman couldnt act in akshay’s style while akshay couldnt act in salman style.every one has his own image and working style.srk style is different , amir khan style is different so the comparison between them is not right instead compare with their own standard

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