Vote: 5th biggest star in Bollywood

While the Top 4 stars in Bollywood are Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar; who has the next most box office pull? Vote below

Shahid Kapoor – It all started with Sooraj Barjatya’s Vivaah which was a huge box office blockbuster in India. Then came the multi-starrer Fool n Final which failed to garner a face saving opening. Jab We Met with Kareena was a super-hit while Kismat Konnection did reasonably well. This year, Kaminey opened to a bumper response and has managed a good first week total although the film didn’t release in Mumbai and Pune.

Saif Ali Khan – Both of Saif Ali Khan’s last two movies, Race and Love Aaj Kal, have broken opening week box office records. Love Aaj Kal is not just the biggest opener of 2009, but is also by far the biggest money spoinner.

Salman Khan – Last couple of years have been disastrous for Salman Khan, with his last blockbuster being Partner with Govinda. His upcoming release, Wanted, has created immense buzz could it be the his much-wanted HIT?

Who deserves a spot in the Top 5?

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  • Salman is sure!!!his next 3 movies,which out of tht 2 look very good WANTED AND LONDON DREAMS….surely he will be back

  • Saif ali khan and sahid kapoor are the 5th biggest star now not salman he is just flopmaster and his upcomming 3 film will floppppp…..

  • Salman is surely amount top 5 stars. Hope shahid also shud be IN and Haklu Khan shud be he is too old now. He should retire from Bollywood. SRK Scks!!!

  • Salman is surely amount top 5 stars. Hope shahid also shud be IN and Haklu Khan shud be he is too old now. He should retire from Bollywood.

  • According to me the the 5th biggest star in Bollywood is Ajay Dev-gun :-)

    He has won 2 national awards,So he should be the best actor but since he is not acting in lot of movies, I will put him at no 5 :-)

    I will put Akshay Kumar at no 1 coz his movies run only on his star power and most of his movies dont have script, So Akshay Kumar is no 1 actor and star in Bollywood :-)

  • Saif ali khan and sahid kapoor are the 5th biggest star now not salman(ganja,criminal) he is just flopmaster and his upcomming 3 film will floppppp…..

  • Shahid is definitely tops now…..Salman as well. Salman is very popular with Dus ka Dum. Shahid has definitely come of age with Kaminey and Dil bole Hadipa. Saif….he acted in Thode Pyar Thode magic as well as Tara Rum pam pam….his name is never mentioned though….only Rani’s.

  • I’d most definitely say Shahid Kapoor. It’s only fair for the guy to be at the fifth spot. Over the years he’s shown immense potential and with Kaminey, he’s entered a different league altogether.

  • according to me Shahid Kapoor is the only deserving actor from the list because he has come up with the top most movies of this year whereas Saif’s Love Aaj Kal was a flop! and Salman Khan has just been working on his show 10 ka dum. now his movie is goin to come called wanted. Shahid is the best dancer after hritik so my vote goes to Shahid Kapoor!

  • Shahid definitely deserves this position… He has created a miracle on screen with his power house performance in Kaminey… Also his previous movies like jab we met, vivah, etc he has performed brilliantly… And again Dil Bole Hadippa is going to be another success for sure… Shahid has really grown as an actor…

  • Shahid Had come of age with Jab We Met!
    and now he has leapt ahead of the competition and sure can be counted amongst the biggest in terms of draw at the Box Office.
    Surely deserves the position in the rankings, Saif is good too.
    Salman I do not fancy much…

  • salmaan is sure he has ruled the box office since decades and he is the best from me………all the best for his new movie Wanted.

  • My Top 5 Indian Actors:


  • The top 5 actors (according to me) are as follows:

    1) Shahrukh Khan
    2) Hrithik Roshan
    3) Aamir Khan
    4) Saif Ali Khan
    5) Shahid Kapoor

    6) Akshay Kumar (last night I was watcing cc2c on stargold channel.. and I couldn’t tolerate this low grade movie.. I’ve never seen any bad movie lately as bad as this one!! how can I consider Akshay as a great actor if he accepted doing this crap.. this Tom & Jerry movie?!
    7) Salman Khan

  • Sallu bhai wil always b in top 3 came whtever may be he is born star and akshay is after sallu.Akshay and hritik dnt hve half the hit wht sallu have

  • Fathiya:never mind though,but i really laugh when u write such crap comment hehe…

    The top 5 actor(according to me fairly) are as follows.

    1>Aamir khan(not my best but still feel he deserve it)
    2>SRK(even though i donot like him,but he is fit here
    3>Akshay Kumar(Because he has no good movies this year so but surely he will climb into 1 or 2 next year)
    4>Hrithik roshan(he is good actor)
    5>Salman khan(he really deserve in top 5)

    6.>Shahid kapoor…(he is looking promising ..but i feel he is next srk in coming years)
    7>Ajay devgan/S.dutt(they also r very good actor
    8>S.ali khan(he has just 2 hit in 2-3 years n how can he come to top 5???

  • On current form i.e performance of their last few films, I guess with your list Sudeep. Except Salman Khan. His last hit was Partner in 2006. Most of his movies since have flopped, but the good news is his fan following is still almost intact. Wanted should push him back into the Top 5 :)

  • hrithik roshan is no 1 & the top actor and star of bolliwood.plesa remove akshay kumar name in this list.he dosnt know the A.B.C of acting.

  • According to me top 5 bollywood actors are:
    1) Shahrukh Khan
    2)Shahrukh khan
    3)shahrukh Khan
    4)Abhishek Bachchan
    5)Saif ali Khan


  • khan:U think akshay kumar doesnot know A,B,C of acting…then y many producer n director wanna direct him.Y he is most expensive actor of bollywood current.He had lot of talent but sometime he tend to over done it in some movies,but still he is truely deserve in list of top 3.

    THis year akshay has not good movie,CCTC Flop,Tasveer 8 by 10 too flop ….Kambakkht ishq was above avg to hit……..Upcoming movie Blue(doesnot know it will work or not),Dhan dana dan(comedy movie…well it will be good ) …But i feel he will have big year next yrs.Movie Like Action reply n housefull can be his next turning point of his career

  • Sudeep: I’m not writing some crap.. I’m evaluating the actors according to their (talents), skills, how good they are in terms of acting..but u all value actors according to the stupid box office.. do u think if the movie cc2c won at the box office.. and some stupid audience loved it and watched for 20 times, then we all should’ve changed our mind about that crap and applauded for the movie?!! that’s the way you are ppl.. even if the shittiest movie win.. you’ll consider the hero of the movie as a great hahahah.

    And that’s the fact which I never accept.. to value any actor according to the hit or blockbuster movies he did in the past years!

  • Indicine team tell me y u always rate srk in no 3……. he is best of the best actor accourding to his films n his acting … y u always put in no 3 i think u r julesss from him..

  • its obviously shahid, what saif and salman could not do in 20 years shahid has done in 5 years and you have to watch kaminey to believe it-shahid kapoor truly rocks!

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