Vikramaditya Motwane ropes in Saif Ali Khan for his next

The director of critically acclaimed films like ‘Udaan’ and the more recent Lootera, Vikramaditya Motwane has gained quite a reputation in Bollywood. The director now has reportedly signed Saif Ali Khan to play the lead in his next film.

If reports are to be believed, Saif had given his nod to the film as soon as he read the script. The film is not similar to Motwane’s first two films and has a lot of comedy and action in it.

A source said, “He wants to be convinced that it’s a role that suits his age and personality, before he goes ahead with it. Motwane and Vishal’s film, along with Sameer Sharma’s Jugalbandi are all he has on his plate for now.

Besides this Saif will also be seen in Vishal Bhardwaj’s next, in Suspect X and in Jugalbandi.



  • Someone is talking about imdb rating! Lol. . Imdb rating of Himmatwala is better than Gunday! What about that?

  • @Ajinkya

    Your comment was a highly negative one and although I felt offended as I love that movie, I will try to have a talk about it and appeal to your better nature.

    I won’t blame you for hating Lootera but atleast I would like to explain you about the poetic metaphorical aspect of that leaf scene which I believe you failed to absorb.

    Varun destroyed Pakhi’s life in every way he could. It resulted her getting emotionally broken and hence was living a life of pain and hopelessness. The tree which was at her house, is, as you know, a natural living thing, but has been loosing leaves for the obvious seasonal affects. A tree is a lively one when full of leaves and flowers, not when its naked and dying.

    Here, Pakhi see’s the tree and as she watches the tree lose its leaves, she related the loss of leaves as a loss of life form and this allowed her to relate to her own life as she was living in a state of solitude. Hence she felt that when that tree will shed its last sign of life in the form of a leaf, she too will take her last breath, which meant she will loose every hope that she ever had for some positivity in her life. Varun loved her and so that she doesn’t loose hope ever, he, during his stay, used to tie up a fake leaf in that tree so that she never give up hope for a happy life.

    The director uses metaphor in this case for relating a person’s life to that of a tree.

  • @Kelpha

    Although I never had a harsh upbringing, I loved Udaan and did related with it. Because it was bloody good in its direction. His father was no less of a bully and who hasn’t been bullied in one’s life for once. Its was convincing to say the least. And this is why I look forward to Motwane’s flicks. His storytelling is nuanced with incredible technical aspects of filmmaking. He always have a story which never loses its focus and backs it up with strong background scores, to beautiful images and a mesmerising soundtrack.

  • For saif I will suggest something else like phantom bcoz motwani movies are cult but wht they lack is verdict or box office success what saif desperatly need at this stage.he already in the film business since around 25 yr & already proved his acting skill by doing movie like dil chahta hai,humtum,cocktail,race many more…..

  • Lootera n udaan was a masterpiece definitely. It was class not typical Bollywood. Should have been nominated for Oscar

  • @ shaggy :
    What ? @ Navin is popular ???
    Let me tell you something . @ Navin is the King of Dislikes ! He is the most hated person on INDICINE … lol
    and same is the case with @ Tiger .

  • @sLas: Yes, one should watch Lootera with poetic thinking. It was a lovely tribute to O Henry’s last leaf. The lovely ending brought tears to my eyes. Not manytimes it has happened with me. One of my fav movies of all time!

  • @nipun

    Yes indeed, but I also believe that one should learn to have sensible expectations from a certain kind of a film. Because of this very reason, I believe films like Lootera gets crused at the box office when some people comes out hating it. I dnt expect them to be a blockbuster, but I want them to make some sort of a profit so that they don’t get dejected in making certain kind of films. After all, its their source of livelihood.


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