Vikram Bhatt completes 20 years in Bollywood

On this day director / producer / writer Vikram Bhatt completes 20 years in Bollywood. He began his career in 1992 directing Poja Bhatt in the film Jaanam. He then went on to direct thrillers, love stories and horror films like Raaz, Ghulam, Haunted 3D and many more.

Proud to have done reasonably well in this unpredictable industry, Vikram posted on twitter recalling a note that mentor Mahesh Bhatt wrote to himĀ “20th March 1992 my first day as a director. 20 years today. Such a long journey! I survived. A note my teacher Mahesh Bhatt wrote me on the first day of my shoot”. The note read “Vikram, remember this is a journey of the alone to the alone. Wish you a happy journey and safe landing. Love, Mahesh.”

Vikram’s next release will be Dangerous Ishq in 3D on May 11th. It will mark the comeback of Karisma Kapoor after more than 5 years.

Congratulations to the director on completing 20 years and here’s wishing him many more years of success.


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