Vidya Balan set to recreate Sridevi’s ‘Hawa Hawai’

Actress Vidya Balan is set to dance to Sridevi’s chartbuster ‘Hawa Hawai’ from the 1987 blockbuster ‘Mr. India’ in ‘Tumhari Sulu’.

For ‘Tumhari Sulu’, the iconic number is being recreated by Tanishk Bagchi, known for giving contemporary touch to 1990s hit songs like ‘Humma humma’ and ‘Tamma tamma’.

The makers felt that instead of getting the track re-sung by a new voice, it would be wise to retain Kavita Krishnamurthy’s voice, as the track was synonymous with her unique vocals.

Rajeev Surti will choreograph the track in June.

The film’s director Suresh Triveni said in a statement: “I am elated to have such a cult number in the film. It plays a key role in the film and is not just a remix for the end credits.”

“Our intention is to pay a true tribute to the original and revive it in its full glory. I am looking forward to the flower power team of Vidya and Neha (Dhupia) to break a leg.”

‘Tumhari Sulu’, a slice-of-life family film. It releases in theatres worldwide on December 1.



  • Sridevi was called Lady Amitabh Bachchan. Watch the original song and see the fun, attitude and glam she brings to the. Lot of good and graceful dancers like Madhuri, Katz etc., but no one can match the fun and masti of Sri. She teases every step.

  • They are ruining all actually
    1. How epic was Humma Humma with Manisha Koirala in Bombay and what Baadshah did to it in Ok Jaanu

    2. How laila was ruined with a pornstar

    3. A cult song of Amitji was ruined (Saara jamana)
    4. They ruined Tamma tamma and Tu cheej Badi from Mohra-a career defining song of Raveena Tandon

    And now this

  • Why? This is utter NON-SENSE!

    Don’t have the creative freedom to create something new & fresh rather than always defaming classic old tracks?

    I am deeply pained to see no chartbusters from today’s films, songs have no shelf life, during 90s, we used to have at least one hit song from even a flop film.

    I guess these kinds of so-called rework is slowly downgrading the quality of B-town music/movies.

    They need to learn something desperately from South & movies such as Baahubali 1 & 2.

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    {tingu khan is still behind of chhedi singh’s “sonu sood” KUNG FU YOGA
    highest grosser in china by an indian
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    2.deepika padukone’s XXX
    3.tingu khan’s dangal

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  • Indicine, God Damn ! Where is the article on Tubelight trailer? Even another song is coming out tomorrow, have you even decided to review the song ? No right ! Then, Jaldi karo bhai…Trailer Response we need from your article ?

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