Video: Chammak Challo Remix – Ra One

The Chammak Challo Remix Song Video from Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s Ra One. The movie directed by Anubhav Sinha and Remix song music has been composed by Vishal – Shekhar. The song is sung by Akon and Hamsika Iyer


Chammak Challo Remix Song Details

Video Title: Chammak Challo Remix
Music Director: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Lyricist: Vishal Dadlani, Niranjan Iyengar
Singer(s): Akon, Hamsika Iyer
Picturised On: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor

Movie Details

Movie: Ra.One (2011)
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Producer: Gauri Khan
Banner: Red Chillies Entertainment
Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Shahana Goswami
Release Date: October 26th 2011
For more details: Ra One Movie Page



  • Its 1000 times better than munni and sheela becoz in both songs nonsense and adult type of language was used which you can’t play publically so frequently as much you can play chammak challo

  • it is up to public do decide best song of 2011 and according to them it’s teri meri which is so far ahead thn all the hip hops

  • @Srk roxxxx the film will have to get a distributor share of around 90 crores (including overseas) + sat rights + music rights to recover 150 crores. Now to get a distribution share of 90 crores Ra1 will have go do over 200 crore business worldwide (Ra1 is a multiplex movie and there is less distribution share as compared to single screens). Now after all this Ra1 would be considered break even rest aside hit, superhit or bb. Bodyguard and dabangg did around 145 crore business in India and both the movies were running full houses in single screens as well as multiplexes whereas Ra1 might not be as strong in the single screens. Now if we talk about hit, superhit status then we will have to subtract sat rights and music rights which means to be called hit Ra1 will have to do around 300 crore business to get 150 crore distribution share which is almost impossible. So most likely theatrically this movie will be a flop. Now if this movie does’nt get 90 crores distribution share then it be loses for everone.

  • Hey PPL…I am sure ..till now..u r able to make out that..a bitch above using my bring down his and Salman’s father SRK’s name ..

  • 40 crores overseas distibution share for ra 1
    70 crores indian distribution share
    15crores music rights
    30crores satellite rights
    1crore tamil/telugu distribution share
    if film has mixed response than these will be the distribution shares according to me. However if film is liked than it could me 80 to 85or even 90 to 95 crores india and 50to55 crores will be the overseas distibution share.
    After long time srk film is releasing on festive occasion……Just wait for diwali dhamakha

  • 40 crores overseas…70 crore Indian distribution share that’s 110 crores. We can not include music and satellite rights for a movie to be called hit, or superhit, or bb. So Ra1 will have to get 40 crores distribution share from somewhere. Yeah including sat and music rights it will recover cost for Srk as a producer but Ra1 will be called a boxoffice flop.

  • you have to include music and satellite rights for the verdict of ra one due to its high cost
    @aashkaran what do you think how much business ra one will do in both overseas and india????
    my prediction is 250 to 270 crores worldwide

  • See how cheap Srk can go for the promotion. There is no Rajnikant in RA1 yet and Srk said he is there. May be Srk should have said Salman is also in the movie and i am sure then movie would cross 100 crores.

    RA.ONE director Anubhav Sinha states that they haven’t shot the sequence with Rajnikanth yet. “We would love to have Rajni Sir in the film, but the fact remains that we haven’t shot the sequence yet. See, we have a deadline to meet [RA.ONE releases worldwide on 26 October]. Only if we manage to film the sequence in the next few days, we would be able to go ahead with it. Else, it won’t be possible to have his esteemed presence in our film,” Anubhav sets the record straight.

  • don’t get worried about sharukh , he will recover the cost or he can earn it buy dancing for few minutes in some ones marriage , advertisement , or in inauguration or brand ambassadorial for some products , he will earn that money in few days or much more then that , think about our country , inflation , corruption , black money , politicians looting us , Anna hazare who is the real hero fighting for country ,
    According to Swiss bank reports :money stashed I swiss banks belongs to politicians , Bollywood Stars, Now u know why do the picturization or shooting of most Indian songs take place in Switzerland , yes they r enjoying with hard earn money of common man who pays taxes for every thing and they enjoy on that money that’s too tax free in turn we make them more rich by watching their movies in theaters , and also paying entertainment taxes which is about 50% we making them more rich , they have sold RA-1 rights to television for rs more then 40 crore so it will be obviously on TV , so why don’t to watch free ON tv instead of spending our hard earned money and make them rich , why we should be always loyal and don’t watch pirated versions, why only common man is expected to be loyal Yes he will make lot of money and much money , he will be much richer because there r many fools to watch his movies and fill his pocket and make him more richer and we have to fight for month to earn thousand of rupees and from which we will spend on his movie to make him more richer , They Blocked my video from you tube because they got worried.
    RA-1 Very Bad special effects Made by child, and they say very expensive movie, money only given to stars for parties m why to watch this low budget action film , Ramsey films better, Spend high cost is sham , a gimmick to give hype to the movie, effects taken from X-men, fantastic 4 etc but r of inferior quality sp I down loaded on my face book many ideas r taken from Robot too.

    RA-one has copied bit from here and there even from Tamil films like Robot.
    Every bit is copied from here and there see. It has even copied the posters from Hollywood films at least they must show some creativity.

    now the stars OF RA-1 will appear every where ON TELEVISION to promote the RA-1 in shows like Little champs, dance India dance and many serial to promote there movie , otherwise they don’t ,just watch U WILL FIND THEM ON UR TELEVISION, ok they appear in serial and do publicity stunts.
    he is marketing his film VERY good marketer , A good wrapper to attracts fools like us and waste their money. in theaters
    why not better watch it on television as it has sold its rights to television for 40 crore so it will be obviously on TV or if u cant wait, watch pirated ones purchase the movies for rs 20 , u will own a whole film.

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