Victory Hindi Movie Review

For a change, lets begin the Victory review with Hurman’s performance. Quite a few things have changed since the Love Story 2050 debacle last year for Harman Baweja, who has now changed his first name to Hurman. First and foremost, he seems to have shaken off his onscreen Hrithik-isms, which is good. Secondly, the actor has put in loads of effort into Vijay Shekawat, his character in the film and has managed to deliver a very good performance.

But the writer-director (Ajitpal Mangat) of the film has not just let the actor down, but also a cricket fan. Victory is filled with major flaws in the script :-

  • In Victory, there is no captain for Team India, or so it seems. The coach looks after almost everything, right from the selection of the team, to attending team meetings, to making all the important announcements to the media. There is hardly any mention of a captain.
  • Vijay Shekhawat (Hurman) is a mixture of several Indian cricketing superstars, which makes the character slightly weird. He is a Yuvraj Singh at times, when it comes to partying and living life king size. He is a Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who hails from a small town – makes it big in cricket – and endorses almost every single brand. He reminds you of Sachin Tendulkar, when he scores a century just after the tragic death of his father and raises his bat towards heaven dedicating the century. And last but not the least, he is better than a Sehwag and who never believes in singles or boundaries. Its all about sixes!
  • The lead character is either in top form who strikes every ball for a six, or terribly out of form, struggling to get off the mark!!
  • The other major flaw in the story is when Vijay claims, he has no money left even for a back surgery in Australia. Would love to get the director cum writers thoughts on this, what exactly was he thinking? Is the director trying to tell us that a man who has signed countless brand endorsements, played several matches for India; cannot afford surgery which even his lower middle class friend’s father can?

A sport based film is usually about underdogs, who achieve the impossible, Victory is the same. What it lacks though is the excitement of a Lagaan, the emotions of a Iqbal or the passion of a Chak De India. The pace is pretty fast in the first half, but dead slow in the second. The music is good, cinematography is excellent.

Coming to the other performances in Victory. Amrita Rao does well, looks cute and her chemistry with Hurman is good. Much better than the Hurman – Priyanka pair in LS2050! Anupam Kher is brilliant as he always is. The coach of the Indian Cricket team (Dalip Tahil), does a decent job too – so does Gulshan Grover. Amongst the cricketers, its Brett Lee who stands out. Indian cricket fans would love his role in the film, which is quite close to his real life self. The makers have managed to rope in several international cricketers and its treat to watch the aussie boys sledge. Harbhajan Singh too did a fine job.

Overall, Cricket fanatics would be disappointed by Victory. It’s by no means a bad film, infact with better writing and direction, it had tremendous potential.

Finally, just for the effort Hurman has put into the film, he deserves praise. A tremendous improvement from his last film, as we look forward to further improvement in Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s your Raashi!

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



  • We actually found Love Story 2050 fine and thought Harnam/Hurman quite watchable in that. Will be interesting now to see him in this too.

  • Which one is the best of the 3 movies which recently were released.. anyone can answer this question: Luck by Chance, Raaz2 or Victory? I need the answer from anyone who saw the 3 movies.

  • hi fathiya…..the correct answer to ur question is(according to me and many others)
    1.raaz-2…emraan best till date,gr8 chemistry with kangana and good horror scenes
    2.luck by chance…solid performances by evry1 even the special appearances roles are good but not a tight story and screenplay
    3.victory..only harman(or hurman) to cheer in this movie and nothing else…imagine a cricket team without the captain!!! what a blooper

  • Priya: Why is it so important? it is.. because many movies released this week and will be released next week.. holllywood and bollywood movies, and I can’t watch 2 or 3 movies a week.. therefore, I need to know which one is worth watching on a big screen.. the best of the 3 movies which I mentioned above. I think I will watch Luck by Chance because it’s in our cinemas now.. Raaz2 and Victory not yet.

  • Champ: Thanks.. I also feel that Raaz2 is a very good movie.. can’t wait to see it. I liked Imran Hashimi’s acting in Jannat, and if in Raaz2 is doing a great job, then he deserves to be one of the top 10 actors in bollywood.

  • Hey fathiya:Priya is saying right..WHich ever i hate u like that…Like love story 2050,CCTC,raaz(mystery countinues?) is one of the boring movie…so is luck by chance and also Love story 2050..U just go and catch all this kind of cheap movie in big screen..

  • I will not watch Victory in big screen but rather watch it in CD/DVD.Yeterday i went to see Luck by chance.but i feel so bore that i felt it is better to sleep in hall than watch it…

    Many crictic say that Akshay kumar have same old story..Why can’t they see..same kind of story in victory like one man who is middle class want to become a player in victory and actor in luck by chance.And all those event which was in these kind of film..We can easily predict what will happen…Same old kahani…so boring…….
    One good reason to watch LuckbyChance:If u havenot sleep well then go ahead and watch it….

  • I knew how Victory would fare in box-office by seeing its 1st promo…blindly watching a new release without reading review isn’t my job.
    Now I confirmed how Victory is – not even half of Raaz 2 but half of Luck By Chance.

  • I haven’t watched the movie and I don’t intend, because I can’t stand cricket, absolutely hate it and in the past any movie with cricket in it I have hated, so I don’t think I will even waste my time with this one but I will defintely watch luck by chance, I thought the trailers looked pretty good and raaz of course.

  • Indicine Team: I watched half the movie online today, I agree with your review.. as I said earlier.. I always trust my feelings when I see a trailer of any movie.. I thought that Victory would be an average movie, not a great one and not a very bad one, a pastime… and it is. Harman’s performance improved in this movie and he’ll be for sure and with doubt, excellent in SLB’s next movie.. it all depends on the director who’s doing any movie. In this movie, Harman did good but still.. I don’t like his dialogue delivery.. he needs to work harder, I don’t like his tone, the way he talks. And as per his look, he must play always a rich man.. he doesn’t fit in a simple or a poor man.. it’s not his fault.. but it’s his look.

    Amrita Arora isn’t bad, but she lacks a strong charisma, can’t play any strong role in movies.
    About the match, cricket.. I know nothing, so I can’t write anything relates to this game.

  • kiran u mean lagan which had cricket in it was a sluggish movie. I think u need to change ur opinion abt cricket movies.

  • this movie is a complete sicko..and meant for retards only…i came to realize this after watching this ..torture which seeemed never ending…this guy harman not only is a bad actor but speaks like sonu nigam.. with a feminine tenor the way he went on coach .coach coach was atrocious.. never did he ever utter sir…. also as indicine pointed out thaere was never a captain or a dressing room or his comraderie with the team.. our chap here never took the field i.e never fielded neither picked nor dropped catches .. he always bats and only clobbers sixes!!!..the dialogues were pathetic..and the cricket match sequences were craftily stitched but you could see the diifference…you dont expect cricketers to act so merely patching up their reactions into the film will not make it real ..just what chak de india did..get a group of girls make them play as players and give the audience the real feel..

    the film begins also like chak de ..and you get a feel of things to come that is the biggest disappointment…this guy harman has not improved from his debacle and needs a refresher course in acting .. my advise to him ..just leave.. and let us live in peace

    this film was no less atrocious than those made by dev anand and the other starring kumar gaurav.. namely allrounder

  • Yamini is right in what he pointed at.. the scenes where Harman says: Coach.. coach is so irritating!! it’s not only in this movie, I noticed in some other movies too.. that the players always say: coach.. hey coach.. goodmorning coach.. yes coach.. what’s that?! Doesn’t the coach of any team has a name?!

    But I would say, it’s not the actor’s fault.. it’s the stupid director’s fault who did the movie and the actor has to follow his instructions.. he’s the one to be blamed.

  • yamini

    you are right, absolutely right. that harman guy cannot act, but thinks he is the ‘man’. but he is so crap and girly. whats happening to bollywood these days. where do all these crap actors come from ?? what happened to all the ‘real’ actors bollywood used to churn out every now and then ??
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    As for the movie, Harman was really irritating, but more than him I found amrita rao irritating, some people shouldn’t even be in bollywood and these two happen to be one of them, as I don’t like any movies with cricket in them, I personally think the game is boring as hell, in our part of the world we don’t play that stupid game, its too slow paced and not enough action packed as compared to the other sports here. Usually I notice movies with cricket in them do pretty well just because of the sport and it doesn’t seem to matter to the audience what the rest of the movie is about in terms of story line, acting and diologues. So the director must of thought that just because he’s making a movie on cricket it will by default become a hit, I guess that’s what you call over confidence. (AND YES RAJ THIS MOVIE WAS ALSO PIRATED WHICH I ABSOLUTELY WATCHED WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE, SO SCREW OFF, IF YOU THINK THIS SHIT IS WORTH WATCHING IN THE THEATRE THEN GO TO SOME DARK CORNER IN THE THEATRE AND JACK OFF!!! I COULD CALRELESS SO SPARE YOUR BRAINS AND NO NEED TO TELL ANYTHING FURTHER!!!!)

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    Kiran: Believe me.. he doesn’t deserve your reply.. just report his abusive comments and Indicne team will delete them.. and that’s (itself) a slap on his face..

  • Kiran: And about Harman Baweja, when I saw him in LS2050 I thought that he’ll perform better in future, and as a newcomer doing a difficult role, we’ve to excuse him for not performing at his best in the movie, but he disappointed me with his acting in Victory, no improvement, a little bit only.. but I’m sure that it’s all the director’s fault. He might be good in Sanja Leela Bhansali’s upcoming movie.

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  • I hated this movie so much that I don’t want to waste more time than writing just one one word for this movie: HORRIBLE.

  • I finally got to see this on DVD. I’m not a sports fan so wasn’t irritated by things sports fans may be. We quite liked this movie.
    We also found Harman Baweja very good and very watchable. He not only is goodlooking, he can act and dance (not that he had much opportunity to do that here. We hope they keep nurturing this guy as he has lots of potential.
    Sure the movie’s theme has been done many times before but we found it an entertainign revisit.

  • Lyn: I agree with you.. it’s not a boring movie at all.. comparing it to Luck by Chance which was released in the same period of time, this one I found a better movie, it’s so different when we watch any movie online and lateron.. we watch it on a dvd.

    Kiran: where did u disappear?!!

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