Luck By Chance Movie Review

Reality based movies are becoming the fancy of most directors in the multiplex era. Debutant director Zoya Akhtar is no different. Holding a mirror to some of the lesser known aspects of the Bollywood film industry, “Luck By Chance” produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, is the debut film of Zoya Akhtar.

The movie boasts of many biggies from the Bollywood film industry making special appearances adding an extra touch of reality to the film, not to mention star value.

Luck By Chance features Farhan Akhtar of “Rock On” fame, the very talented Konkona Sen Sharma and Isha Sharwani in key roles along with Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Juhi Chawla and Sanjay Kapoor in supporting roles. The biggest attraction of the film though is Hrithik Roshan who has an extended guest appearance in the film. With a unique story line, a talented star cast and many a special appearances, Luck By Chance is high on expectations. But will Zoya manage to give the right bite of reality?

Before we go ahead into analysing the movie, lets take a look at the story.

Luck By Chance revolves mainly around two struggling actors, Vikram (Farhan Akhtar) and Sona (Konkona Sen Sharma) who aim to make it big in Bollywood. While Vikram joins acting classes and takes horse-riding and dancing lessons to add to his profile, Sona plays supporting roles in movies with big banners. Just as predicted, they both get to taste the bitterness behind the ever so dreamy film industry. This lays the foundation of a growing friendship between the two, which soon turns into a love affair. When Sona’s aspiration breaks down by false promises made by a producer, luck shines on Vikram and he gets short-listed to play the male lead as the top star Zaffar Khan (Hrithik Roshan) opts out of a big film at the last minute. Does Vikram manage to bag the role and survive in an industry that is so complex and contradicting? What takes to be a part of such a manipulative industry?

Luck By Chance Review

Although Bollywood is the backdrop of Luck By Chance, it just spoofs the functioning of the industry without getting too hard-hittingly serious. The movie is an insiders view of how the industry works interweaving a lot of moments that is generally hidden by the shine of stardom. What works best in this movie is that, most situations that appear so simple and straight talk volumes for the movie. Like, the producer Rommy Rolly shedding tears in private as his films lead star Zaffar Khan fails to return his calls although he is the man behind his stardom. Also when another producer who promised a big break for Konkona outrightly denies to cast her because of having acted in side roles in many other films, although they were accepted only after his approval. Vikram making a study of yesteryear actress Neena by watching most of her movies in attempts to impress and lure her into being supportive for his debut movie alongside her daughter Nikki.

Without getting very complex, Luck by Chance takes you on a clear and convincing journey from struggle to success to corruption to redemption. Zoya Akhtar deftly manages to pull off satire on the industry as well as several actors at their own expense but with dignity for all. With a taut screenplay and definitive moments, Zoya brings out both the good and the bad in the industry and its members. Unlike many other directors, Zoya calls for special apperance in the movie by lead stars not for star value but to go in sync with the script. The climax is something totally unexpected yet very apt. Taking the focus from Vikram’s success to Sona’s confidence and aim still alive in her in a different form, Zoya brings out the value of talent that makes a person and not luck. She also makes you feel the importance of having the courage and strength to move on in life. She is definitely a director to watch out for in the days to come. Dialogues by Javed Akhtar are brilliant. His sharp wit and sensitivity just adds to the grace of the movie. He makes the right remarks for the right situations like the one about Dimple Kapadia, ‘She’s a crocodile in a chiffon sari’. Music by trio Shanker-Ehsaan-Loy is excellent. ‘Sapno Se Bhare Naina’ and ‘Yeh Zindagi Bhi’ stand out in terms of lyrics while Baawre stands out for its beat, colorful costumes and beautiful choreogrphy.

Zoya Akhtar has clearly managed to bring out the best in all the actors.

Farhan Akhtar gets under the skin of his character of Vikram. He puts up a confident, strong and a very realistic performance. Konkona Sen undoubtedly was excellent, a very dependable actress. Isha Sharwani does what she is best at. She puts up a doll like look that calls for absolutely no acting. Rishi Kapoor as the punjabi man and bollywood producer was fantastic. Dimple Kapadia was good too. Hrithik Roshan in his extended cameo role is brilliant, one of the reasons for many to watch the film.

Overall, Luck By Chance is a surpise package. It is a satirical take on the Bollywood industry without being very hard-hitting. The movie is worth a watch especially for Farhan – Konkana’s performance, Zoya’s direction and Hrithik Roshan!!

Rating: ★★★½☆



  • Indicine Team: I always trust my feelings when I see a trailer of any movie, I can judge correctly if the movie is good or bad ( I meant to say if any movie is good or bad for me but not for others ofcourse). When I saw the trailer of Luck by Chance, I had a feeling that it’s not that good movie, it’s not as good as Rock On, but if I want to see it only for Hrithik Roshan, I like to see him on the screen as he didn’t showup in any movie after Jodhaa Akbar.

    So what do u recommend us to do? Is the movie worth watching on a big screen or a small one, when the dvd is released? And which one is better.. Raaz2 or this one?

  • It is definitely a surprise package. I totally agree with Indicine as usual. It is definitely a one time watch. I dont agree with the comment above. Rock on and luck by chance are miles apart in their story line. And Zoya Akhtar have directed this movie fabulously. I am slightly disappointed by the publicity of the movie though. They are using Hrithik’s item song too much in the TV channels as if it is his movie which to be frank it is not. The movie totally belonged to Farhan Akhtar though Hrithik was very good in his cameo. I will advise everyone to go for this movie.

  • fathiya everyone knows that when linjo writes a comment that you will start another argument. so dont bother to start one

  • Priya: is Linjo your brother, fiance or your husband?! Yes.. I would give him my feedback if he mention my name.. he’s like mini, P. Sher, Sudeep, whenever they posts any comment, they mention my name thru their lines!!

  • what a great movie ,i think the first big hit of 2009,really a fantastic movie.
    story of the movie is very good ,well direction, and outstanding performances.
    Farhan Akhtar is natural,confident ,if we say his performance in Rock On is excellent then this performance is outstanding.Konkana is so natural what can i say ,she is really a wonderfull and great actress.
    Rishi Kapoor ,Dimple and Sanjay Kapoor performance was over the top they really act very well and natural. juhi chawla was also good and i really surprise to watch Isha sharwani i think this is her best perfomance so far.
    Hrithak plays a strong role in the movie and he is fantastic.
    the special appearances in the movie from the different actors was the strong point in the Movie.
    Amir, SRK, Abhishak, John, Karan Johar, Akshay Khana, Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena.
    SRK Special Appearance was the turning point and the strongest one in the movie.
    rest of cast was also very good.
    the movie is outstanding and you should watch it on the big screen and i am sure you will love it.
    and this movie is far ahead from Raaz 2.

  • Fathiya, If you want to watch it just for Hrithik, then wait for the DVD. He has a very small role, about 10 – 15 mins if all his scenes are put together including one song!

  • I went to watch the film.. only and only for Hrithik. He is on the screen for very less time but i still loved him

    Hrithik is the best!!!!!

  • Malik: Thanks.. I well if u say and u are sure that I’d love the movie, then I will after few days coz I came from cinema just now, watched Slumdog Millionaire.. a very nice movie.. there’s a hollywood touch in the movie, u can feel it from the direction and the cinematography.. a very good direction, but it ends like bollywood movies.. u getup from yr seat and want to leave and a song starts.. a nice song which make u pause.. stop and watch till the end.

    Indicine Team: I know that Slumdog M. is not a bollywood movie, and it’s a story about indian ppl, but I heard that the movie was done in 2 versions, Hindi and English.. so why there’s no movie review on your website?
    I liked the actor, the young boy.. he’s so good, he’s the best in the movie, Anil Kapoor wasn’t bad, but recently, he’s a bit overacting, he changed his style of acting, and I prefer his old character.

  • Hi guys and gals,

    I must say that this movie is an excellent one! I liked every sec of it. Great story, good screenplay, fabulous direction and superb acting by each and every actor in the movie.

    Farhan is very good and so is Hrithik, Konkona, Dimple Kapadia, Rishi Kapoor, Juhi and everyone else. They seemed like the real characters of the story.

    I am sure even if one does not like an offbeat movie, he / she will like it watching once. So if anyone is cynical, please do not be. The movie is worth going for!


  • Fathiya… I think u have supernatural powers in u so that u can judge a movie by just seeing the trailer!U watched ghajinis trailer and said it will be a flop,u saw Luck by Chance trailer and is currently saying it is a bad movie..FOr ur information,I’ve watched the movie yesterday ,Its a well made movie,but i think u shouldnt watch this as its a good movie! And who is Priya?Shes my Buddy(A lover of Good Cinemas ,very much odd from u!)

  • Sudeep: For the 1st time we agree!! yes you’re right.. it’s a boring movie, it’s like listening to a boring lecture and u just want to quit. I’ve planned to watch it in cinema but my brother told me not to do so: it’s not that good movie, and there’s no hype for it. therefore I saw it online, half, and put it off.

    Priya: Just shutup, you don’t know my taste and don’t try to be smart coz you’re not!

    Malik: well I think that I’ll love Raaz2, as I said earlier.. I always trust my feelings, Vicotry isn’t bad, at least you don’t get bored while watching, but Luck by chance is a boring movie, and that means Zoya Akhtar doesn’t know how to make interesting movies. If Hrithik didn’t contribute and didn’t do a special appearance in this movie, if he didn’t showup in a nice song with his nice dancing then this movie would’ve been a disaster for sure.

    As I already said & predicted.. it’s not as good as Rock On.. Rock On was also a slow movie but was “interesting” what makes any movie interesting is the script and the direction “only”

  • @fathiya.. Y r u saying priya to shut up? U just shut up first! I think u r great as u r the first person who have judged the movie by seeing the first half only! U know whats special abt Luck By Chance? its the climax! and climax makes a movie complete… so just stop being stupid again

  • Who’s the stupid here?!!!! You or me?!!! why did I ask Priya to shut up?!! Don’t u know why?!! read her previous comments and you’d know the answer!

    I’m a grownup lady, saw many movies in my life.. if u r in the age of 17 or 18, it’d be hard for you to judge any movie from it’s starting or from watching any trailer, but it’s not hard for me, all the trailers which I saw, I could predict if I’d love the movie or not, and I’m always right in my feelings, therfore.. I trust my feelings.. if the movie is good for you.. so let it be.. I don’t care, I’ve the right to post whatever I think about any movie.. therefore we’re all here.. on this website.

    I got bored while watching it.. if it was an interesting one.. so why the hell woul’d I get bored?! Ask Sudeep.. he too says that it’s a boring movie.

  • linjo thank you so much. nice to know that there are peole life you in the world. and fathiya how old are you? because if you are that old i know why you like that rabne crap. my mom is 40 something and she hated it so you must be like 50. by the way linjo if you go to the victory riview place than you will find out what what kind of crap fathiya started.

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  • Really nice movie.. I liked it. Farhan is very talented, and so is Konkana=]

    By the way Fathiya, I agree with you. Slumdog Millionaire is a fabolous movie!

  • Hi Kiran: thanks for your support, and that’s because you’re a nice person, unlike other people here.. and beleive me.. I’m tired of all these arguments.. I just don’t want to get into all this anymore.

    Shona: Hi.. and sorry for the late reply as someone passed away in the family and didn’t visit the website since a week. you loved Luck by Chance but I watched it online and got bored, the movie didn’t encourage me to continue watching it and it has flopped.

    Have a good day friends and Kiran.. my word to you: avoid these people because when u reply they’ll never stop, better that u ignore them and never waste yr time replying to them, just post your comments about any movie u watch.. I love to read your comments and to know your opinion.

  • Sorry for your loss Fathiya….This is really sad.

    You should not have watched this movie online. This is a movie certainly for a bigger screen. This movie is full of youth, energy, emotion and itís kind of different from other Hindi movies.

    I liked this one. Easily 3.75/5….

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