Verdict on Salman Khan’s Hit and Run case today

The Mumbai Sessions Court is likely to give its verdict on Salman Khan’s 2002 hit-and-run case today. If proved guilty, Salman might soon join Sanjay Dutt in jail, as he could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in Jail.

Khan was first sent to jail on 28th September 2002 for rash and negligent driving. One person died on the spot, while four others were injured when Salman’s car rammed into the pavement outside a bakery in suburban Bandra.

The initial decision on the appeal after arguments was fixed for June 10, but was later postponed to June 24.



  • so nww..wat will happen to the family of the innocent life dat he’d taken..
    assuming,salman accidentally hit one of ur parents what will guyz do…are u gonn’ let him go unpunished…PLS lets jst say d truth and not bcoz u are salman fan doesn’t’t mean u should b backin’ him up…

  • @nut_case navin: something burning? Your btchings don’t help salman from being arrested. Last I heard, he’s going for prison for a minimum of 10 years if he found guilty. Well, the last part was already been proved. So start praying for your loser, you loser fans.

  • @ruler Wont you rusticated from college due to carrying around an inaccurate ruler…?

    I know you burning and your silly defence that you bought that faulty ruler from a ‘Being Human’ store was laughed at by the principal so that explains why the animosity towards Bhai as he couldnt help you in your hour of need.

    Get a life loser, buy a new ruler and preferably in future get some new dialogues as the only one whining like an old lady here is you…! :-P

  • @Ruler : loser, who ?? If you are calling Salman then think again. Your srk used Salman stardom and name to book screens for his movie. Now you know who is the loser and whose fans are losers !!!!!! Lol. Biggest fool you are Ruler.

  • Salman is a very good actor and good nature and kind social worker…the kick movie actually based on his life because salman helps many other children’s, peoples help in real life as a cancer operation and other……and this crime is not a in full atention because he drunk and by mistake accedient is done so im apil to the highcourt as a fan of salman bhai please release ……
    Please…..Please. …Please. ..

    –harshvardhan patil (

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