Verdict on Salman Khan’s Hit and Run case today

The Mumbai Sessions Court is likely to give its verdict on Salman Khan’s 2002 hit-and-run case today. If proved guilty, Salman might soon join Sanjay Dutt in jail, as he could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in Jail.

Khan was first sent to jail on 28th September 2002 for rash and negligent driving. One person died on the spot, while four others were injured when Salman’s car rammed into the pavement outside a bakery in suburban Bandra.

The initial decision on the appeal after arguments was fixed for June 10, but was later postponed to June 24.



  • i dnt think so that Verdict on Salman Khan’s Hit and Run case air today it will postpone once again and if salman be guilty then god know what will happen on salman fans

  • For your kind information this is only the session court. How can you say he will join sanjay dutt. And this case is for which salman has appealed, for if ,denied ,he can always appeal at the higher courts.

  • Indicine , it is not verdict on final judgement but the verdict is on salman’s challenge to discard court’s order of culpable homicide not amounting to means salman’ lawyer has said it is not fair to mount murder charges on him , as it was he has not done happen for final verdict it has long way to go .ours prayers r with him .

  • Dear Manish: (June 24, 2013 at 9:25 am)
    It’s just a mistake ? If this happens to one of your family members (touchwood ) will you say the same thing? Just a mistake ? Think before you comment . Feel for the victims . Thank you .

  • If he is guilty , then he shud be punished….bcoz no one is greater than law and court…and it’s pathetic that his hearings r delayed bcoz of an intervention frm higher authorities…….i feel pity for those, who suffered in that incident…..plz give the verdict soon, whether in the favor or against salman….

  • @Manish, it was not just a mistake. One parson died on that spot. Can he give that innocent life. If he can do that than i with agree with you saying that it was just a mistake.

  • I pray to god to let him just rot in jail for what he has done to those innocent people. The question is will he show up at the court to face his verdict or will he just runaway like a coward like he always does?

  • Justice should be done but yes it was a mistake and in some case crime as well he was drunk while driving, 10 years are too much if he found guilty 1 or 2 years are enough

  • @IMAM : n you will be that commissioned agent who is gonna crack this deal between court and Salman. lol !!!!!!

  • All the best Salman !!! The law will take its course if you are really a guilty or will come out clean with flying colors if you are an innocent (I know it was an accident). God bless you !

  • We will have more comments from srk fans than Salman fans cursing and trying to stamp everyone’s own version of this case and hoping to see Salman in jail. They know that this is the only way srk can defeat Salman and no longer capable of defeating him on Box Office. Keep hating and keep spouting venom.

  • Why are they going to punish Salman? Is he the person who drove the car? Really? Can’t believe India’s No. 1 Superstar drove a car by himself without hiring a driver. Whoever who drove the car should be punished;whether the car was Salman’s or not is irrelevant.

  • Some people are uneducated and cant be helped if they dont even know the difference between an accident and murder. The Indian constitution have clearly defined sections for accidental death not amounting to murder and an intentional murder. Please read that before commenting anything, it just shows your hatred towards Salman. Let me ask you if God forbids either you or any of your family member is in place of Salman then will you wish the same? Now you will say for sake of that unfortunate person who died. Yes, I wud have let the law decides whether it is an accident or murder (unless I am not an eye witness) and then give the verdict if I had been in same situation as victim’s family.

  • it was an accident to start with.. it was not intentional.. accidents do happen and are very unfortunate.. just think had any of your dear ones like your father, mother were involved in an accident and somebody unfortunately died would you still say hang them to death and stuffs like that.. my point is it was just an accident and it can happen to anybody, you me or somebody else.. i sympathize with the victim and their family.. but why were they sleeping on the pavement of the streets??? more than anybody i think the government is responsible for it and it is them who need punished who leave the poor to sleep on the streets..

  • most of the judges and lawyers are just hoping that all cases keep on going for years, and both the victims and the accused become pawns in their hands, and like Sunny Deol said in Damini, instead of justice they get thareekh, thareekh and only thareekh.

  • First SRK should be punished for abusing and beating a SENIOR CITIZEN security guard who was JUST DOING HIS DUTY. Which is 100% true as everyone has seen the photos.
    He is even guilty of prenatal sex determination of his surrogate child.

  • Salman Khan going to prison is a dream for haters. He did nothing wrong and going over old ground again and again just to convince the unconvincable haters is pointless. Some of them are criminals themselves for playing ‘criminal’ song too loud thus destroying the peace of their locality…! :-P
    Bhai roxXxXxXx

  • For instance broken ruler should be imprisoned because of showing inaccurate measurements….!

    Architects using your broken ruler have been putting up shabby houses all over the place which are a hazard to public safety. You should be arrested immediately…!

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