Veer producer Vijay Galani sues Salman Khan for Rs 250 crore

The producer of Veer, Vijay Galani, has filed a defamation case against Salman for Rs 250 crore.

Galani said ” I agreed to give Salman a signing amount of Rs 10 crores for Veer. In his entire career Salman had not received this kind of a signing amount. In fact hs entire fee for

Yuvraaj and Wanted and other films during that period was around 7-8 crores each.Even Salim Saab said this signing amount was unprecedented. Besides this amount we agreed that Salman would get Rs 15 crores if and when there is an ‘overflow’(profits made by the film). Salman completed the film happily.And I sold the film to Eros Entertainment.Eros, Salman and I drew up a tri-party agreement that the first overflow amount of Rs 15 crores would go to Salman.”

“The most interesting thing about this letter was that on the night before I received it I was at Salman’s place laughing and joking as usual. He mentioned that his new business manager was sending me a letter and I should just ignore it. Then in April I received another letter stating that Salman finds the Rs15 crore overflow agreement to be unacceptable.This, after everything being on paper.We were working together for two years and he never mentioned he had any problem with the ‘overflow’ agreement. What made him suddenly wake up about having a problem with the overflow” Galani said.

“Firstly the ‘overflow’ agreement was on paper and secondly Veer showed no profits. So CINTAA ruled in my favour.Then I took the help of my producers’ association.Salman then complained to the Federation Of Western India Cine Association. But I responded saying there was no overflow.In the meanwhile Salman got upset with CINTAA.So to please him they issued a non-cooperation letter against me which was totally invalid and baseless” Galani informed.

“The honorable court saw my papers.They called Salman’s representative to court and asked on what basis they had been asking for money and why was a non-cooperation letter issued against me. They had no reply.The court has now ruled in my favour and issued an absolute stay on the non-cooperation letter.”

The producer also added that he has gone through mental agony for three years, which is why he has filed a defamation case against Salman.

“I cannot tell you what I’ve gone through during the last three years .My mental agony and the money on lawyers has left me drained. I’ve filed a Rs 250 crore defamation case against Salman for mental agony, harassment, loss of face.Who will give me back the 3 years that I’ve lost?” the producer said.



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  • Lol, our GOLDEN hearted bhai still couldn’t become human. He is still being human. A criminal will always remain a criminal, if you don’t punish him. Hope, human rises in Salman and he pays the due to this poor producer. Musk utaar diya re… :D

  • Javed salman is not like srk give 3 Cr rs i will dance in your son birthday party same on srk the nichad

  • Javed u r like a mittha of srk if really this thing happen then why did he was saying after 5 Years lol if he have 250 Cr then y he will not give to salman only 15 Cr lol

  • wtf
    250 cr for mental harassment
    has he gone nuts
    if salman wants , he can return 25 cr
    but 250 cr , like really

  • It is bussiness matter so most of salman haters called the Superstar cheater but producer should be carefull on the product they made if film does well everyone get good share if not each person involved in film will suffer loss so dont make blame to salman recently distributors line up for money at rajinikanth’s home its common in film industry

  • OMG!!!!!1St Rajnikanth and now salman?????though Rajnikanth gave half amount but what’s about salman?????their fans are saying bhai has so much huge money.then why was he behaved like a beggar?????HE just broke his ‘overflow’ agreement which was signed and agreed by him earlier!!!!!but soon after how he can change his true colour?????really salman is a coward fellow I ever witnessed in My whole life.really shows something in the film and does the opposite to that in real life.what about his so-called commitment ?????sab gaya bhad mein?????,lol.I told earlier salman’s all charity is just a show off ,even whatever charity be I’d that’s only meant to create good image but that’s also not sure whether he had given dull money to those poors,such pathetic peoples are these so called papa’s bo.and the intereating thing is as the producer said at that period bhai was not even able to paid at least 6-7 cry per film.but it’s totally the producer’s fault that he given such an huge amount to this fraud non actor.

    Apart from that these 2rs papa’s made boys couldn’t gained respect of their own rather than whatever got due to their PAPAS.look at KING KHAN ,HE is the only ACTOR in bollywood who kept all producers on safe in all decades.while amir/salman gave many nightmares from 90’s to 2010.these flopstars couldn’t earn such huge respect like KING KHAN in their whole life that’s what they deserve.but I felt so pity for Gilani,because not only he tortured monetarily but also tortured mentally.and one more thing I want to say to Mr.Gilani ,nothing will happen to that non actor because he is keeping law in his pocket,so you don’t worry you’ll not get any justice ever.but I pray for you that you’ll get justice and those traitors should punish heavily for his evil deeds did in whole sallu’s fans must have understood how it’s so difficult to be CONSISTENT.though My heart cried for those innocents who’re tortures by this devil,since don’t how many illiterates in out country is worshipping this devil?they are even more than terrorists.

  • @JS put like this way…Salman needs SRK and others for promotion….you forgot who released the teaser of BB…it’s SRK ….he want’s SRK’s global audience to see his mindless crap….and coming to this case, this is not a new thing for criminal salman…as he has been into cases and courts for the last 15 years or so…everyone knows his true character…..salwoman started human being charitable foundation after coming out from jail to cover up the illegal activities he has done over the years and build a public image…evryone knows his true character and he should give the money to this producer as his films were contionusly becoming disasters during that period and it’s a well know fact to everyone…he s a south remake actor recently getting some hits…

  • @chal beta selfie le le re…

    Keep defending! This is the sad state of your kind…”I will kill you if you say anything against “BHAI”? Oh please…look at yourself, trying to defend a person just because you love his antics. What has Salman ever done for you? You take joy in salman’s movies making money, but what are you getting in return for your loyalty for salman? If Salman had given me 1 crore for my loyalty towards him, then atleast I have some motivation to defend him like mad…and so will you have if it happened for you…But what’s the thing that you are really looking for? A kick? And what kind of language is that exactly? if i try to put sense to your words then all you are asking is for a kick practically…(at your bum or where?)..

    Honestly if your so damn interested in his fictional role play in movies that you tend to go blind eye for his real life character, you seriously need help my friend. Films are just a means of entertainment and after the 2 and half hour we spent at a theatre, we only have to come back to reality and face it…wake up and smell the coffee…There are many more other than salman who uses their mass following and power to influence people like you and use it to their advantage… Am not blaming salman yet and if your wondering that this is the biggest joke that you have ever heard, then pay attention to the words that i use…The so called “his history” and this article is a definite testinony to what i have said about salman…All I have said is the truth…Be it Suresh Kalmadi or Salman khan…am against people with power trying to mess with the law…An advice: look for a better role model!


  • Wow. If true, it’s sad. Salman, as a producer himself today, should understand it better than most people.

  • The trick is alwayd to ask for alot of money. That way, you can negotiate a deal that suits you better.
    Now he’s asking for 250 cr, and might get 25 cr.
    If he had sued for 25 cr, he might have gotten 1-2 cr. It’s all about how you deal with the situation.
    Now Salman’s lawyers need to come up with a solution soon, or they might have to pay more than 25 cr.

  • Raw Eggs Se Related cmnt m kya problem h indicine ¿ .. egg r good source of Nutrition & Sallu Deserves Them :P

  • If producers carry on down this path then our Joker Boy Gobar would have to return every single rupee he charged producers for starring in craps like TMK, Joker, Gobar, Blue and our Jadoo Boy for starring in craps like Non Flying Kites and Mosquito Anguish etc etc

    Cmon producers you gotta speculate to accumulate n sometimes in showbusiness u win some n u lose some…

  • My sympathy is not with producers or distributors but with exhibitors who showcase really bad rubbish films like Ratoon Point One and Jadoo 3… Their establishment gets tainted after being associated with such filth

  • Gauri Khan should sue Global Queen for the huge losses incurred by Ratoon Point Ones horrific performance at the BO…!

  • This idiot be lucky if he was to ever get a job as a spotboy in one of bhais films n here is dreaming of 250cr… Get over your self inflicted depression you sad clown

  • Hahahaha lol wtf is this?????? ‘Veer’ was a under performer at the box office alright but suing the superstar who starred in it for 250 crores is greediness & absurdity at its worst , even srk is not that greedy, if that is the case then the distributors & exhibitors who lost money on the crappiest live cartoon movie ever made Ra.1 with a budget of over 150 crores just collecting around 120 crores should sue srk for 2500 or 25000 or 250000 crores whatever for the mental torture, harassment, agony, head ache & sleepless nights that movie gave to the public who watched it and it doesn’t end there , srk should be sued by every one who got mentally & physically tortured by craps like ra.1, jthj, dongi 1 & dongi 2, chichi express, crappy new year for all these years and if they do so then srk might have to shell his entire money that he earned in his life so far, so guys let’s sue srk for the mental & physical torture, agony, trauma, head ache & irritation that he has been giving to us since years.

  • KING KHAN helped even at his bad time before going to jail.such DIAMOND HEART has OUR KING.bit what bhai criticized KING KHAN when HE made stopped at airport.infact salman resembles devil/satan in real life.and his fans are Stan worshippers.because whichever crime he did salman fans supports that blindly and suddenly starts reverse argument to stop the mouth of those people who says THE TRUTH.

    I mean THE TRUTH/CLASS/LOGIC ALL will be vanished there where salman friends will present.they can go against their own family for this devil,they can go to such lower extent that couldn’t be imagined by any human because they are not HUMAN.

  • Why all Tom dick Harry start talking against Salman this is one side talk one side Story let Salman or his team clarify the whole issue just don’t drag and blame Salman for everything.

  • This is ONE side of the story. Now lets wait and hear the other side of the story what Salman’s team has to say.
    Galani told nothing about why CINTAA had to please Salman.. Is Salman the head of CINTAA or what?
    Lastly 250cr defamation case? Against a notice of 15cr? Isn’t that crazy. Who even knew Galani before he produced Veer? And on what basis is 250cr decided? Would he have earned that much amount if he wasn’t banned? Absolutely not. What looks like this man also wants some popularity and money now. Even if this case is ruled in favor of Galani, all he will get is ban removed and not liable to pay Salman any money. Forget about defamation amount.

    But again, as I said, it remains to hear the other side of the story.

  • Now everyone understood what salman khan actually is and what kind of creatures support him. Remembering that, Jai Ho earned huge profit for Sohail khan and Salman khan; but distributors lost huge amount of money they spent to buy this craps distribution rights for different parts of the country. Salman and family didn’t pay a single rupee for these losers. Lots of small distributors came on roads for this film. Salman is a curse for India.

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