Veer producer Vijay Galani sues Salman Khan for Rs 250 crore

The producer of Veer, Vijay Galani, has filed a defamation case against Salman for Rs 250 crore.

Galani said ” I agreed to give Salman a signing amount of Rs 10 crores for Veer. In his entire career Salman had not received this kind of a signing amount. In fact hs entire fee for

Yuvraaj and Wanted and other films during that period was around 7-8 crores each.Even Salim Saab said this signing amount was unprecedented. Besides this amount we agreed that Salman would get Rs 15 crores if and when there is an ‘overflow’(profits made by the film). Salman completed the film happily.And I sold the film to Eros Entertainment.Eros, Salman and I drew up a tri-party agreement that the first overflow amount of Rs 15 crores would go to Salman.”

“The most interesting thing about this letter was that on the night before I received it I was at Salman’s place laughing and joking as usual. He mentioned that his new business manager was sending me a letter and I should just ignore it. Then in April I received another letter stating that Salman finds the Rs15 crore overflow agreement to be unacceptable.This, after everything being on paper.We were working together for two years and he never mentioned he had any problem with the ‘overflow’ agreement. What made him suddenly wake up about having a problem with the overflow” Galani said.

“Firstly the ‘overflow’ agreement was on paper and secondly Veer showed no profits. So CINTAA ruled in my favour.Then I took the help of my producers’ association.Salman then complained to the Federation Of Western India Cine Association. But I responded saying there was no overflow.In the meanwhile Salman got upset with CINTAA.So to please him they issued a non-cooperation letter against me which was totally invalid and baseless” Galani informed.

“The honorable court saw my papers.They called Salman’s representative to court and asked on what basis they had been asking for money and why was a non-cooperation letter issued against me. They had no reply.The court has now ruled in my favour and issued an absolute stay on the non-cooperation letter.”

The producer also added that he has gone through mental agony for three years, which is why he has filed a defamation case against Salman.

“I cannot tell you what I’ve gone through during the last three years .My mental agony and the money on lawyers has left me drained. I’ve filed a Rs 250 crore defamation case against Salman for mental agony, harassment, loss of face.Who will give me back the 3 years that I’ve lost?” the producer said.



  • What’s the big deal? Give this chircut 250 crores when bajrani bhaijaan makes 1000 crores profit …!!

  • Vijay Galani is a great man. Salman ki aukat nai hai. I cant understand y hes still not in jail. First murder, then black buck case, den gf beating and now dis cheating case??? Come on.. dis is just disgusting. He should be put behind the bars asap!

  • Damn! Salman’s a rogue…Sorry to say this to his fans but he isn’t a person fit to be a role model or someone to be looked upon for others (except his well built body which people can definately admire I suppose)..

    From illegaly killing endangered animals to hit and run cases to forcing slum people to leave their home so that he can get their land (google it if anyone had missed that)… Adding to that failed relationships with so many celebs and some turning to the ugliest situation…abuse, manhandling, un social conduct, physical as well as mental harassment cases…this guy’s is another avatar for trouble…

    No matter how much he does charity and try to project a better side of himself, the list of his misdeed acts overtakes his better intentioned ones by miles…Moreover it is gradually turning out to be a show off like so many other celebs..damn! Even there was a case of Salman not paying a promised amount to a particular someone that was associated with his being human foundation…Now am not here to start a flame war as am no khan fan, but this guy need to be locked up…It seems he has been using his power to shut such cases where he has been the harasser…

    Yeah this case isn’t proved also but what do you guys tell a person who co incidently has a history of being a troublemaker…One can make mistake and a good soul person willing to correct himself/herslef will correct it…but one who continues doing it as a hobby, such ones deserves to he punished… Such hypocrites!

  • 250 crs ??? OMFG
    Even Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s worldwide gross wont be enough to pay this debt :D :D

  • Salman asking for overflow profits from the poor producer of a disaster movie :O
    Being Human for a reason :)
    Bhaijaan Rocks

  • Lol..this artcile reminds me of Bhai’s golden period when he dealt with disasters and flops.He needs to thank South Industry for reviving his career

  • Atleast salman shows that guts to do something different with veer not like other cheap actors of bollywood

  • this is all for publicity..nothing true in this story….why dint he complain inside 5-6 months of veer release…why he is complaining now that too after 5 years

  • @nivin polio
    you have just started your career if you have to go a long away stop abusive king of bollywood salman khan

  • Waiting…. For … Bajrangi bhaijaan…
    Where there is salman khan…there is kick…
    @dipolamatic services
    keep dreaming….

  • lol… now he want 250 crore..
    see ur face in mirror Mr. galani..
    u deserve shit.. coz u r a shit..
    no one’s give a damn what u say..
    it’s ur loss that u produced veer
    so don’t u dare ask for a penny from salman ..
    he is already suffering from many problems.. don’t u dare become one..
    n u r a loser .. so shut the f**k up and go to hell please.. :)

  • Bhai blockbuster era…Actually Vijay g you were mad to invest that big amount on a bhojpuri actor.Knowing jow pathetic his acting is no one was ready to invest rs 10 on him….and you did 10 crores……Its the producer who deserve underflows money for the disaster run of movie because of bhai cheap charisma on the screen

  • Though the producer need justice, it’s not acceptable to file a such a huge amount of money just because Salman is a Super star now…

  • Poor bhai..!! ??
    bye jaan plz quit bollywood !
    u have already given so much trouble plz
    do not give any more. ?

  • Producers are now have lost their mind , first they want money back if movie fails to collect and only see money so why not actor do the same to them?
    If the overflow rule follow in all film then actor will receive half payment only ,so why would actor will suffer then what will producer do then?

  • Publicity stunt! Everybody needs Salman to get into news, including actresses like Kat and creatures like Srk.

  • Attention seekers!!,y is now u r complaining about yr agony?? Is this a planned scenario? Oh okay BB is soon going to b released so wat a way to castigate Salman in such a cheap manner.
    Well no matter what all these NEW NAMES here @indicine cos it’s SALMAN! I bet readers hear before d end of d day u will come across some new awkward names rather FAKE!
    It’s money matter business game profit n loss is inevitable. Cheating? Just heard from 1,source so totally baseless to b judgemental!

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