Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon on the sets of Dilwale: Photos

Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon started shooting for Rohit Shetty’s upcoming Christmas release ‘Dilwale’ last month. The cast and crew are currently shooting for the film in Old Goa.

Rohit has shot quite a few of his films including Golmaal 3, Singham and Chennai Express across various places in Goa. His latest film also starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, will be no different.

We have quite a few photos of Varun and Kriti shooting for the film. SRK and Kajol join them in June.

Dilwale is expected to release on 25th December. It remains to be seen if the movie will get a solo release, as other films like ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and ‘Hera Pheri 3’ are also tentatively schedule to release during the same time.

Check out the photos.

Varun Dhawan Dilwale on location

Varun Dhawan Dilwale on location

Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon and Rohit Shetty on the sets of Dilwale

Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon and Rohit Shetty on the sets of Dilwale

Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon shooting for Dilwale

Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon shooting for Dilwale

Dilwale Director Rohit Shetty on the set

Dilwale Director Rohit Shetty on the set

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan on the sets of Dilwale

Varun Dhawan on the sets of Dilwale



  • M Bhaijan fan So I will comment First on this Article
    Coz We are not intrested in Bhaijan articles #Truth

  • Salman fans calling it a multistarrer even though SRK has the main role. Salman did mujhse shadi karoge, jaanemann, partner, london dreams, ETT n now prdp that r multistarrers

  • I am confused about of this movie.. I like varun and want to c him doing rohit style film but there is srk…
    Really clever casting

  • lol varun is looking like a kid and younger brother of kriti sanon.. by the way I think king has special appearance in dilwale

  • Waiting for christmas not because of christmas only one reason SRK and Varun “DILWALE” 300 crore toh pakka haters ki jal jayegi

    gud in comedy… typical hero gud looks…n david dhawan dna…. natural charizma… they can work togethr in future n churn of blockbusters…

  • Varun & Kriti. Both are doing Dilwale. Good decision by rohit shetty. I said already that rohit must rethink about it. SRK is no more. I mean he has become old now. Boman Irani could be better choice than our SRK.

  • The start cast is amazing, everything about the movie is grand, but some how i feel the title should have been amusing and new, non the less lets hope for the best

  • Varun- Top 10 superstar
    Niel Nitin Mukesh- flop actor
    So Dilwale is a multistarrer, whole PRDP rests purely on Salman’s shoulders.
    But Dilwale may fail like MNIK, Srk doesnt have starpower to give 125+ crore film crore without Deepika.

  • Srk needs superstars like Varun to give a hit, while Salman can give a blockbuster even with flop actors like Niel Nitin Mukesh. #Power of Salman

  • If this movie flops, Srkians will say, it was a supporting role like Billu LOL. Billu was promoted like an Srk film, but flopped badly.

  • Film is shaping up really nicely but soon the Overacting hurricane will arrive with Kajol and Sarkar to ruin the film.

  • partner, jaaneman were 2 hero projects like kal ho naa ho and main hoon na.and how is ek tha tiger a multistarrer? prdp is not a multi starrer cause neil nitin mukesh is playing the role of salman’s brother and above that, salman has a double role which means he has a large screen time. neil is a flop actor besides that, talented though. on the other hand, varun is a superstar in the making with a huge fan following of his own and by the looks of it, dilwale is a 2 hero project.add to it the star power of rohit shetty and kajol along with kriti sanon, it’s right to call it a multistarrer. idiots get that in your brains.

  • This year will end with the biggest Explosion named Dil Wale followed to Gabbar Is Back, Bajrangi Bhaijan, Brothers and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

  • If Srk Kajol isn’t the part of Dilwale n staring varun kirti directed by rohit shetty then it easily cross 150cr

  • bhai fans may i ask u blind fans sth?
    which rohit shetty has grossed 200 crore without srk…
    rohit’s highest grossing is singam 2 without srk has none.
    which deepika’s movie has grossed 200 crore without srk sir?
    tell me bloody morons!!!
    deepika made her debute opposite srk that movie became blockbuster.
    anushka opposite srk in 2008 blockbuster.
    ooops lallu, veer and marigold and jai ho actresses came with full hope to gain some fame,,, but it is our bhai who made them vanished, disappeared from bollywood.
    this is our bhai’s power. bhai suxxxx.?

  • if solo release , which is almost sure ,
    than write in advance srk haters – first weekend record will be rewritten.

    i am happy to see so much varun fans here , as they are saying they are waiting for varun starrer dilwale but guys one question for u – what were u all doing during time of badlapur as despite of having die hard varun fans like u , badlapur didnt cross even 8 cr mark on day one right ??
    but our king crossed 44 cr on day

    haters to haters hai bhai..
    laughing to much on their mentality.

  • @Tiger – ya agree salman gave 5 bb in a row.great achievement.
    but u also have to accept that srk has been supremely consistent in delievering hits over the years.
    u said – delivering hits is not a big deal right ?
    lol.god save you.
    than what do u think – having 39% success ratio that too after having 5 bbs in a row is big deal ??
    highly inconsistent performance.

    i accept salman’s 5 bb record in a row is very hard to be broken but u please also accept that 11 hits in india in a row nd 11 in overseas also is very very hard to be broken.

  • Srkians are comparing serious adults-only Badlapur’s opening with masala family friendly HNY opening! ROFL

  • @shaggy Dilwale do 245cr in a worst case senario n your pridiction is very much acurate. But my heart says Dilwale will be more entertaining than K3G n it will break the record of pk..

  • @javed which srk movie grossed 200 crs without deepika and rohit shetty even hny can’t gross 200 cr’s.Buddhe ho gye ho tum sab.

  • @javed, same question for you….which srk movie grossed even 130cr without rohit & deepika??? Depika’s highest grosser(without srk)= 180cr(yjhd). Srk’s highest grosser(without deepika)= 116cr(ra1). Doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani.

  • I told u guys We bhai fans Are only interested in SRK article Just see number of comments made bhai we bhai fans ^_^
    We are also waiting for Nil And Sonam starrer Nil Sonam Dhan Payo

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