Uttar Pradesh bans telecast of Madhuri-Salman Saifai event

The Etawah district administration in Uttar Pradesh Wednesday banned the entry of media persons and camera crews into the Saifai Mahotsav and telecast of the event where film stars Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit are to perform.

Officials said this was done as performances of these stars were under a contractual obligation and could not be telecast on television channels.

Earlier, Madhuri, Salman, Soha Ali Khan, Alia Bhatt and other Bollywood stars reached the native village of the Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav in a chartered plane.

Salman, accompanied by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, took a round of the grounds where the cultural extravaganza is to take place.

Even as the district administration decided to ban the telecast of the event and installed jammers at the venue, the opposition pounced on the state government.

BSP leader and former CM Mayawati’s aide Satish Chandra Mishra said the state exchequer’s money was being wasted in Saifai while people were dying from severe cold in Muzaffarnagar relief camps.

Bharatiya Janata Party state spokesman Vijay Bahadur Pathak also took a dig at the blackout of the cultural event. “Why is the government blacking out the coverage when they are so busy in merry-making,”



  • Now thousands will be spared from watching Salman.
    Good move, as those those thousands IQ will be saved.
    Salman is known for lowering peoples IQ with his films Lol

  • What a shame!!!!!! criminal Salman started “human being” to cover up the illegal activities he has done over the years….people are dying of cold and he is wasting money….all these charity is a publicity stunt to make up his image which has gone already….i guess public is not a fool…. Salman should get minimum 10 years of imprisonment

  • What a shame it is when @G.One and @Sakhi keep on making personal hits at actors other than SRK. It’s a disgrace.

  • haha whole media against salman….its better salman to cal srk to a function and hug him to send positive feel for srk fans/srk friendly media…look srk clever he did tht before c.e so knw negative vibe learn from him…

  • To the people who are unnecessarily criticizing Salman Khan,

    Who are you criticizing and why? Is Salman CM of UP or any other state? He is not a leader of any community. He is a celebrity. He just performed there because he was paid. Won’t you people work for others if you are paid? There are victims in UP. Does it mean that he should not earn money there?

    No other celebrity helps the poor people as much as he does. Besides, his NGO helps heart-patients and poor people who can’t afford to give education to their children. Accept it! He is just a normal responsible citizen as you are. What have you done for the victims of Muzaffarnagar or anywhere in India. Why are not going to Muzzaffarnagar to provide reliefs to the victims. I think you all will afford at least a blanket for one person. But you won’t do that but keep barking. Are not you obliged to work for your society instead of criticizing? Indeed, criticizing is the easiest thing to do in the world.

    Learn to appreciate others’ good deeds.

    Don’t fall prey to the trap of the politicians and their media outlets..

    There are many so-called social-conscious people roaming here. To me, they are those fans of a certain Haakhla Thakur waiting for opportuniy to bash up Salman Khan.

    Now, Salman is more criticized than the head of state is. Pathetic.

    And hats off to Salman Khan for his philanthropic work.

  • There are many so-called social-conscious people roaming here. To me, they are those fans of a certain Haakhla Thakur waiting for opportuniy to bash up Salman Khan.These fanatic fans of the Thakur are taking this even too personally and striking iron while it is hot. They are campaigning to boycott Jai Ho because Salman performed at the event. If so, Dedh Ishqiya and Happy New Year should be boycotted too because Madhuri and Deepika performed as well.

  • @Raj Kumar Yadav SRK got award from “UNESCO” for his hidden charity work.What about that?Srk is doing charity from 1992.Not like salman from 2008.Why the hell he did not open “BEING HUMAN” FROM 1988 when he entered bollywood.Now he also knows,that educated,posh,decent people do not respect him neither as an actor nor as an human being/person.From 1988 to 2008 he just removed his shirt,acted like duffer/joker in movies,entered in a relationship with 4 girlfriends.And now suddenly he is more aware of poor people.

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