Ungli Trailer – Starring Emraan Hashmi

The much awaited trailer of Emraan Hashmi’s Ungli, produced by Dharma Productions and directed by Rensil D’Silva is out now. The film also features Kangana Ranaut, Randeep Hooda, Neil Bhoopalam, Angad Bedi and Sanjay Dutt.

Watch the Ungli trailer and tell us what you think!



  • @yy mithaiwala so acording to you films like darr, bazigar….. are bad films! so for wich reason you are srk’s fan????

  • @tiger if CE was RS movie then why did singham 2 crash at 139 crores and didnt cross even 145 crores much less 200 crores but CE did 227 crores???? No other RS movie cross 150 crores………….what a moron u are!

  • @James khan, read my comment again…iam not saying they are bad films, for me they are classics….

    @nipun, i do agree that hrithik dont have any bad film since main prem ki deewani hoon….will i know you always rate films like k3g and dhoom2 As gud films but for me they are average….will just my opinion…

    @arjun kapoor, thanks!

  • @yy what is wrong with u man? U profess to be SRK fan but u call 80% of his movies bad/average including classics like darr, baziggar. I am sure even @navin enjoyed these movies………..u are no SRK fan in my opinion, please come out of the closet and admit ur a SRK hater and really a bhai fan, ok loser.at least @navin and @anand etc. are honest haters of SRK. We SRK fans can stand them, but we cannot stand two faced traitors.

  • @James khan, iam srk fan doesnt mean i should praise his bad films and bad works but darr and baazigar are classics…

    @hrithik, he is better kisser, with better music sense and better human but not better actor, which is most important in this field…

  • @nipun so hr hasn’t done a bad movie after 2003! hahahaha tell me more jokes! how con you that his last movie was crap?

  • @nipun so hr hasn’t done a bad movie after 2003! hahahaha tell me more jokes! how con you forget that his last movie was crap?

  • @triniman, if ce was a srk movie then why did ra1 crash at 112cr? Why did jthj crash at 101cr? Rohit’s s2 collected more 140cr without srk nd srk’s highest grosser ra1 collected 112cr. This shows rohit is way bigger star than srk. Don’t forget without rohit shetty srk struggled to collect even 100cr.

  • @yy mithaiwala I didn’t like movies like ce and jthj etc but in your comment you said most of srk films are bad “these were clean hits and i dont think so — baazigar, darr, ddlj, dtph, pardes, mohabbatien, devdas, kal ho na ho, vz, don, cdi, rbdj, mnik, jthj and don2 were bad filmsand in my opinion k2h2, was above average to gud film…” its your comment you said this films are bad! but honestly I don’t think either srk haters would agree with you! maybe you wanted to write these films are good? ya?

  • @yy: as for k3g, i loved it and it’s my fav movie of family drama. Nice story,lovely performances,terrific songs, good direction, hot pairs(hr-bebo,srk-kajol)! What else you will expect more?

    And d2 is still the most acclaimed movie in Dseries. Agreed that there were some unrealistic scenes, but its positive things are much more than negative things.the screenplay was sharp for which audience didn’t suddenly point out the negatives. Music,cinematography,performance by HR were great. Direction was nice too! Mostly importantly, it’s highly stylish and was a treat to watch.

  • Yy- according to you almost 80% of SRK are bad and u didn’t liked them… Then how in world are u SRK fan of u don’t like his movies… I always knew this yy guy is fake now everyone knows that you’re not a SRK fan u looser

  • I wanna say to all who are disliking the positive comments — u r just wasting time n net pack disliking positive comments. My middle ungli salutes u !! Middle ungli to all emraan hashmi and ungli haters !! ,,!,

  • @Zeeshan.. bhool gaye kya that if Ungli crosses Jai Ho and Talaash, it will also cross MNIK, Con 2, Bekaar One and JTHJ?? :P

  • @Js and @tiger Ra One was SRK worst film in recent times and it still made 125 crore (indicine has confirmed this) NOT 112 crore so SRK worst film made more than Sallu film Ready (120 crore) which came in same year. Then JTHJ was a movie for the classes and it had clash with SOS which affected collections but still it grossed over 100 crore (101 crore BOI or 120 crore producer figure). Don 2 was a great film, far superior to ANY Salman action movie, but it was made for the classes by class director Farhan but still did 112 crore. However anytime ur bhaijan acts in a movie outside of masala eg. veer, london dream, yuraaj, mamk, gtgh, heroes,salman e iishq,babul etc. he gives flop and disaster class movies. SRK class/outside masala movies are mostly hits/superhits. Plus Ra One and Don 2 was superhit oversees, JTHJ was blockbuster oversees. All ur bhai class movies are flops oversees. Tell salman to do a class movie like Don 2, MNIK, JTHJ etc. he will give flop movies for sure as usual.

  • @tiger RS bigger than SRK hahahaha. Listen RS is masala director and we know these days masala movies collects most. So if CE did 227 becuz of Rohit then Singham 2 being also a masala movie shud also do at least 227 crore cuz as u said RS is a superstar lol listen moron Rohit shetty released great and well loved movie Singham in 2011 and it did 99 crore but SRK released 1 bad movie Ra One in 2011 and it did 125 crore and one class/great movie in 2011 i.e. Don 2 and it did 112 crore. So both Ra One and Don 2 made more than the most loved movie of 2011 i.e. Singham directed by ur superstar Rohit. Then in 2012 ROhit released another masala with ajay bol bachan which collected 100 crore but SRK released a class movie jthj which gave 101/120 crore with a big clash with SOS. So in both 2011 and 2012 SRK 2 class movies and 1 bad movie beat Rohit 3 popular masala movies. So moron how in the world can u say rohit is bigger than SRK??? hahahha u gave biggest joke of year! SRK is far bigger than Rohit and Ajay as can be seen in 2011 and 2012. Rohit cannot cross 150 crore without SRK, Ajay can only give him up to 139 crore lol

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