Fox Star Studios revealing more of Bang Bang than they should?

In what has been a surprisingly strange strategy, Fox Star Studios have been revealing a lot more of Bang Bang than they should. Just a week before the release of the film, a 3 minute long theatrical trailer was released with plenty of action sequences. However, the ‘theatrical’ trailer was neither screened at cinemas nor on television.

When almost the entire south film industry only release teasers to create curiosity, we wonder what Fox Star was trying to achieve by releasing the trailers so late? The teaser had created enough buzz and the much-awaited film was Hrithik’s first release in almost a year! Enough reason for the audience to queue up in numbers on October 2nd.

Now, Zee have also released the full version of the Bang Bang title track less than 3 days before the theatrical release of the film.

Below, we have all the recently released videos. Watch them if you must, else wait for the big screen experience as the film releases in theatres on 4500 screens worldwide on October 2nd.

Bang Bang Title Song – Full version

Making of the F1 Racing Scene

Rajveer Nanda – Mentally Unstable

“Mehfooz Jagah…” – BANG BANG!

Tum Kuch Nahi Jaanti – BANG BANG



  • releasing the Bang Bang trailer just a couple of weeks before the movie release was definitely a very bad move .. cause with the kinda craze the 50 seconds teaser had created .. the trailer was a huge let down.
    if Bang Bang’s opening is mediocre .. the marketing team will be hugely responsible for it.

  • i think its really a nice strategy to attract audience .. Now just wait for uff song launch and promo of villain in bang bang

    • Those who have been asking on Twitter and here in the comments section. Advance booking report of Bang Bang will be out tomorrow morning or late in the evening today. BO Prediction later today for sure.

  • And all the dialogue promo are taken of bang bang sneak peak or trailer .. So i dont think they reveal a lot about bang bang ..

  • Bad Idea!! They said “less is more” but here, they are showing more. They are showing the scenes which the cream of the crop of the film. Hence, I feel there will remain hardly anything in the movie unless the movie is extraordinary throughout!!

  • Salman ke film ke gane se churae gaya film ka name BANG BANG….lol.

    SRK ke romance karne ke style churae geya romantic scenes.

    Aamir ki thara promotional strategy copy kya geya promotion.

    Tom Cruise se churae geya uski film.

    Jane hoga kya.

  • But nothing is new here in this , same thing is getting repeated all teh time. Releasing a full song is not a big deal and it will only help the movie. Regarding the Diaglogue promo , they are almost similar from the trailer . Is you count everything together you will realize it is just 2 min of movie. And I request you plz dont post negative things just before release. Let movie release then you can criticize as much you can and plz dont delete this message.

  • @indicine, what do you mean by stating that Bang bang is Hritik’s release after more than one and half years, did you forget krish3, that was released last diwali, so it is not even a year. PLEASE do not post incorrect information. Also as far as releasing the trailer so late is concerned, I am 100% sure that promoters of bang bang are worried about Haider, which is gaining popularity day by day in all respects be it content, music or marketing strategy. Mark my words Haider is lambi race ka ghoda

  • @indicine, it’s not been one and a half years since hrithiks last film as k3 released during Diwali last year. As far as the marketing is concerned, I feel that the teaser and the songs created excellent hype and there was no need to release the full length trailer as it gives away more thereby leaving a little less for the audience when they actually go watch the movie. And indicine, could u give us the screen count of bang bang and haider in India and overseas? I personally don’t think haider will affect bang bang much but u would probably know better. So, please do tell us how much of an effect will haider have in bang bang. But I don’t it will have as much of an effect as sos had on jthj. Anyway, booked my tickets for the first day. Hope the film is amazing!!

  • I laugh at those who r saying bang bang team hv released too much of footage from the team hv marketed the film brilliantly and its evident with the huge adv booking it is recording.if u hv doubt,go nd check to get the shock of ur life

  • Well I don’t think so. As you said the trailer is neither screened in cinemas nor seen on TV. It was even released as sneak peek not trailer. And it was not even promoted any where. In short it was just for the hard core fans not for general viewers. So I don’t think it have revealed anything. And coming to the teasers – they have justified their name as they don’t reveal anything apart from showing just a glimpse of action sequences or romance. So I guess the teasing part is done perfectly. And coming to Bang Bang title track – well its obvious that song is gonna be in end credits which many skips or in many cinemas its not even shown – so it makes sense to release it before hand.

  • I personally don’t think @ Indicine that Fox Star has revealed too much about Bang Bang . Because the teaser was released in July and then the songs . So people were expecting that the trailer should have come early . Later people thought that there would be no trailer but Fox Star surprised everybody and released the trailer one week before the release . This was done for people who thought that Bang Bang only has action but the trailer reveals it has Romance, Suspense with a bit if Comedy . The most important point is that Bang Bang has not been promoted in Television so much apart from the opening match of CLT20 . These dialogue promos have been released to generate curiosity among the viewers . I am eagerly waiting for the Box Office Prediction and also the Advance Booking Report . @ Indicine Please post the article that Bang Bang will get the highest no. Of screens in India and will be released in 50 Countries .

  • I think the either the trailer should have been out or the 3 dialogue promos…but still not much is revealed in terms of the storyline whatsoever…

  • @kingshuk Bhattacharya…
    Reply to 4 points u gave..

    1) Agreed, Pyaar kiya toh Darna kya title is copied from Mughal-e-Azam Song….

    2) Totally 👎… Not even a single Frame (forget scenes) looks copied from any SRKs movies…

    3) Partially agreed, Amir was busy thats y he didn’t came to any shows but was thoroughly promoted by Salman on big boss.. Moreover Amir khan’s strategy of Talking Standees in theatres for PK is copied from Racegurram film…

    4) Film ko churaya tab kehte hai jab u remake it without buying rights… Hrithik has done two Remakes & both of them are Official remakes (They had the rights)…

    You are the Runner up for The Worst Indicine User Award just behind Romu new year…
    Keep going… You may overtake him soon… ;)

  • Its true that trailer isn’t perfect as teaser but it was very important to release the trailer lest the fans would be dissapoint because they were waiting for and so was i.
    Anyhow i am going to book the ticket i have been waiting for this masterpiece for so long.

  • Agreed with Marauder. Title track must be in end credit which is only showcase of hr dancing skill and may not be the part of script and people dosent like to watch in cinema once movie get over so most of the people will watch on YouTube until movie release. And I don’t think so fox have revealed much. In trailer they kept same what we saw in teaser coupled with few extra scene only to refresh their teaser,s hype.

  • Hadh h yarr
    Some people are disliking the simple question asked to indicine
    what was in that comment that people are disliking it
    It means that they don’t want bang bang to get more screen
    This is Height of insecurity
    But aisa karne se kuch nahi hone wala
    IF HRITHIK is best in Bollywood then he may score equal or more with lesser no of screens
    Wait and watch

  • it doesnt matter to reveal 10 minutes out of 150 min movie. whats wrong with you indicine. look at haider. they revealed there whole movie. why are you against hrithik

  • Bang BANG All The Wait .. Oct2 Come Fast ! Movie Looking Very Grand .


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