Aamir Khan with his mother at Vidhu Vinod Chopra studio: Photos

A dashing looking Aamir Khan was at the Vidhu Vinod Chopra studio with his mother Zeenat Hussain on Monday. The superstar awaits the release of his film ‘P.K’ which has been co-produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra films.

Check out the photos.

Location: Vidhu Vinod Chopra Studio in Mumbai

Aamir Khan snapped with his mother at Vidhu Vinod Chopra studio

Aamir Khan snapped with his mother at Vidhu Vinod Chopra studio

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan snapped at Vidhu Vinod Chopra studio

Aamir Khan snapped at Vidhu Vinod Chopra studio

Zeenat Hussain

Zeenat Hussain

Zeenat Hussain with Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Zeenat Hussain with Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Aamir Khan at Vidhu Vinod Chopra studio

Aamir Khan at Vidhu Vinod Chopra studio



  • Our Mr. PerFAKEtionist Ameer khan is nothing without VVC.waiting for PK,there are Raju Hirani,Sushanta,Anushka.so,it will do good bizz at Boxoffice.otherwise,everyone knows the result of Dhobi ghat and khelein hum jee jaan sey.

  • This October:

    Aamir brings you SMJ. Enlightening Public.

    SRK brings you HNY. Torturing Public.

    Same Month 2 Khans. 2 different gestures.

  • @lungi ghat dont dare to speak against the legend of Bolywood Aamir Khan. Only person in Bollywood History with 2 back to back ATBBs. He doesnt stick to any genre or production house like Srk or Sajid Khan.
    His 4 ATBBs:
    RH, Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Dhoom 3
    All four from
    different production houses,
    different star cast (no repetition),
    different genres.

  • Dashing Aamir Khan as always!! Waiting for PK, one of the biggest movie of the decade!!

    On one hand, Salman is promoting HNY. On the other hand, skeleton kings PR team is attacking Salman’s image as a marketing tool to give limelight on HNY and SRK’s abs by spreading fake and morphed photo of Salman’s physique!! Such a cheap and arrogant person.

    -SRK at his sheer arrogance and malice again: He Calls Aamir Half Actor

    With Happy New Year nearing release, Shahrukh Khan is leaving no stone unturned to promote the Farah Khan multi-starrer. King Khan who was in Vancouver for Slam! The Tour on Saturday along with the entire team of Happy New Year, took on Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan and called him ‘Aadha Actor’.

    As singer-composer Yo Yo Honey Singh missed the tour because of some injury (really?), the organisers changed the format of the concert. The entire cast was requested to sing any song on stage. Boman Irani, who is part of Happy New Year, chose to Give Me Some Sunshine from 3 Idiots. Irani played the role of Prefessor Viru Sahastrabudhe in the Raj Kumar Hirani film. As soon as he finished the song, Shahrukh Khan asked Boman Irani the name of the movie from which the song was. Boman innocently replied ’3 Idiots’.

    Shahrukh Khan next asked Irani the name of the lead actor in the movie. Boman mimicked Shahrukh from Happy New Year’s trailer, rubbing his fingers through his lips blabbering Aamir Khan’s name. When Shahrukh Khan told him to say clearly, Boman screamed Aamir Khan. This is when Shahrukh Khan used the derogatory term for Aamir Khan.

    “Itne Bade Bade Stars Stage Pe Khade Hai, Yeh Aadhe Hero Ka Song Kyun Gaaya?” (There are so many renowned celebs on stage, why you chose to sing a song of a ‘Half-Actor’)

    The comment was in a really bad taste even if it was intended to be funny. But this is not the first time that Shahrukh Khan has said something against Aamir Khan. Both the actors have been involved in a similar war of words in the past. He even made fun of Aamir Khan for giving Indian award shows a miss and attending the Oscars. Recently Shahrukh made fun of the first PK poster starring Aamir Khan.

    Everyone is aware about the rivalry between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan and also know how close Salman Khan is to Aamir Khan. Is Shahrukh Khan feeling insecure after the success of Salman Khan’s Kick? It would be interesting to see if Aamir Khan comes up with a reply for this ‘Pura-Actor’ (Full Actor) Shahrukh Khan (Pun Intended!)

    -SRK Blowing his Own Horns Again: Sheer Ghamand

    King Khan is on a tour currently to promote his forth-coming Happy New Year. And when names like Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani and most importantly Farah Khan are associated with the film, then you can expect nothing less than an entertaining movie.

    But SRK has even worked in off-beat movies and this is what he feels about them, “What is an off-beat film? You put me in an off-beat film and it will become on-beat. Like Chak De! India’ was an off-beat film and it did really well money wise. It is the biggest success of my career,”

    As of now, Shah Rukh is very selective about the kind of movies that he wants to do, “I will never do anything that others want me to do. I have enough money, I am a rich star, I am famous and have enough awards. I will do films that make me happy like I did Ra.One’ because my children likes superheroes. My father played hockey so I wanted to do Chak De’. It is important to feel excited about doing what you want to,” he said……

  • @dhobi ghat, when did khele hum jee jaan se bcm a Aamir movie? This shows the level of intelactuality of srk nd his fans.

  • personally I like Amir the way he managed his career and his personal life.
    he is really good role model for everyone.
    all the best Amir.

  • Aadha actor comment from SRK is completely uncalled for….

    @indicine: There have been reports that PK trailer has been cleared by the censor board. When is it expected to be launched? I thought it was going to be released ahead of the coming long weekend along with the big films releasing?

  • @anand dont worry the reason he called him aadha is he is having aadha Blockbusters (4 vs 8) and less than aadha hits (10 vs 26)

  • Aamir is looking superb in this new look
    @Dhobi Ghat Satyamev jayate is starting again from this Sunday.Dekhna Zaroor.

  • Hey Indicine , everytime i post a comment on Aamir Khan, you dont publish it. But if the others scold and say everything about SRK, you do publish it. Double standards indicine? Is the administrator a die hard Aamir fan? If i post Tingu, you dont post it, if others say that, you post it. I am beginning to feel a hatred about this and Indicine.

  • Aamot looks like a 50 years guy with good maintanance should like. All older stars look like that without make up. But we hardly see aamir without makeup so its bit unusual. Anyhow, interesting thing is aamir’s hair transplant is very much visiable with those perfect hair line. Unlike salman’s transplant which is badly done.

  • @Ajay Rocks:how u think Aamir managed his personal life…he divorced his first wife..do u think his personal life is good…only SRK’s pesonal life is exellent…not any other have..u can see Aamir, Hritik, Salman..but somehow Aamir managed his career

  • He looks handsome n has that Tom Cruise from Collateral movie kind of dark grey shade look going on…its different n definitely funky… Keep rocking Aamir

  • Fake hair, botoxed face. Wannabe Hulk. Using mother for publicity. Nothing can change image of this womanising credit chor who even tried to prove his own brother mad and disowned his baby. PerFAKEtionist Khan!

  • amir article and as always some insecure bhai fans and so called amir fans talking about SRK.
    lol can easily feel their imbecile behaviour. ha ha
    @indicine: really when people speak rubbish and foul mouth SRK u publish their comments. but when we try to defend u either dont publish it at all or u cut and choose and publish!!!!
    double standards ah???

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