Udit Narayan’s wives cordial to eachother

Udit Narayan’s wives were nice to eachother and giggling together. His first wife Ranjana Jha and current second wife Deepa came face-to-face but both behaved completely modest. Hard to belive isnt it.

On Friday, when Udit and Deepa were in Patna for the release of their Bhojpuri production, Ranjana came to meet Deepa.

The two ladies seemed to bond, exchanging giggles and examining each others’ jewellery. Deepa even kissed Ranjana’s cheeks at the airport, before she left for Mumbai with Udit.

When contacted on Saturday, Udit said, “Yes, Deepa met that lady (Ranjana). The lady came to meet us. And we met her very nicely. Deepa met her cordially. People who expected fireworks between the two were disappointed. After I went to the State Commission For Women and said and did what I had to, when I have agreed to a monthly stipend for her sustenance, why should there be any stress between the two women? Or any controversies?” he says.

Lately the singer has been sharing the small screen with his son Aditya. While Papa Udit hosts Indian Idol on Sony, son Aditya anchors Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on the neighbouring channel. Narayan says, “I never thought we’d both be exploring a new medium at the same time. But look at destiny. I had an offer from Indian Idol for a year. But my temperament doesn’t allow me to be harsh to the contestants. For Anu Malik, it’s the third season. I’m new to this and very shy of hitting out at contestants.”

Udit frankly admits his singing career in Mumbai is on a down-swing. “Although I’ve sung in 30 languages my career in Hindi singing dipped after the scandal (involving two wives). Before that scandal I was seen to be as blameless as Mohd Rafisaab used to be. Suddenly people became suspicious of me. But that’s over and done with. I also think people want to hear new singers. They’ve been hearing me for 20 years,” he says.

Udit has plans of taking his new Bhojpuri film Kab Kahaba Tu I Love You to Cannes! “We’re in talks. We should be submitting it in Cannes. This would be the first Bhojpuri film to go to Cannes. My first Bhojpuri film Kab Houwe Gauna Hamaar was the first film in that language to be shot in Mauritius. My second Bhojpuri film is the first to be shot in Darjeeling,” he adds.

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