Tum Mile Movie Review

Set against the backdrop of the Mumbai floods on July 26th 2005, Tum Mile is a love story directed by Kunal Deshmukh of Jannat fame. The movie stars Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan in lead roles and like most Vishesh produced films, Tum Mile has blockbuster music by Pritam.  Touted as Hashmi’s most expensive film to date, the expectations are high from the Bhatt – Emraan combo. Do they deliver?

26th July 2005 – the day when the city of Mumbai came to a standstill and close to 1000 people died in the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the city for a 24 hour period. But amidst the tragedy, it reunited 2 ex-lovers.  The movie is about Akshay (Emraan Hashmi) and Sanjana (Soha Ali Khan), who are opposites in every possible way. While Akshay is a struggler from a middle class family, Sanjana is passionate about her work and is the daughter of a filthy rich industrialist. The two, who once shared a lovely relationship together, meet up on a flight back to Mumbai on the fateful night. But what begins as a routine flight back turns into one of the most eventful and unforgettable days of their lives.

Tum Mile Review

Why Tum Mile is a highly recommended watch this weekend

  • Its been long since we witnessed a well-executed love story and Kunal Deskmukh with Tum Mile excels as a story teller. The romance is real, effective and extremely engrossing.
  • The downpour, the whole setting of the floods and the rains that lashed Mumbai on 26/7 effectively casts a spell on the viewer. The fear, the ruthlessness of nature is very well captured.
  • The chemistry between Emraan and Soha adds immense value to the film. While the romantic sequences in Cape Town, have that seen-many-times-before feeling, its their sparkling chemistry that works.
  • Emraan Hashmi puts across yet another fabulous performance. Here is an actor who deserves much more, yet sadly under-rated. In his very own words he seems “destined not to do movies outside the Bhatt camp”.
  • Soha Ali Khan excels in every scene and delivers a very mature performance.
  • Pritam’s music blends beautifully into Tum Mile, very situational and melodious. The title track and Dil Ibadat stand out.
  • Dialogues are straight out of any couples lives. Nothing filmy, nothing unreal and to the point.
  • Cinematography is fantastic. Cape Town, South Africa has been beautifully captured and so are the flood scenes.

Negatives, not much really

  • More of struck-in-the-rain sequences would have been better. The director instead opts for far too many flashbacks both in the first and second half.
  • Tragic scenes involving side actors are at times exaggerated. Unnecessary to be frank.

Overall, Tum Mile works mainly due to Kunal Deshmukh’s direction, good special effects, fantastic music and great performances by both Emraan and Soha.


Rating: ★★★½☆



  • well…..he is the actor to watch our for in the near futureeee…..beware khans…emraan is cominggggg….bt he is always under rateddddddd………he came in 2004…..nd he has a number of hits to his name…yet he is under rated…..bt after this film….he will b among the top stars……

  • thx indicine that u gave a positive review abt this mvoie even taran also liked it but he gave 3 stars i think this movie will work coz single relase ( i dont feel that aao wish karien is a movie it is a damn bulshit so dont need to think about compitition with aao wish karien) and ranbir mania ajab ghazab will be finish in this week coz emraan will kick out ranbir this week i am damn sure.
    astrologist bhavikk said tum mile would be hit according to his prediction .
    indicine team:
    wht do u think abt business of this movie can it get 15 cr in weekend and 20-22 cr in 1st week coz according to u 20-25 cr is enough for hit status.

  • INDICINE TEAM-GREAT review as always guys.went by ur positive review and loved the movie though i wished movie to be little more fast paced and dramatic..but neverthless a gud watch…READERS WATCH IT FOR SUM NICE MUSIC,DECENT LOVE STORY AND FANTASTIC PERFORMANCES BY SOHA ALI KHAN AND EMRAAN..DON’t miss dis one for anythin…and try watching jail as well notches above ajab prem..take care ppl and indicine team..;)

  • himmmmmmmmm…….emran is back to rock…….this time soha is helpin him…..that’s very nice

    anyway thank u indiocine for good reviews…..i am planin to go on sunday……

  • Ya emran is better than so called media made abhishek john imran ..giving solo hits consistently..hd is definate no 7 along wid ranbir in my list.

  • Hi Guys,

    I went to watch 2012 on thursday but tickets were sold out So I moved to
    “Tum Mile……”

    Great Movie…

    Indicine Team,
    Very Good Review…

    Don’t miss, Go for it for…
    1. Kunal Deshmukh’s Direction,
    2. Fantastic Music
    3. Emraan and Soha performances…

    Romance is real, effective and extremely engrossing.

  • After jannat, it was clear cut indication that imran knows acting n cn do sensible films as well. Tum mile supports the prophecies n indications made after jannat.
    Its realy worth a watch as it is governed by stupendous performances by imran n soha. The fury of the disaster has been well filmed n at times touches ur heart.
    Soha nt only looks cute but delivers the best.
    If u think that this movie with imran as serial kisser, kissing soha is like his previous flicks barring jannat, u r wrong. Just go 4 it , no chances that u wil b dissapointed. Moreover they r some eternal love moments which look just mindblowingly real.
    Music is simply Superb. Pritam rocks as usual.
    If u r nt watching tum mile rather going 4 armageddon sort of movies lyk 2012, u r missing imran’s best work til date. Its no exaggeration. Watch out urself.
    Thanx to indicine team 4 a flawless review. Yo indicine !

  • Glad about the review.
    I bought the soundtrack (unusual for me as I tend to download individual songs) as thre was so much I liked among it. It hasnt wearied with many listenings.
    I like the look of it and sound of the plot too.
    Have decided I’ll buy it (legally) on DVD

  • I will watch it in cinema for 2 reasons:

    1) Imran Hashimi is a very good actor.. I didn’t like him in his debute movie and some other movies followed this one.. as he was playing as a lover boy only, but I liked him after watching Jannat.. so here we go.. I will see it for him.

    2) for the songs.. the title song Tum Mile is very nice and the melody reminds me of Nazia Hasan.. the pakistani singer in 70’s or 80’s.. can’t remember exactly, and Tuhi Haqeekat is nice too.

    but.. I wished if the actress wasn’t Soha.. I don’t like her.. honestly.. I can’t consider her as a heroine in the leading role.. she’s talented.. I saw her acting in Rang de Basanti but she lacks many things in her look.. actually she needs a plastic sugery for her face.. to look better on screen and to be acceptable by the audience.

  • Awsum movie.thanx indicine..best site ..bollybusiness is pathetic..emran is now no8..1st srk 2 aamir 3 akshay 4 hr 5 bhai 6 saif 7 ranbir 8emran 9 shahid 10 abhay deol

  • @fathiya mam

    mam i dont agree wid u. Lyk u said, soha doesnt look gud n needs to have a plastic surgery. The fact is that She is gorgeous n accepted by the audience as well.

  • Saurabh: sorry if I hurt yr feelings.. but that’s the way I see her.. she’s not cute, or loveable like her brother Saif or her mother Sharmila Tagour.. her mom was my favourite actress in the past.

  • it is very obvious that the movie is inspired by the day after tomorrow tidal wave sequence .. even the plane going into the clouds is copied from the movie ..any bit of copying is not acceptable by us .. the movie is a big drag ignore this movie wholeheartedly

  • also forgot to add soha ali is not attractive at all she has very tight facial expressions and the body languge is very raw.. imraan sleepwalks through the entire movie and flashbacks are not consistent… not goos trust me.. a waste of time and money ..please do not visit the theatres.. hear the songsa on your ipod ar on fm radio

  • this is the second worst movie of the year right beside ranbirs prem kahani only this is worse ..slow and pathetic needless meandering ..jannat was a fluke this one is real ..bogus

  • Amit Singhania: it’s not only her nose.. well if I was a seargon and wanted to give her a beautiful face.. I’d change her face shape, specially her chin, it’s really in a bad shape as if she had a car accident or got injured in some accidents!! the lips are so tiny and the nose is big.. when u see Soha’s shadow from one side, u don’t feel it’s a female face.. it’s like the face of the evil woman in Snow white cartoon! she really needs to go thru some plastic surgery.. actually she should’ve worked on her beauty.. on her face before she joined bollywood.. to look better on the screen.. and not to show off her body on some men’s magazines!!

  • why they copied from THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW remains a mystery!!! the indicine team can put some light on this matter perhaps…yes soha ali looks like a drag ..neither he nor she… noone can fall in love with such unattractive woman forget the onscreen characters ..real life ones too will run away from her

  • Tum Mile grossed an approx 8 crore nett over its first weekend. The approx breakdown was 2.50 crore on Friday, 2 crore on Saturday and 3.50 crore on Sunday.
    The film after a fairly good start on Friday could not really capitalise on Saturday and Sunday as both days had figures lower than they should have been.
    Overall the first week will probably see collections in the 11-12 crore region and could be an average runner if it can hang around at the theatres after its first week.

  • Movie is gud bt i don’t think it will not survive next week because of its tough competition with Karan johar’s KURBAAN. Don’t u agree?

  • fir hit stauts to tum mile it should reach till 20 cr , so 8 cr done rest 4 days add 4 cr coz sunday closed on 3.5 cr so 1st week 12 cr.
    2nd weekend add 3 cr more and rest for days 3 cr so 2nd week 17 cr
    rest of life 3 cr
    so it can reach till 20 cr i m hopeful coz movie has good comments and good report.

  • i love imran hashimi, da movie i dam good i liked it and i request 2 all my friendz 2 watch dis movie [TUM MILE]

  • Wow….the movie review of this film’s sounds very interesting. So M gonna watch this movie.Hey Megha, watch out? it’s not the way u should write about Soha. Her beauty is a god gifted and she is the most beautiful upcoming actor in this bollywood.

    Soha this is for u…..” In life, if u’r doing the right thing, walk with ur head held high, though there’ll be a lot of Dogs barking, let them bark as they are meant to….”..

  • lovely my ………..badluck ………………cz indian viewers just want entertainment….they dont want to understand story

  • The movie is an absolute drag. Hashmi is a try-hard. Its obvious that he got into the movie by sucking his uncles d!ck. why do they even bother making a movie when the story line is blatantly copied, and the acting cast is 3rd grade.
    this movie is a total waste of time and money

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