Box office verdict – London Dreams, Jail

Jail promoted mainly as critically acclaimed director Madhur Bhandarkar’s film, has strangely been rejected by the audience in India and overseas. Like every other Bhandarkar directed film, Jail started off slow on Friday, but was expected to pick up during the weekend. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Reason?

  • Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani completely out shined Jail with blockbuster collections both during weekend and weekdays.
  • The movie opened to mixed reactions with family audiences staying away and instead preferring a typical Bollywood entertainer that released alongside. We guess the second half was too hard to digest for the ‘masala-loving’ people of India.

Any hopes of the film picking up in Week 2? Unlikely, if Day 8 (second Friday) collections are anything to go by. Also Tum Mile has opened to good numbers and the Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Wave is still strong all over the country. With back to back biggies in the coming weeks – Kurbaan and De Dana Dan – Jail should be out of most theaters by the end of Week 2.

Jail Box office verdict – FLOP

Now coming to the big budget London Dreams, the business is extremely disappointing to say the very least. The movie opened to all-India collections of 23 crores in Week 1 and Week 2 numbers are poor – about 7 crores. With positive reviews and word of mouth, LD was expected to do better – much better.. ?

  • The first week collections were crucial. With 2 releases in Week 2 to compete against, it was never going to be easy. We think the release of two Salman Khan films 2 weeks apart (Main Aur Mrs Khanna released on October 16th) affected Week 1 collections. A month apart, bare minimum, would have been ideal for LD.
  • The disastrous business of Main Aur Mrs Khanna, a movie also targeted at the family audience, also didn’t help.
  • Like Jail, London Dreams was hit by the Ajab wave. The movie lost theaters in single screens and several shows at multiplexes in Week 2. From close to 13 shows everyday at several multiplexes in metros, LD was reduced to 2 – 3 shows in its second weekend.

Taken off several screens in Week 3, Salman Khan has his second flop in as many weeks. Its his last release this year, he returns with Veer early next year.

London Dreams Box office verdict – FLOP



  • 1.If Katrina’s role hadn’t been chopped off in bachna ae haseeno,may be even that movie would have been a superhit as it was a better film than APKGK.Katrina ensures boxoffice success except yuvraaj which shows that every male actor is inclined to work with her to pep up his success ratio?Do u agree with my observation?

  • Not exactly. Katrina was lucky to have 3 releases with Akshay Kumar during his ‘purple patch’. Without Akshay its hard to imagine Katrina being close to as popular as she is right now.

    Here HIT films from 2007

    – Namastey London (Akshay)
    – Partner (Salman)
    – Welcome (Akshay)
    – Singh Is King (Akshay)
    – Race (Saif)
    – New York (John)
    – Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (Ranbir)

    Most of her HITs have been with Akshay. It would be wrong to say even her special appearance would ensure a box office success. Katrina was a part of BLUE, but it didn’t do too well, did it?

  • Got to agree though, that her success ratio in the last 2 years is comparable to the likes of Hrithik, Aamir and SRK!!

  • IF De dana dan movie going to be hit then she will have another Hit!!!!!!!

    London dreams was good movie…unfortunately bad timing of the released…And On sunday of its first weekend Cricket match affect its collection too
    From the interview of many co-star of movie de dana dan!!!they say tht movie have never seen before climax seen…i mean new type of climax comedy scene!!which will be interesting because in many comedy movie we see same old typical type of ending!!!Hope Climax n Whole movie is good despite First promo looks avg

  • Jail looked bleak and depressing and not a fun time out. London Dreams had more potential but I found the music a bit flat.

  • Indicine Team “always” saying and explaining the reasons for some movies that could not do well at the box office.. a serious movie like Jail which ofcourse won’t entertain the audience, comes in the same week of releasing some entertaining movies.. so.. why should we bother about the collection? if a movie is critically acclaimed ( like the movie Zubeida which was one of Karishma’s best movies.. without any flaws..with a very good story, dialague & direction, with good performance by Karishma & Rekha).. so let the box office go to hell.. we’re here to judge any movie from a-z and just to say our opinion.. if it’s a good movie and worth watching it or not.. why should we give ourselves a headache thinking how much the movie grossed.. how much it did or it didn’t!! does it really matter to people?! I mean.. if u guys watched the movie Jail and found it a good deserving movie.. so why should u bother about ppl who didn’t? I always go to cinema with my sister and my niece and they both love entertaining movies.. so when I asked them yesterdays: Do you want to see the movie Jail with me tomorrow? they both answered: No.. for sure it won’t be an entertaining movie.. it’s about a prisoner.. that’s what they replied.
    So.. that doesn’t make a movie bad.. some ppl love serious ( like I do) and some ppl don’t.. that’s the way people are in fact.

    With me.. I’m planning to watch Jail today and I’m sure it’s a good movie.. if I enter the cinema and see noone there except me.. I’d appreciate the audience because I will see the movie, enjoy it, and I will not be surrounded with ppl on my right or on my left or a big fat tall man would be sitting on the raw ahead and covering for me the screen.. so I’d appreciate that.. to be alone in cinema with only few ppl around!

  • @ Indice Team
    Kat delivered a flop wid Akshay wid HDKG
    her first real success came wid Salman MPKK. i know it wasnt a hit but it waz dis film dat got her noticed and her association wid Salman. FACT.

  • indicine:
    in partner , katrina was with Govinda not with sallu uncle even he did only 2 sceens together in hole movie one is song dupppata tera 9 rung da and 2nd climax sceen on boat . then how can u write sallu uncle’s name ?
    what about Tum mile coz taran said it took fantastic start and it is 3rd movie in a raw of emraan after jannat and raaz that took good start and hopefully this one is also hit as astrologist bhavikk already said that it is smash hit. November may be fantastic yaer for bollywoof coz ajab ghazab and now tum mile both are rocking and i am very much hope ful with last 2 releases as bhavikk said that Kurbaan is also hit . let see wht will happened
    Fathiya :
    welcome back long time no see were u busy we all missed u alot. wht is ur plan abt tum mile ?
    i got DVD and now i m watching coz tum mile didnt release in sydney so i hv to watch dvd.

  • Katrina’s films only work mostly when Akshay is there.
    APKGK became a hit ONLY because of the songs and the performance of Ranbir Kapoor.
    When I saw APKGK yesterday I was vry depressed.It was kind of boring and the story was weak.The best thing I like in this film was Ranbir Kapoor’s performance.

  • nauman:Donot go for the prediction made by any one!!!!That guy predicted Wanted will be avg and Dil bole hadippa will be hit!!!What happen?????Wanted Superhit n Dil bole haddipa below avg……..Many similar case can be said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nauman: thanks for your good feeling brother.. yeah.. I’ve been busy this week coz I’m planning for my holiday.. Eid holiday, so I was busy on websites and calling travel agencies.. but I posted some comments on some pages.

    I watched Jail today.. a very good movie.. if u didn’t see it then goahead.. watch it.. you’ll not regret it.




  • Ohh habib ..goochu!

    its not salam namastey (Katrina)…..its namaste London.
    Dyaan kidar rehta hai tera movie dekhte waqt…lol

  • how apkgk can be a hit???? it didnt entertain me and my friend…. and we are the actual connoisseur of cinema .. if we like such old ghisa pita salad one day we will have bad digestion disorder..therfore we vomoitted it out after wasting our money but thankfully on a single screen so not much money went into the maklers pocket

    Its realy sad dat Ld is a flop. I wonder if asin’s career wil b affected by dis? Wat r some of her upcoming movies

  • so the prah ..prah prah ..bytes didnt save the movie????? what apity was said in avery naivette way by our dear salman…thank god prem kahani is a flop too otherwise people would have said why that atrocious movie is a hit when the prah movie has flopped ..only collections differ

  • l-dreams is gd film,music was excellent,sallu n’t dg wl jt lk an idiot on ths film,ajay wow superb, his jealous i thk he will nominate for best villain n All the best best comedy…compare n apkgk..?

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