Tubelight Friday Collection Update

With just the late-night shows to go, Salman Khan’s Tubelight is looking at below-average numbers on the first day. The film could fall below the 20 crore mark on Friday, because so far the collections (not occupancy) are only slightly better than a film like Jai Ho which released more than 3 and a half years ago.

The collections are also significantly lower than Salman’s other ‘pre-Eid’ releases like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Kick. The film was pretty much a washout at single-screens when compared to the high standards that the superstar has set over the years. The occupancy at several theatres was less than 50% of Salman’s 2016 Eid release ‘Sultan’.

For example, at single-screen in the North (5 shows), Sultan collected Rs 93,380, Bajrangi Bhaijaan collected Rs 76,630, while Tubelight has only collected around 44,200 at the end of the night show. Multiplexes were equally poor when compared to other ‘event’ films in recent times.

If the first day total does indeed fall below the 20 crore mark, the last hope for even a face-saving lifetime total would be the Eid holiday. When the opening disappoints, the only thing that can save films is word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, the reports are mixed to negative, so it remains to be seen where the film goes from here.

The reasons for the film receiving a lukewarm response on the opening day are several. The trailer simply did not generate interest like most Salman films do (we mentioned this time and again in our articles). One song (Radio) worked, but it was nowhere close to some of the chartbusters that we’ve had during Eid.

The pre-release reports weren’t very positive either. When the makers decided to cut almost 15 minutes of the film at the very last moment, it was a clear hint that they weren’t too happy with the way the film had shaped up.



  • Indicine indirecly writing of the movie..might be first flop of salman ..after dream run ..that shows how trailer important for movies..

  • Mashah Allah Salman Khan Complete His 50th Flop….. Credit gouse To Lejhand Sohail Khan respect…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹

  • @Indicine FBO: Tubelight had a very low profile buzz with poor response to trailer and music, but Indicine buzz meter rating 9. Day 1 prediction by Indicine 28.5cr, actual collection below 20cr with 4500+ screens.
    Whereas Raees had an unprecedented buzz with tremendous response to trailer and music shattering all previous youtube records, but Indicine buzz meter rating 8. Day 1 collection 20.5cr with 2700 screens with bumper occupancy.
    Actual buzz for Raees was 9, and for tubelight was 6.
    That’s not enough. Having day 1 prediction of 20cr JHMS. But actual collection will be more than 30cr.

    Get a life Indicine. Stop making fun of yourself. Lifetime collections are dependent on content. but buzz and opening are dependent on star power.

  • salman fans ???????? kya huwa ?? ghamand toota ?? ur megastar is competing with akki now with opening collection..and u compare him with king khan who gave 21cr on first day with clash and nonfestive period… baap baap hotaa hai..!

  • wom is negative to mixed and the opening is much below the mark tubelight will struggle very much at box office surely this the worst days for salman fans

  • @Indicine I check your twitter today but didn’t see link of your LBO for Tubelight while it was posted to you for Dangal. Salman is Pan India superstar who is bigger than film than why his film not opened above 30cr on Pre EiD whether It was kick, bb forget Tube light.
    Comparing A wrestling action movie where lead actor doing all action being in center, a love story with A list actress, A banner like YRF, Chartbusters like Baby ko base, Jag Ghumeya, Title track even 440volt was quite popular and partial holiday with a movie like Dangal which have only a well received trailer at behind with two hit song like haanikark bapu & Dhaakad. Ab phat gayi. Dikh gayi opening when going on noncommercial different zone.
    In Dangal Aamir don’t even having action on central stage, its all her daughters who all are new comers and not glamorous eye candy for love story. Remember CDI a time When SRK at top, had chartbuster song title track behind still opened poorly. 13th on highest single day of 2007. Remember? Bachcho Ka khel nahi h. Next time remember how and which kind of movies score before jumping to please Salman or srk fans bases.
    Nikal gayi hawa. 300cr for tubelight. Jala le ise .

  • In last two year we all have one film of each Khan in which they doing some non-masala content at least it looked from trailer. Now look at the opening of the film where film opening lies solely on them and not other factors like preety heroine / popular actresses, chartbuster music and big director.
    First released Fan – which was mid April release (I can’t say bad time to release movie as TZB did 187cr in that period), released on partial holiday, opened with 35-40% and collected 19cr.
    Then came Dangal which release on Christmas but on non-holiday, demonetization was a factor there as well. Opening – 55-60% where screen count is 800 more than Fan as well, Opening day – 29.78 all version
    Now tubelight though here director factor is there as Salman-Kabir combo has great combination but Pre-EID factor compensate the Director advantage. Opening -35%, first day -19.5-21cr
    Result is there that who command the more brand value on real terms. Its Aamir that’s why he has Dhoom 3,Dangal,PK as top non-holiday openers and he also achieved highest single day ever with each of three films on their first 3 days. D3 (1st & 3rd day highest ever), Dangal & PK had highest single day ever on first Sunday as well.
    Now you will know what is opening when TOH release on Diwali

  • Now coming back to Tubelight. Salman & Kabir Khan did the same mistake which Srk & Rohit shetty did after CE success. Comeback with a project similar to Bajrangi Bhaijaan USP and fall flat. The distributer price is so high that tube light is a box office flop perception wise. Srk – Rohit did the same with Dilwale but at least that movie had commercial integrants and popular music too for create interest and Tube light failed in both department. One was semi-hit, this would be average or flop. Case closed.

  • Sohail khan ki panauti is way bigger than Salman + Eid + Kabir + emotional war drama + sky high expectations post BB + Shahrukh’s cameo…..involve Sohail in any film in any capacity at your own risk !!

  • Unexpected to say the least.

    Such a big movie was expected to open big and then the impact of negative WoM coming into play would have been another matter. But here even the opening has been below par which is surprising for a Salman-Kabir release on Eid. Anyways even if the movie under-performs he is too big a star to be impacted by it.

    Too early to talk about the verdict of movie but a quick glance at the Twitter reactions today showed many SRK and Aamir fans already celebrating the below par opening. This has become a norm. One movie of a star fails and other fan bases start rejoicing. Like what happened when FAN had failed etc etc. Seeing the reactions of the SRK/Aamir fans reminded me of the lyrics of the following famous Amitabh song from DON movie:

    Jis Ka Mujhe Tha Intezaar
    Jis Ke Liye Dil Tha Beqaraar
    Voh Ghadi Aa Gayi Aa Gayi

    For the sake of the industry hoping the movie still does well and is a hit at least.

  • Ok its a first flop movie of salman in 8 years now srk fans will bark like pakistani did when the won the final against india recently. I have encountered a comment also on this page that baap baap hota hai like pakistanis did but everyone. knows the truth that who was baap for the last decade.

  • Only one thing can save this movie is EID other wise so called megastar movie digaster from day one . hahaha to umch fun

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