Tubelight is a beautiful film, Kabir has made it well: Salim Khan

Back in 2015, weeks before ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ was out in theatres – Salman’s father Salim Khan went all out to praise the film, saying it’s a beautiful film that cannot fail.

His words were “It (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) is excellent. There is no doubt about this film. It is absolutely fool proof. I think that this is the best role of Salman till date. It is not one of the best but probably the best one till date”

Two years after ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ became a big success, the duo of Salman Khan and Kabir Khan are ready with their third film.

Once again, it was Kabir Khan who showed the veteran writer the first cut of ‘Tubelight’ which Salim Khan loved and praised.

“I showed him the first cut. He came out of the edit room and without saying a word, gave me a big, tight hug. Need I say more?”

“(Tubelight is a) beautiful film. Kabir has made it well” he added.

Mark the date then. Salman Khan. Kabir Khan. 23 June 2017.



  • I am damn sure that Tubelight will thrash some global gigastars’ highest grosser within its 6-7 days run….!

  • It’ll either revive Sohail Khan’s career or the movie will flop… because Sohail is a real nonsense !..

  • why indicine is behaving like a palwa of salman. If salman goes to bathroom, indicine makes it a headline. Aamir khan recieved Dina Nath mangeshkar award and indicine is behaving like a moron. Stop behaving like a jerk.

  • @12:16pm

    Box office success toh thik hai….. But Salman Khan doesn’t need any fakefare award’s thappa…… So don’t bring any award’s name for Salman Khan.

  • Akki, SRK and Salman make films every year and have a tall filmography. Our dear dedhfootiya khan is afraid of making films in fearing of giving flops. So, he has a tingu filmography just like his stature.

  • Wow!! Superb! I believe in Salim Sir’s words! He is honest and damn true with everything.

  • Can’t wait for this classy plus entertaining film of the year!! Can’t wait to watch its teaser!

  • The crying drama actor fears that if he makes films every like Akki, Salman or SRK, people may not come to see the same serious face — accursed by his own father — in the theatres. He smartly promotes films like Secret Baunastar, TZH or Dhobighat as others’ films and he’s just doing a role in it.
    If a film fails, the blame will be on the head of other casts just like Prateik Babbar. If it succeeds, he’ll take the credits just like TZH or RDB. Such a fake drama queen!!!!!!

  • Our Secret Baunastar can’t afford to make films every year. He’s the laziest actor and most insecure actor who likes to play smart with the image of being a perfaketionist. In fact, the problem is he won’t be able to bring audiences if he makes films every year….

  • I am worried that since its not action masala type movie then will it work on single screen. Can this factor effect tubelight? @indicine




  • @Ankit : You urgently need a treatment. Go and watch GGM & KKH, RMMS you don’t deserve movies like BB.

  • @Shewag-the bhand : You come back after Eid to see the result. Hop u will be alive to see yourself proven wrong !!!!!!!!!

  • @Abhisekh
    Given a right platform and good script Sohai Khan is a good actor, loved his comic timing in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya as Pyaare. Dont be hyper negative
    What’s wrong in this comment?

  • yes kabir made two greatest movie of
    Bollywood ETT and BB but
    his time is over and he will end the
    career of Salman by making nonsense
    movie like Tubligh

  • @sunny mkkiholic

    This garbage movie’s first 4 days collections will be much more than gigastar mkki’s highest grosser. #Mind it.

    BTW, what makes you to blabber on Bhai??? Go and fight with Varun Dhawan fans, you idiot. Cz at this moment Varun Dhawan>>>>>gigastar akki… As Varun’s BKD opening day >>> JLLB2 opening day. BKD lifetime >>>> JLLB2 lifetime……Hahaha

  • @sunny mkkiholic

    Gigastar Akki (although he’s just a 2rs villain in it) is running away from clashes in fear of Ajay Devgn….. Gigastar Akki yet to match Kangna’s stardom by crossing her TWMR’s lifetime collections….. Gigastar Akki yet to match opening of guys like Hrithik, Ranbir, Varun etc…….. And you are daring to blabber nonsenses on Salman Khan…! Daat deta hoon tere himmat ki!

  • Salim saab is veteran writer and if he talks about Tubelight.

    No doubt Blockbuster….

    Even if tubelight manged to get 300 crs the buzz will surely help TZH for 400 crs….

    The numer uno Box office king Mr bhaijaan

  • I dont know why some people classify Sultan with PK BB 3i & Dangal no
    With full respect to Salman’s fans
    Sultan was an average movie just like Fanna ,Talash , Rustom , Jab Tak Hai Jaan & others
    There is a big difference between average movie & masterpiece .
    Here I am not talking about the boxoffice . just quality
    for Tubelight . Writer of tublight is Kabir Khan & he is an excellent director but a bad writer.
    Writer of BB was the Writer of Baahubali 1 & 2 .

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