Tubelight is a beautiful film, Kabir has made it well: Salim Khan

Back in 2015, weeks before ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ was out in theatres – Salman’s father Salim Khan went all out to praise the film, saying it’s a beautiful film that cannot fail.

His words were “It (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) is excellent. There is no doubt about this film. It is absolutely fool proof. I think that this is the best role of Salman till date. It is not one of the best but probably the best one till date”

Two years after ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ became a big success, the duo of Salman Khan and Kabir Khan are ready with their third film.

Once again, it was Kabir Khan who showed the veteran writer the first cut of ‘Tubelight’ which Salim Khan loved and praised.

“I showed him the first cut. He came out of the edit room and without saying a word, gave me a big, tight hug. Need I say more?”

“(Tubelight is a) beautiful film. Kabir has made it well” he added.

Mark the date then. Salman Khan. Kabir Khan. 23 June 2017.



  • Sohail khan is the only obstacle for Tubelight he is a pan panauti, otherwise it’s a Blockbuster, heard it a huge budget movie so not sure about ATBB but a suresh ot Blockbuster
    If content will be appreciated like Bajrangi, then 400 cr on the way, coz Bajrangi bhai Jaan did 320 cr despite competition with Bahubali 2 and drishyam…
    With free run and GST benefits, no big deal for it to do 400 cr with content like BB

  • If the content is close to BB then Sky is only the limit. I have a strong feeling it will make a history. It may challenge Dangal’s collection but I don’t think it can break it. Because Eid is not big as Christmas weekend. Wish it was released on Christmas. Best of Luck to Salman from a SRKian. Waiting to see both Megastar on screen.

  • Tubelight looks interesting as it brings back Salman and Kabir for the 3rd time . People have high expectations in terms of content and box office .

  • ATBB confirmed. Only thing is if it can do 350 cr? Remember that 350 on Eid is equivalent to 375+ on Christmas.

  • 320 cr is reachable but 375+ is almost out of the reach…
    As the story is about lost brother so The kind of reach that #Dangal get in every household in villages is can’t be matched by #Tubelight…

    If audience is able to connect movie with their families than #Tubelight has outright chances of 400+cr..but whose possibility is 10%…

  • Top Ten Grossing Films NETT (All Languages)
    1. Bahubali (2015) – 4,19,56,00,000
    2. Dangal (2016) – 3,87,28,00,000
    3. PK (2014) – 3,37,72,50,000
    4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) – 3,15,49,00,000
    5. Dhoom 3 (2103) – 2,71,63,00,000
    6. Robot (2010) – 2,13,84,00,000
    7. Kick – 2,11,63,00,000
    8. Chennai Express (2013) – 2,07,69,00,000
    9. Kabali (2016) – 2,05,16,00,000
    10. 3 Idiots (2009) – 2,01,37,2

  • TUBELIGHT will be beat of Dangal’s record…….
    SALMAN KHAN will get Best Actor award in Filmfare Ceremony…..

  • He Said only “beautiful film. Kabir has made it well’
    Means it is not a excellent film like Bajrangi bhaijaan.

    “Kabir has made it well” says the all story.

  • Correction in my last comment. 350 on Eid is equivalent to 390+ on Christmas as there are 3 advantages. First is one extra national holiday. Second is holiday for schools and colleges and 3rd is 2 more open weeks as compared to Eid. All these factors result in 15% advantage over Eid.

  • Srk has stardom second only to Salman but for BO success he needs people like Salim Khan around him who will tell him truth not what he likes to hear.

  • Bhai i wish advance booking was started today i cannot believe my eyes what i witnessed here in auckland during da bang tour it was full house to capacity of 12000 in a country of only 4 millions tickets were sold to record 1500$ higher class urbans made srk in overseas his movies were serveing those people now its salman’s turn the middle class indians which were always his strenth now are all over in the world plus his movies are good no wonder his movies are performing outstandingly overseas as well if tzh is a well made film it will shatter records overseas i think salman should tour uk and north america as well

  • Just publicity stunt. I am damn sure that this movie is going to tank at box office. They know that the film is a disaster that’s why they are doing all this. And talking about bajrangi bhaijaan, i found it boring as hell, it was not that good.

  • PK,Bajrangi Bhaijaan,Sutan & Dangal.
    Now Tubelight.

    Bollywood is making few quality films…& audience encouraging them by coming in theaters in huge numbers.

    Remaining India showing there love by high TV trp.

    It’s good for bollywood specially when 99% films are fail/underperforming & South Cinema & Hollywood trying hard to occupy the market.

  • #TUBELIGHT is looking like a High on content movie coz It has only 3 Songs that too Situational songs.

  • He didn’t go all out to praise the film which means the film will not be as good as bajrangi bhaijaan.

  • Irrespective of content, Tubelight’s first week’s collections will be record breaking for sure. If its WOM is somewhere near close to Bajrangi Bhaijaan then only sky will be the limit for it…!

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