TRP of SRK’s Sabse Shaana Kaun drops further in Week 2

Shahrukh Khan’s much-hyped television show ‘India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun?’ has failed to gain momentum with viewers of Zee’s new television channel ‘&TV’.

After a weak start last week, Sabse Shaana Kaun has dropped further in Week 2 with TRP ratings of just 0.4, which is a fall of 50% from Week 1.

Produced by Big Synergy, Sabse Shaana Kaun is SRK’s fourth game show on television after ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?’ and ‘Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout’.

TRP of &TV shows in Week 2:

  • Gangaa – 0.8
  • India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun – 0.4
  • Begu Sarai – 0.4
  • Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain? – 0.4
  • Killer Karaoke – 0.4
  • Bhagya Laxmi – 0.3
  • Razia Sultan – 0.3
  • Tujhse Naaraz Nahi Zindagi – 0.2


  • The show must be having something wrong that even some of the very small section of people watching it stopped watching it in second week. Anyway I don’t have this channel so don’t know how the show is!

  • Nothing surprising about that coz kings films also drop significantly in week 2 when people realise that underneath all that media hype about Content Rich script and halloween gloss theres nothing more to his film than just a whole bunch of over the top overbearing over zealous overacting….!

  • Another flop show for King.. X

    Mr Consistent in delivering hit after hit in Bollywood for 20 yrs and now on tv hes delivering flop after flop consistently… Thats king khan for you

  • That’s why srk need varun,kajol,Rohit,kriti,and 20 others actors and actresses to beat Salman and Aamir but this will not happen because sher akela aata h and jhund me…………,,,,,,,,……. Then all you know

  • It’s a new tv channel that doesn’t play everywhere n the show isn’t appealing just like zor ka jhatka n panchvi pass weren’t.

  • It does not have much entertainment for masses.
    Also lacks adult controversial scenes,clips,scandals, or bikini girls ,
    Or other word by Indicine ‘selling sex’..

  • Salman fans be like its another flop show for SRK (even though KBC was a hit)…but forget about salman’s 40 flop films.

  • So it’s proved again and again that people don’t like sarook
    his movies works bcoz of directors,co-stars,diwali release,huge promotions etc

  • lol SRK probably only done the show for money to finance his next big film like he did with zor ka jhakta and kya aap panchvi pass se tez hain.

  • koi nai.. he will bounce back
    on a side note…failures are a part of our life…someimes to achieve even greater heights u have to fail a couple of times… he will bounce back In Sha Allah wid dilwale fan n raess all being either bb or atbb

  • Ei to hona hee tha .
    I am still wondering how it is running till now.
    And one more thing
    dont cry srk fans, our king has 20000cr ,3 lakhs 420 awards , and not forget those 3.8 billion fans living somewhere in their own universe, 14 fake packs and what else we want man .

  • Indicine pls post salman’s fan opened restaurant in bhaizaan’s name other actor has a fan like salman ..u never post when salman’s bigboss got top trp in london and india but u are posting failure trp of srk ..I dont mind but at least try to understand there’s salman fan as well who r desperately waiting some news of bhaizaan .. srry if I became sstraight ..!!

  • No Surprising !!! In Third Week TRP will fall 75% from Week2. SRK is No More. His Stardom has died. Now He is surviving himself with Big Banners, Big Starcast, Big Directors & Huge Promotion.

  • Does any of the TV channel’s heads want to phase out and close their channel/s once and for all? then don’t worry, please contact my dimpled queen srk ( his phone number is ssssssssss) , your channel will fizzle out in no time, its 100% guaranteed.

    “smoking is injurious to health , Drinking alcohol is also injurious to health but watching srk’s acting & his movies are injurious to both your wealth & health (particularly injurious to the brain)” :D

  • Today, India does not need clever quiz today need a show with humor below the belt in the style of films 3Idioty PC. And SRK without pants does not run, does not kill anyone – is this character?

  • Is it really surprising,,mate same things happening with his movies …disasters..except Chennai express he ent even have a single clear big hit…ra one,Don2,happy New year,jthj are recent example.little hold he has on audience or media only because he is very clever and may be because of his past yrf or dharma movies….he is a thing of past

  • If Srk really has billions of fans, then how did SSK get such low TRP? First 0.9 and now 0.4
    Does any SRKian have an explaination?
    C’mon, he is supposed to have billions of fans, at least the opening should have been huge? In reality SRK’s fanbase is hugely overrated. It is not even 1% of what his PR claims.

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