Trailer: International Version of My Name Is Khan

The International Trailer of My Name Is Khan has been released overseas with Fox Studios heavily marketing, what the industry believes, will be the first true crossover Bollywood film. 

Shahrukh Khan lends his voice to the trailer, introducing his character and the film.

My Name Is Khan also starring Kajol is directed by Karan Johar.

Check out the trailer.




  • VERY NICE TRAILER>>>>> Has international look,style and touch……. lookin forward to see how it performs in india and overseas…..what did u feel abt the trailer indicine team???

  • omer acc to reports multiplexes can be sensational as well as dumb depending on story but single screens will be poor.
    overseas it can beat 3idiots but not guranteed

  • Perfect…
    Mindblowing …
    waiting for 11th Feb thursday
    doesnt matter movie will work or not but it will SRK’s one of the best performance …
    he is back with big big bang
    cant break 3 idiots but may be it can reach till OSO or RNBDJ

  • i tink that this is one of the masterpieces of srk and this film will shatter all records in india and outside india great performance i think shahrukh has outacted dustin hoffman and tom hanks no one can baeet him he the king of acting

  • Got a chance to see a roughly 40 minute clip of the film, it was a work print, in other words editing was not finished, just to drop a line to all those in great anticipation. I don’t think My name is Khan is going to disappoint, this without any doubt is Shahrukh Khans attempt to pull of an Aamir in terms of the depth of the character he is playing, when i was told i would get a chance to see this clip, i spent the whole day with one of my friends, he has PDD-NOS, another form of autism, which is similar to Aspergers. I have to say that after watching the clip, SRK has done his homework on Apergers and he acts very well. In fact bar Swades, this has to be his best acting yet. Kajol was also in the clip, but she is unglamourous to say the least, the working woman look. I can also say that there is no need for songs in this film, the storyline is the vocal point here and any song and dance numbers looks out of place. I hope they don’t add any “Mauja Mauja” or “Hadippa” sequences in this to build hype.

    In short, the clip, despite being a work print had me glued, SRKs acting is refreshing, especially for a man who has not won many accolades for it. The vocal point is the story and strong emotions, the film is character driven. I may have repeated myself but it is quite surprising for an SRK film, this is definitely not a paisa vasool “masala” film.

    I cant reveal anything about the plot, but I will say that the film is similar to New York/Kurbaan in that terrorism is part of the plot, however it is vastly different in everything else, terrorism is a sub plot. There are no Islamic terrorists or discussions of the Quran over coffee and biscuits here (well at least not in the 40 minute work print sequence).

  • was able to see the first screening of MNIK. With a lot on Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan’s shoulders, I must say the film exceeds all expectations and My Name Is Khan will deliver internationally.

    Shahrukh Khan known for his commercial romantic roles steps outside his boundary with My Name Is Khan and delivers a magnificent performance.

    Opposite him you have Kajol who matches Shahrukh Khan step by step. Direction, editing and visuals are all A rate. Not sure who gets credited for the story; Shibani or Karan.

    My Name Is Khan should lead Bollywood to international fame. All we need to do now is wait for February 2010.

  • i know sami that but am writing peoples first impression on the film to change their prejudice about it also the second comment is not my words but i use to trnsform the people judgement who has seen somer or the whole movie
    also there is agood new that javed akhtar is going to write lyrics for MNIK title track

  • havent you wondered that this international trailer doesnt show srk as an autistic unlike the first one what is the clue behind it

  • i also read that people at the last of the film got watching it standing getting up from their seat which is a unique dramatic sympathy realised only and rarely when an actor act to the bone of character

  • Bollywood should be proud to have an actor like srk. People knows bollywood becuase of srk.
    @ Yousaf
    I agree with u. Yes srk is the best acotor of the world.


  • i have just seen shah rukh khan on a prime time u.k. chat show ! first time ever a bollywood star has been on the top rated prime time chat show – the jonathan ross show !

    i must say he did well, although appeared a bit nervous at times. of course he was there to promote his upcoming film MNIK. this man will do anything to seek publicity. what a joke and a low life. the master of media manipulation. but he will never be able to beat the record of 3 idiots, he can try all he wants.

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