Top Bollywood Grossers of all time (Worldwide)

Box Office India’s list of Top Bollywood Grosser of all time (worldwide). Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots which released in 2009, remains the biggest grosser ever (inflation not adjusted). The Rajkumar Hirani film is followed by four Salman Khan money-spinners – Ek Tha Tiger (only the second film to cross 300 crores), Dabangg 2, Bodyguard and Dabangg.

Salman is closely followed by Shahrukh Khan, who also has 4 films in the Top 10 – his last release Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Don 2, Ra One and My Name Is Khan.

Ek Tha Tiger - 3 Idiots - Dabangg 2

Ek Tha Tiger – 3 Idiots – Dabangg 2: Top Bollywood Grossers of all time

Top 10 Worldwide Grossers of All Time

  • 3 Idiots (2009) – 385 crore
  • Ek Tha Tiger (2012) – 310 crore
  • Dabangg 2 – 251 crore (Expected)
  • Bodyguard (2011) – 230 crore
  • Dabangg (2010) – 215 crore
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 211 crore
  • Don 2 (2011) – 206 crore
  • Ra.One (2011) – 202 crore
  • Rowdy Rathore (2012) – 201 crore
  • My Name Is Khan (2010) – 200 crore

2012, yet again, belonged to Salman Khan. He has, to his credit, the two biggest grossers of 2012.  While Agneepath failed to cross 200 crores, Akshay Kumar’s universally successful Rowdy Rathore grossed 201 crores worldwide.

Top 10 Worldwide Grosser of 2012

  • Ek Tha Tiger – 310 crore
  • Dabangg 2 – 251 crore (Expected)
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 211 crore
  • Rowdy Rathore – 201 crore
  • Agneepath – 193 crore
  • Housefull 2 – 186 crore
  • Barfi! – 175 crore
  • Talaash – 174 crore
  • Bol Bachchan – 158 crore
  • Son Of Sardaar – 138 crore

Source: All figures from Box Office India



  • Tragic that out of all those movies only 2 or 3 were watchable. I so agree with what Abhishek Kapoor said in an interview today..

    “Yeh 100 crore… piddoo number hai. Such terrible films, doing a 100-crore business. And if that same star is in a really good film with a good performance, he should be making 300-400 crore. Aamir Khan did it three years ago, it’s not that it’s an extraordinary genius film, it’s a good film that did 300 crore. Have we not made a good film since then?”

  • It’s amazing how Salman Khan gives such back to back blockbusters. Ek Tha Tiger wasn’t a very good film, it did 300 crores. Dabangg 2 was worse than Dabangg, still it was the second highest grosser.

    Out of all those Salman films, only Dabangg 1 was entertaining and had repeat value. All other films did 90% of the business only because of his star power.

    Seriously wonder if its just a phase.. always thought he wont last beyond 2-3 masala films.. but its now 5 films and all are blockbusters.

    @Indicine, how many actors have delivered 5 blockbusters in a row? Very keen to know.

  • Have you noticed something???

    SRK, in his bad phase (as hyped by media and haters) , giving a head to head competition to salman khan ( currently no. 1 in terms of B.O. collections).

    Either u pick top all time grossers or top grossers of 2012, u will easily find SRK movies in the list.

    It’s clearly shows his star power.

    And i don’t think that any other superstar in india , has performed equally well as SRK in their bad phase.

    Really, appreciatable and praisable….!!!!

    I know that he will gain his touch again as soon as he works on a better script, but it is really amazing to see the performance of his movies in his bad phase.
    Every person is parameterized by his condition in worst phase of his life and if we look at SRK, then it clearly shows that he is deserving for all those things and tags, which he currently enjoying..

  • @pradeep
    idiot..its not salman khan or shahrukh khan or aamir khan who is delivering blockbusters
    its the audience who it making these movies turn into a blockbuster..
    its true..piddu movies such as rowdy rathore, bodyguard doing 100..coz of the taste of movies indians action and compulsory item song..

  • @king.. sooo agree. All this talk of SRK going through a bad phase is fan created. Even his bad films (Ra One) collect more than the ‘good’ films of other actors.

  • Ram Gopal Varma going through worst phase but still his films collect atleast something at BO.

    Realy i proud to be a RGV fan.

  • Akshay Kumar hasn’t done too badly either. Made a huge comeback with Rowdy Rathore and Housefull 2. I hope he doesnt repeat himself and does a variety of roles. Even movies like Special 26 can win him acclaim and earn the respect of audience.

    Lets see. I hope Special 26 is as good as OMG

  • not even a single film Hrithik has in all time best grossers…..and still considered as someone close to 3 grand khans….even akshay kumar ajay devgan n ranbir kapur are better than hrithik…

  • this is a boi list and even if official figures are taken the list remain unchanged however some films like don2 ra one will move up and bg dabangg will move down but top 3 collections will remain same…

  • I can understand the frustration, disappointment and deep pain in some ”global star’s & most popular actor on earth’s” fans, who still can’t digest the reality of their favorite star’s epic cult classics worldwide collections lagging far behind a certain superstar’s. without a repeat value how can movies earn such record breaking collections ( more than 50% of collections come from the poorer single theatres and hence quantitatively the repeat value is much more than the apparent) ? When a certain boring,dumb, illogical, irritating, torturing romantic movie makes some 78 crores overseas, no one has a problem but when an equally illogical, mindless but a mass entertainer makes record breaking collections in india, then the haters scratch their brains to come up with some foolish comments which practically make no sense at all. The truth is that we cannot change the truth and that truth is: out of salman’s last 5 consecutive movies, except ready all the other movies have made some mind boggling worldwide business and among the top 5 worldwide grossers of all time, salman’s 4 movies grace the list (this despite the low overseas collections).

  • @king are you kidding? Is srk giving close competition to salman? Ett is just way way ahead, d2 is way ahead, bodyguard is easily ahead & dabaang which was released nearly 3 year back, with comparatively much lesser screens than jthj is ahead by 4 crores (that too because jthj did 78 crores in overseas). In india srk is no match to salman whatsoever and in overseas too the gap is slowly but surely reducing, a average desi masala movie like d2 doing 49+ crores & a average movie like ett doing 59+ crores overseas (both movies are not NRI-friendly) with much lesser screens than the evergreen epic classic (most loved by the NRIs & NRI-friendly) jthj. Srk is not in bad phase he is just going “out-of-phase” and down the hill and salman is not yet in good phase he is just transitioning himself into a “in-sync” phase, which means the ‘good’ phase is still to come. That ‘good’ is when salman will starting making some really quality movies with great directors and with the best of man power which are universally appreciated, i say it so because except dabaang his last 5 record breaking bbs were just average or below average movies with relatively new & lesser known directors. Just imagine what will happen if salman works with raju hirani, karan j or the director-the-commercial rohit shetty with some fantastic scripts! History will become history!

  • with expected mega bbs like dhoom 3(300+ worldwide), krrish 3 (280+), salman’s 2 movies (275+ each), ouatm2(235+) to release this year, srk is not likely to have any of his movies in the top 10 worldwide highest grossing list of all time. I dont expect srk’s ce or hny to do more than 225 crores gross worldwide business even if they are the greatest and best evergreen epic cult classics like ra.1 or jthj.

  • @nvs well said bro…
    jthj released wid highest num of prints in overseas and being NRI friendly genre, it came nowhere close to breaking 3I n MNIK record in oversea.. so u can also term it as a disapointment in some srk fans r sayin d2 is a disapointment in india…

  • Unfortunately it’s not the Income from the Box Office which will give the most grosser film of the industry but the entry at the box office [i means, how many tickets sold] because otherwise w’ll never know if Sholay have been the most viewed or 3 idiots, the price of tickets at that time is not the same ongoing[the population of viewers also should be taken into consideration]. it’s simple, have the price of ticket at their time of release, divide by its box office revenues. THEN W’LL HAVE TRUE EVER GROSSING FILM.

  • oh where is our self nominated and self proclaimed king of bollywood? on 6th position . Oh , what is excuse for it? Anyone knows.

  • To all d great super educated fans of Srk ..the reason it is said that his star power is diminishing is because when your look at the number of prints (overseas ) and then compare the collections then you will find that overall with the Indian box office collection he is going down hill. His best is 211 crores and Top did 385 crores ( Aamir’s 3i) their is a difference of 174 cores which is huge …on the top of this in India his movies are not crossing 130+ at Box office inspite of super marketing and huge print count…if this is not star power going down then please explain and enlighten us …

  • To all fans of Srk ..the reason it is said that his star power is diminishing is because when your look at the number of prints and then compare the collections then you will find that overall with the Indian box office collection he is going down hill. His best is 211 crores and Top did 385 crores ( Aamir’s 3i) their is a difference of 174 cores which is huge …on the top of this in India his movies are not crossing 130+ at Box office inspite of super marketing and huge print count…

  • Now where are SRK fans saying that SRK is bigger than Salman overseas, he’s bigger star worldwide, Salman is only No.1 in India ?
    These figure shows Salman is the biggest star in the India and Worldwide.

  • @NVS both srk and salman have 8 films out of 10 in top 10 and u are calling srk out of phase… by this i can easy say salman’s time is up as aamir was able to to give the bigget blockbuster ever in the form of ghajini and 3 idiots during the same christmas, new year period. And sallu put his effort to promote his film and yet it did 150 cr. Its so called 200cr ATBB. lol. Once a salman fan said ” yrf need salman and salman dont need yrf”. That guy never showed after dabangg 2 collections.


    Try to be logical, jthj had 122 cr despite of all competition.
    The combined business of both sos and jthj is near to 230 cr and i think alone it could have done atleast 180 cr

  • @rock. Salman is d 1st & only actor so far who has 2 250+ worldwide grossers and that too in a row, of which one is a 300+ grosser. Salman has 3 200+ worldwide grossers in a row and his 2 movies this year wil most certainly will b more than 200+, so that will him the 1st & only actor to have 5 200+ worldwide grossers in a row

  • @Baap

    Thats what i am saying.

    Bhoot Returns released with 3 big films & very limited screens.
    But still it collected 10 crs.

    Just imagine what if it released solo with 2700+ screens on Ra.One.

    It might easily crossed 200 crs.

    Realy RGV rocks.

  • RGV FAN.. are you kidding me? Seriously? So you mean to say a small film, without stars, released on 3400 prints can collect as much as Ek Tha Tiger or 3 Idiots?

    More prints, cost more money.. so there need to be an audience in the first place to release the film on such a big scale.

    If Bhoot Returns or Inkaar (released this week) release during Diwali, no one will go and watch. Industry will lose money.

  • salman has only 1 film dis year..he can’t finish kick in 2013.. bt radhe will be at best 160 cr, cause it is sohail khan movie, then srk has chennai express which will be his comeback to masala genre (om shanti om), this movie will depend highly on music and rohit shetty so it will easily cross 150cr+, then comes krrish 3…chances of being 1st movie to break 3 idiots.. it will do 195cr+, after that its DHOOM 3, a potential 300cr..can do 220cr+ easily.. dis is my prediction.

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