Top 10 Male Performances of 2013

Most Popular Acting performances of 2013

Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Ranbir’s Bunny won the hearts of audiences all over the world with his charming and free outlook at life. He is detached from the world and worldly relationships but when it is time to prove his love he makes it count. A large part of Ranbir’s performance worked because of the other actors in that film – namely Deepika, Kalki and Aditya. They all seemed to be playing off each other and everyone had crackling chemistry.

Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express: SRK chose to do something with Chennai Express that he hadn’t done in a long long time. He did physical comedy and went all out with his mannerisms and facial expressions to make the audiences laugh. Chennai Express was almost a spoof by SRK on his previous films and it worked because no one was taking those jokes and references seriously. And in the action scenes, he indulged in raw fights and showed everyone that he can excel in that too.

Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3: Hrithik had a triple role in Krrish. He played the Superhero, he played Krishna and he also played Rohit. And Hrithik excelled in all of those roles. As the bumbling man-child genius Rohit he portrayed a striking innocence. But it was Hrithik’s role as Krrish that won him admirers everywhere. Kids loved the daunting presence of Krrish because he made them feel safe in this cruel world. And much of it was to do with Hrithik’s acting and body language.

Farhan Akhtar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: Farhan got the role of his life as Milkha Singh in Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra’s Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. He imbibed all the qualities of Milkha Singh in his life, in his body and in his mannerisms. He even adopted his style of speaking and running. All that effort put in by Farhan made it stand out as the best male performance of 2013. He lived Milkha Singh and we loved it!

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3: Aamir had a dual role in Dhoom 3. He played the role of two brothers Samar and Sahir. As Sahir, he was the scheming, conniving Clown thief. The anguish and feeling of revenge in his face made the audience feel for the character. And as Samar he was the cute autistic gymnast and his brother’s partner in crime. Aamir Khan brought in an element of sentimentality in the Dhoom franchise with his double performances.

Critically Appreciated performances:

Rajkumar Rao in Kai Po Che / Shahid: Rajkumar Rao became the darling of the critics in 2013 with two great performances. He was the logical cog amongst the three friends in Kai Po Che and kept bringing his friends to a steady ground. His was the best performance in the film. And in Shahid, Rajkumar totally bowled us over with his brilliant act. He practically carried the whole film on his shoulders and that gave us a better film and a better performance.

Ranveer Singh in Lootera: Ranveer’s performance in Ram Leela was commercially appreciated but his performance in Lootera showing the world what a powerhouse of talent Ranveer really is. Contrary to his over-active nature in real life, he had to subdue himself and give a muted performance in Lootera. His performance in the last scene of Ranveer Singh has become one of the most unforgettable scenes of 2013.

Sushant Singh Rajput in Kai Po Che / Shuddh Desi Romance: Sushant was the breakthrough artist of the year. First he enthralled audiences with his performance in the buddy coming-of-age drama Kai Po Che and then as the hopeless modern day romantic in Shuddh Desi Romance. He was charming enough in SDR for the audiences to look at him as the next Shah Rukh Khan. We want him to be the first Sushant Singh Rajput.

Dhanush in Raanjhanaa: People who have seen Dhanush in his South Indian films will go out on a limb to vouch for his performances. But sadly until Raanjhaana very few people were aware that the Kolaveri Di man was an even better actor than a singer. Thankfully Raanjhanaa changed all that. He played the role of a hopeless innocent lover to almost perfection. His Kundan was both powerful and intriguing without every doing anything macho or overtly manly.

Irrfan Khan in The Lunchbox / D-Day: Irrfan is the most well known Khan in Hollywood inner circles for a reason. He lives and breathes his performances and doesn’t even claim to be a method actor like some others. Irrfan Khan gave the best performance in D-Day and walked with the film even though his character met with an untimely end in it. And in The Lunchbox, he was the main cog which kept the wheel of the film in line If we could, we’d give all the awards to him!

Note: Poll for the Best Actor of 2013 will be conducted in a separate article. Stay tuned for that!



  • thanx all who appreciated and acknowledge me and liked my comments which is posted here and their wishes.
    @babaji,@x,@sss,@jc,@rohit etc thanx
    @laila i am an Hardcore Aamir & Salman Fan but more of an Aamir fan.
    @raj i made my mind for that even before D3 release due to i found the site is biased towards some actors and also not correcting their technical mistakes but because i want to celebrate D3 success with all of you, so i still there, i have to leave for my professional studies and career,so want to concentrate more.
    @sachin 11 i will try to make comments on Aamir articles but right now i don’t want, will join soon on this site.i will be here but won’t comment but you keep going dude, it will be fun for me.

  • @ SSS: Lallu & Tingu (you brought me good laugh)…hw if we cal SRK ..billu..Great combinations of Khans…Lallu, Tingu & billu…

    SRK’s only dominant factor is that he is good in overseas …In Domestic he is definately below Salman & Aamir. what to check and what to talk…I will go as per your statement:

    If not considering recent success of those Khans then

    U are referring to the crap website aa? ..ok as per BOI, Akshay has been King always, not SRK. check below site.

    Now talking about current, how come he be no.1 in domestic with no highest grossers or any major blockbuster (except chennai express) in last 6 years…

    Mega Star aa…Sonia Gandhi declared it or Narendre Modi…Consecutive 10 hits aa…check ur BOI website below:

    Billu is flop (he was there in the movie for more than half of its length, dont say it is not his movie).
    My Name is Khan & KANK – Hit …only god knows why these movies were made.
    Don – when all franchise like Dhoom, Krish & Golmaal went on to become blockbuster in their second version. Don 2 still is just a hit.
    Ra One – Till date it is in controversy that it is hit or flop…
    Last best movie of his remains chak de…

    He star status is going down each year and you are dreaming of Mega Star…What ever u talk highly about ur chinku the fact is after 2000 he is not able to click as in Domestic as good as other Khans…

  • top ten male performers of this year are….
    1.Farhan ahktar(bmb)
    2.Shahrukh Khan(CE)
    3.Aamir khan(D3)
    4.ranbir kapoor(yjhd)
    5.hrithik roshan(k3)
    6.sushant singh rajput(kai po che)
    7.ranveer singh(ram leela)
    9.shahid kapoor(r…rajkumar)
    10.akshay kumar(special 26)

  • @karthik,actually your anger at the top level.your mind is not working properly.thatís why youíre giving crap comments.the list of SRKís you given from BOI are 2000 no doubt,but they had added 3movies of 90?s in salmanís movies list.itís you said success,if you have so much dare to face the success,then prepare the success list of actors SRK,salman,amir,akki from 1989-2013 from wherever sites you want.but you loser made the list from 2000,so it is your biggest mistake.akki is such a superstar who has success% 25-35% in his whole career.also the list you gave that contains 12average movies,are they counted as success as per the dumbest rule of BOI.check this:

    billu is not the movie of SRK.irrfan khan was the lead role in this movie.he has consecutive 10 lead role movies and need 5/6 more hits to become the megastar after RAJESHJI.BOI always try to bring down SRK,thatís why they added billu,also they did CEís status as bb,although it has much profitale than d3,although CE did good busiiness in both domestic and overseas.BOI canít even decide which movie super hit/bb/atbb,so itís hard to believe on this site.

    so prepare career list as soon as possible and tell me about the hit% and flop%.who will be having highest hit%,heíll be considered as the KING of bollywood,itís my promise to you.

    tingu is the star who did good movies after 2000,where all of hi movieís success always based on at least two of his male costars,his alone power is not sufficient check below:
    dch(saif and akshay)
    tzp(darshil safari)
    3idiots(madhavan and sharman)

    also tingu is the father of south remake ghajini.

    salman who after gave how many disasters,I canít count prabhu dheva saved his career.after that he made such craps and got 5bbs.

    donít want to to comment on flop kumar,because his whole career is a flop,also he has such fans like SRK and salman.itís BOI who added also the average into success also his movies double than SRK.if we calculate the %success of the list given by you between SRK and flop kumar so as to equalise them:

    SRK: total-27,success-19,%success-70.3%


    so youíre the big this way calculate whole careerís hit%.

    SRK always clashes with big films having less screen otherwise his all films would have bbs.

    in billu,SRK has only 35 minutes(including 4songs) screen shared as co-actor not as lead role,you big moron.otherwise his total movie could be changed to 55 to 75,even BOI added hey ram to SRKís they didnít have added so much special appearance movies of salman and amir to their list,why?no doubt I say about BOI 1st,but at that time SRK was top in domestic,overseas,worldwide.but now he is second in domestic after amir due to d3.but soon KING will come to his position after his 2 release this year.

    a big laugh at you youíre mocking the movie of humanity MNIK which got huge political and religion controversy,still got hit,haters face remain silent after watched this movie.not like papaís boyís overacting in guzarish which got disaster.

    so according to you films like wanted,bg,dabang1&2,rr,ghajini,ready should be made to enhance Indian cinema upon which the world

    Ra Oneís overseas collection is much higher than k3,but still Indiaís illeterate peoples preferred masala craps over it.itís impact hugely affects DON2.which was the best action movie of Indian cinema till date.again salman convinced ajay to release sos with EPIC JTHJ in 2012,otherwise it would have broke 3idiotís record on that year.also BOI gave only HIT verdict to JYHJ while they gave super hit verdict to agneepath,which is totally injustice.

    in 2013,SRK gave a hard slap to the haterís face by directly gave one ATBB and proved if everyone can make bb with masala movies than he can make it itís very hard to give a hit also with out other genres,that he proved.also lallu and tingu didnít release a single movie with clashes,than how they can ever compared with SRK.

    donít forget sallu raised after dabang,amir raised after ghajini,KING already raised through wait for Deewali 2014.youíll got your answer why is called as KING.also donít forget to do what I say,otherwise itíll further make you a big loser.

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