Top 10 Male Performances of 2013

Most Popular Acting performances of 2013

Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Ranbir’s Bunny won the hearts of audiences all over the world with his charming and free outlook at life. He is detached from the world and worldly relationships but when it is time to prove his love he makes it count. A large part of Ranbir’s performance worked because of the other actors in that film – namely Deepika, Kalki and Aditya. They all seemed to be playing off each other and everyone had crackling chemistry.

Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express: SRK chose to do something with Chennai Express that he hadn’t done in a long long time. He did physical comedy and went all out with his mannerisms and facial expressions to make the audiences laugh. Chennai Express was almost a spoof by SRK on his previous films and it worked because no one was taking those jokes and references seriously. And in the action scenes, he indulged in raw fights and showed everyone that he can excel in that too.

Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3: Hrithik had a triple role in Krrish. He played the Superhero, he played Krishna and he also played Rohit. And Hrithik excelled in all of those roles. As the bumbling man-child genius Rohit he portrayed a striking innocence. But it was Hrithik’s role as Krrish that won him admirers everywhere. Kids loved the daunting presence of Krrish because he made them feel safe in this cruel world. And much of it was to do with Hrithik’s acting and body language.

Farhan Akhtar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: Farhan got the role of his life as Milkha Singh in Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra’s Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. He imbibed all the qualities of Milkha Singh in his life, in his body and in his mannerisms. He even adopted his style of speaking and running. All that effort put in by Farhan made it stand out as the best male performance of 2013. He lived Milkha Singh and we loved it!

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3: Aamir had a dual role in Dhoom 3. He played the role of two brothers Samar and Sahir. As Sahir, he was the scheming, conniving Clown thief. The anguish and feeling of revenge in his face made the audience feel for the character. And as Samar he was the cute autistic gymnast and his brother’s partner in crime. Aamir Khan brought in an element of sentimentality in the Dhoom franchise with his double performances.

Critically Appreciated performances:

Rajkumar Rao in Kai Po Che / Shahid: Rajkumar Rao became the darling of the critics in 2013 with two great performances. He was the logical cog amongst the three friends in Kai Po Che and kept bringing his friends to a steady ground. His was the best performance in the film. And in Shahid, Rajkumar totally bowled us over with his brilliant act. He practically carried the whole film on his shoulders and that gave us a better film and a better performance.

Ranveer Singh in Lootera: Ranveer’s performance in Ram Leela was commercially appreciated but his performance in Lootera showing the world what a powerhouse of talent Ranveer really is. Contrary to his over-active nature in real life, he had to subdue himself and give a muted performance in Lootera. His performance in the last scene of Ranveer Singh has become one of the most unforgettable scenes of 2013.

Sushant Singh Rajput in Kai Po Che / Shuddh Desi Romance: Sushant was the breakthrough artist of the year. First he enthralled audiences with his performance in the buddy coming-of-age drama Kai Po Che and then as the hopeless modern day romantic in Shuddh Desi Romance. He was charming enough in SDR for the audiences to look at him as the next Shah Rukh Khan. We want him to be the first Sushant Singh Rajput.

Dhanush in Raanjhanaa: People who have seen Dhanush in his South Indian films will go out on a limb to vouch for his performances. But sadly until Raanjhaana very few people were aware that the Kolaveri Di man was an even better actor than a singer. Thankfully Raanjhanaa changed all that. He played the role of a hopeless innocent lover to almost perfection. His Kundan was both powerful and intriguing without every doing anything macho or overtly manly.

Irrfan Khan in The Lunchbox / D-Day: Irrfan is the most well known Khan in Hollywood inner circles for a reason. He lives and breathes his performances and doesn’t even claim to be a method actor like some others. Irrfan Khan gave the best performance in D-Day and walked with the film even though his character met with an untimely end in it. And in The Lunchbox, he was the main cog which kept the wheel of the film in line If we could, we’d give all the awards to him!

Note: Poll for the Best Actor of 2013 will be conducted in a separate article. Stay tuned for that!



  • SRK,ranbir even don’t deserve top 10 takes are
    1.farhan for bmb
    2.hrithik for k3
    3.ranveer for ramleela
    4.akki for s26
    5.amir for d3
    6.ranveer for lootera
    7.dhanush for ranjhaana

  • Critics wise,
    1.irfan for lunchbox
    2.ranveer for lootera
    3.ranveer for ramleela/dhanus for ranjhaana
    4.rajkumar rao for shahid
    5.akki for s26
    6.john for madras cafe

  • Popular Choice, as declared by the world – Aamir Khan.

    Critics choice, my personal – Ranveer Singh in Lootera.

  • For me best actors popular are:

    Best actors critics:
    1.Rajkumar (shahid)
    Sushant Singh Rajput (kai po che)

  • SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT is a future superstar!!! Take a look at his releases—PK, BYOMKESH BAKSHI, PAANI, YASHRAJ’s next.

  • Jai Ho movie is all set to get the widest ever release beating Dhoom 3 which released in approximate 4100 – 4200 screens in India. Till the date Dhoom 3 has the record for the widest Hindi movie release in around 4100 screens which Jai Ho will break with it’s 5000 screens count. As per Eros Distributors,superstar Salman Khan upcoming movie Jai Ho will release on 5000 screens in India. Screen Comparison of Jai Ho V/S Dhoom 3 V/s Krrish 3 V/s Chennai Express Film Screens (India)
    Jai Ho 5000
    Dhoom 3 4100 – 4200
    Krrish 3 4000
    Chennai Express 3750
    As there was an increase of Chennai Express ticket price and Ek Tha Tiger movie in the past, there won’t be any hike in ticket price of Jai Ho. The movie will have normal ticked pricing just like any Bollywood movie. Considering the wide screen release in India and no price hike in ticket, Jai Ho is predicted to get strong opening weekend might cross 100 crore club.
    @indicine, is that true?????

  • Top Performance of the Year for me will be biased as I only watch Big Ticket Movies on principle that I can watch lesser movies for less at a later TV date but despite that I will only give a Top 5 ranking…!

    1- Aamir Khan (best double role act ever in 20 yrs- I loved Anil Kapoors double role act in Kishen Kanhaiya the most but this came a mighty close second)
    2- John Abraham (SAW was great and Manoj and Sonus bhai act was great which helped John raise his level too- I normally dont like Johns acting but here he lifted his game significantly so kudos John)
    3- Dhanish (saw this on dvd but his impact on the small screen was still amazing and his charm shone through)
    4- Rohit Roshan (kids out vote me on this one so Rohit scrapes in)
    5- Sarkar Rukh Khan (family loved his train driving skills immensely whereas I thought it sucked)

    Note: Farhan and Irrfan miss out coz I havent seen their performances this yr and most likely never will even though BMB was a 100 cr movie but so was Grand Masti and Ram Leela and i’ve no intention/ desires of seeing such trash anytime soon. I will put their names in the Critics list and bow down to their supposedly superior cinematic nous over my own limitations.

  • All are superb in their films if i would pick than i pick Farhan Akhtar in popular followed by Aamir in d3, in critics Irfan khan followed by Rajkumar Rao. It time for me to say goodbye to comments section of this site. Thanx indicine to giving a chance to share my opinion with other,i hope this site will keep bigger and better with time. Sorry for being harsh to admin sometime. All the reader of the site who appreciated or arguing for me with their thoughts best of luck to them for their personal and professional life. Specially @navin,@sachin11,@iamvastuniverse,@divya,@rohit,@jc,@hrlover,@nipun,@hrithik,@sem,@yash,@sht,@suroop,@sss(i had bet with you so will come after Hny release,lets see you won or i) and others,keep entertaining on the site,may be i visit site but won’t update comment regularly in future,best of luck to bollywood for upcoming movies,specially P.k,hny,kick,singhan2,holiday,bang-2,bombay velvet,gunday .best of luck to Salman and his fans,go watch Jai ho and break al existing records Jaiho!

  • I would request the people who loved dhoom 3 to watch it again as this is the last week before jai ho releases. Aamir is not given any of the unfair awards, at least he deserves all the box office success. I have seen dhoom 3 ten times already.

  • @Aks
    We all will miss ur sensible comments,u were one of the few o commentmakers,whose comments were logical and sensible…so will miss u.

  • @aks,so sad you’re leaving indicine.I promise to face you after HNY,I’ll say you sorry at that time if and only if HNY get all the opportunity that d3 got,otherwise you’ll be again loser at that time like 2013.

  • @Pratik
    Sushant was very good in Kai po che thats why i rated him above Irrfan,but i did’nt liked his performance that much in shuddh desi romance that much…
    But he has very good scripts in his bank..

  • best actor popular:SRK for CE

    best actor critics:Farhan(BMB)


  • @sagar,god bless u…for me watching one movie ten times on less than one month is impossible .dhoom 3 is impossible.
    @aks ,I think indicine is not a healthy place to disscuss or sharing ur view .because all fans here attack other unnecessarily and drag themselves into fight including me ,though we all know that we can’t change each other ‘s perception, we still,before u go,can u pls tell me which actor u like ?I hardly visit others actor’s page unless it’s related to srk.I know u don’t like srk as I have read ur comment before.whom u like i am little confused.looks are doing something serious ,so all the best to u…

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