Top 10 Distributor Share of All Time: Chennai Express 2nd

The distributors share of Chennai Express has crossed the 100 crore mark and now only lags behind Ek Tha Tiger in the ‘All Time’ list.

The film has gone past 3 Idiots (99.02 crore) and all other major grossers. By the end of its theatrical run, Chennai Express is likely to beat the distributors share of Ek Tha Tiger too.

Top 10 Distributor Share of All Time

  • Ek Tha Tiger – 112 crore
  • Chennai Express – 106 crore
  • 3 Idiots – 99 crore
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 93 crore
  • Dabangg 2 – 89 crore
  • Bodyguard – 80 crore
  • Dabangg – 77 crore
  • Rowdy Rathore – 75 crore
  • Agneepath – 67 crore
  • Ready – 65 crore


  • Distributor share for different movies is different

    for Ek Tha Tiger,distributor share is 56.5%
    3 idiots,it is 49%
    CE,it is 57%
    YJHD,it is 48.94%
    It must be in their contract with the producers.

  • Ha ha ha… This is called the real King of Bollywood…. It will break all the records.. Just BLOCKBUSTER..!!

  • Now how many Records will break by CE. Haters r already going Mental.

    SRK do u smell that something is burning badly?


    Go SRK Go Faster n Faster Crush all so called records and set urs OWN.

  • Tum paanch saloon mein jitne chaho dabangg bana lo bodyguard banalo ek tha tiger banalo ya phir 3idiot hi banalo ek Chennai Express aayegi
    Aur kuchal ke chali jayegi

    ShahRecord Khan

  • ha ha ha ha. how many more records this tsunami express going to break.
    wow. all the records have fallen . simply outstanding.
    can see so many illiterates going mental on this site and commenting shamelessly.
    great going Chennai express.
    just to REITERATE
    We talked about CLASS they talked about records
    We talked about CRITICS they talked about records
    We talked about ACTING AND ON SCREEN PERSONA they talked about records

    Now when records have been achieved in style. they have either vanished or Shamelessly commenting and crying lol.
    king KHAN SRK.
    naam to suna hoga

  • @indicine Kudos for you for always bringing such newer concepts when it comes for comparison and thinking innovative and adding pleasure to all respective fans so that we can witness how passionate you are and making our selves turn more passionate on bollywood films i hope to see your website reaches the range of bollywood hungama

    So CE may cross ETT Record and grab no.1 spot congrats to Srk and Srk Fans by making to break every possible record set by former keep going on

    Ready Steady Po……………….100Cr………..160Cr……..210Cr………Finish

  • indicine kuch bi fake bataa raha hai ?? ETT first extended week DS was 87.50 crore while CE first week 8 days DS is 85 crore……….abhi 106 kanhaa se ho gaye ??? U R supporting fake king by fake DS LOL

  • cngrats all srkian.u r d best unlyk salman fans who keep abusing others.shahrukh fans r d best.nw i bet mental will make salman mental flop cz it will be a flop at boxoffice

  • Once Upon A Time There Was A King – King Akbar (Akbar Badshah – Jodha Akbar wall)
    So People still remeber him as a King.

    So SRK was KING of Bollywood. And after 2 decades he is still The KING. And till the world comes to End SRK will be remebered as a:
    KING of Bollywood
    KING of Oversease
    KING for Kids
    KING for Youth
    KING for Elders


  • Don-2 3105 screens with xmas holidays,new year holiday 3-4 open weeks,glamorous heriones,class farhan akthar direction did only 102 crores power of srk ? Neither srk nor salman r powerfull both need holidays to click…

  • I Think shah should rename his CE to Mrvalouse record express :D

    even 1234 get on the dance floor need more numbers as 567 To equal the train records :D

    Shahrock khan Records :D

    Dark idiot boy he already broke it not will, idiot and blind too thats to much boy ROFL

  • How Distributor Share Works.

    The distributor shares are what the industry is interested in as they are the bottom line. The distributor shares are nett gross minus theatre rentals. The theatre rentals vary. Multiplexes give 50% in week one, 42.5% in week two, 37.5% in week three and 30% thereafter to the distributor. If a film collects 17.50 crore nett from the six major chains then the first week and second week share is 52.5% and 45% respectively. Single screens are mainly on rental for big films so if a film generates big collections then 80% or even 90% of that can be the distributor share. It all depends on how ahead the collection is of the theatre rental. Smaller films find it hard to get a release at single screens as exhibitors know that the film may even struggle to collect the theatre rental. So single screens exhibitors are very choosy when it comes to showing a smaller film at their theatre.

    As ETT and CE earned more in 1 st week than YJHD thats why we are seeing huge diff between them.

  • I completely agree wid @ce rocks coment
    srk is definitly king for elders.
    I mean the people of hs age.ROFL

  • @rama sena: bro,ask ur salman ,aamir and hritik to make a movie like Don 2 with almost no songs,no massy action,almost 2.30 hr long,3000 screen release,just story based movie and collect 150 cr…still for ur info before YJHD ..don 2 recorded best non-holiday opening…check ur stats

  • I can suggest u a better name @gwone
    ‘shah rocks only with a holidy’.
    Ce total collectns-171cr.
    It still needs 30cr to cross 3I record which is impossible now-BOI

  • I can suggest u a better name @gwone
    ‘shah rocks only with a holidy’.
    Ce total collectns-171cr.
    It still needs 30cr to cross 3I record which is impossible now-BOI.

  • @dark boy.u say dat srk only rock in holidays then wat about ett 2 week free run. Extended weekend with holidays independence day and eid.

  • @ HRO fans:

    v(SRKians) r really excited & r looking frwd 2 c k3 breaking CE records.coz king himself said that records r meant 2 b broken & must b all d bst 4 hrithik.Luv u HRO.Let fraternity blossom b/w us.

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