Chennai Express 2nd Monday Collections

Chennai Express has collected Rs 3.8 crore on its 2nd Monday at the box office, with total net box office collections of 185.72 crores in 11 days.

The film is likely to cross the 190 crore mark today, as overall business will pick up by around 30-40% on Raksha Bandhan.

The marketing team behind Chennai Express continue to relentlessly promote the film with banners on social networking websites, promotional videos on Youtube and advertisements on newspapers. To celebrate Rakshabandhan, Shahrukh Khan has designed a special offer of ‘Buy 2 tickets and get one free’ at multiplexes across the country. This offer is not valid if you book tickets online.

  • 1st Week – 156.71 crore
  • 2nd Weekend – 25.21 crore
  • 2nd Monday – 3.8 crore
  • Total Collections in 11 days – 185.72 crore
Raksha Bandhan Express

Raksha Bandhan Express




  • That’s great
    today CE will go past YJHD collection
    and by sunday it will shatter 3 Idiots record

  • By doing this kind of marketing gimicks Srk jst want 2 show he is very cheap marketer to make his flim to super hit he is selling like a sales man he should go 2 street of slum area and sell the ticket bcz one slumiest and crapiest movie of all time is running in tents near home

  • Top 5 grossers of 2013:

    1) Dhoom 3 ::230crs

    2) Chennai Express ::215-220crs

    3) YJHD ::190crs

    4) Krrish 3 ::150crs

    5) Besharam ::110-115crs

  • So srk wil break the record of 3idiots which
    R madhavan,sharman joshi,and omi vaidya created in 2009.

  • To be honest I had not expected this much success for CE! It’s a pleasant surprise. Congratulations to SRK, Rohit Shetty and DPad.
    The Khans still rule! Other newbies can wait.

  • @imran: hahaha hit haha.. its already a blockbuster…and what promotion .. free ticket will not add to the business do not panic..

  • today 6 cr…wed_3cr…thu_2.5 cr 3rd weekend 9cr 3rd week total 15 cr..4th week 5cr 5th week 3cr so lifetime total. 220 cr..

  • D3 lifetime collectio range 175-190 cr…d3 is not family entertainment movie…and cost is 130 d3 on the way to only hit..not blockbluster…

  • Its Srks Marketing Ideas which made this movie super successful So as Aamir both are Ultimate genius in marketing they had great idea of peoples pulse if their movies were great in content wise then miracles will happen
    At Present i appreciate the marketing ideas of Srk which are quite innovative

    I think may be for krrish Rakesh ji plans for children for childrens day special I m just guessing this may be happen

  • people are saying srk is going to break record wich was set 4 years ago ……. guys so do we have to wait ten years before someone can break the record….. aamir was lucjy he got good script and repeat audience other wise i doubt aamir could have done it was fluke…. 3idiots was a good movie and is one of my favourites…….. d3 will do good business but 200 corore will depend on wom

  • @socitra did aditya chopra told u d3’s cost??
    How cn u say d3 is not a family entertainr?
    Aamir khan himself said dat d3 is an all rouod entertainr and children and elders will love it in an int wid faridoon (bollywood hungama)
    ur research is damn weak!

  • I don’t understand why there is so negativity about Chennai Express breaking 3Idiots lifetime collection record as if all the previous highest grossing movies were highly acclaimed or classic movies. So lets talk about highest grossing movies before 3idiots…

    1. Ghajni – remake of South Indian movie, in short a complete junk entertainer.
    2. Dhoom 2 – Ok you can say that Dhoom 2 was really a class movie and I really like it
    3. Gadar – How Gadar become highest grossing movie ??? million dollar question. A typical single screen movie with no class, bad songs, over d top acting, age old script.
    4. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun – Some of u might not agree but HAHK is a typical case of how a movie with no story become such a huge hit. HAHK is nothing more than a wedding video album with lots of songs and songs and songs and songs…….going on for 3.5 hours.
    5. Sholay – It’s a landmark movie and we all love it but as we all know Sholay was not a great movie quality wise and received horribly by all the critics but clicked with the audience and the rest is history.

    So my point is in Bollywood history many ‘not so good movies’ have become highest grossers so why can’t Chennai Express. 3Idiots is an exceptional movie both quality & box office wise and we all love it but its time to say good bye it’s record.

    Remember only a movie which clicked with the audience big time become highest grossers, so respect all these highest grossing movies.

  • @ vipul, if you think Gadar is a typical single screen movie with bad songs, you don’t known a single thing about movies.

    and you (sounding obviously like a hrithik fan) says Dhoom 2 is okay?

    Ghajini was a thriller, and it was a great challenge to have the physique and enact it.

    And above all, Sholay was not a quality movie, but Dhoom 2 is fine?

    i have heard ridiculously laughable comments on this site, but that comment of your beats all.

  • Keep it on record express

    crash all the idiots – show them ur real power

    show them who is the real king of bollywood, box office and overseas, who is the real king of the world

    SRK 1 Name who rules them all when he decided that

  • I don’t care what the lifetime record of the film will be. just want this movie to break chotu’s record.

  • There is only one king in bollywood
    dat is king khan…….
    In next week sure ce break 3
    iditos record……
    congrats to srk n ce team…..

  • Ek bar Jab maine commitment kar diya toh use sirf SRK hi tod sakta.

    See what CE is doing it’s unstoppable, It will reach it’s destination where Aamir,Salman,Hrithik and Akki will have to wait again for such express in their lifetime.

    Rakhsa Bandhan offer was the slap on the SRK haters as the movie had earned enough profit that SRK and his team would not mind investing some crores in giving treat to the Indian family on this very auspicious occassion.

    A movie is made for entertaining the masses rather than just a family. So, you SRK haters if you have not watch this movie then watch out the today’s last offer show without money with your freinds.

    Movies popularity doesn’t need any real story or documentory type contents, every individual goes theatre to entertain himself in 2.5 hrs rather than scorching his mind as what he have seen he didn’t understood and come home to re think on such topics..

    So, Those who need story,contents,and reality then they can watch DD news along with parliament sessions.

    Lastly I congratulates CE team to break the records of all time BO even before 4th weekend.

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