Title of Sooraj Barjatya – Salman Khan film announced!

Veteran filmmaker Sooraj Barjatya, who reunites with Salman Khan after directing Hrithik Roshan in ‘Mein Prem Ki Deewani Hoon’ and Shahid Kapoor in ‘Vivaah’, has announced the title of his next.

While there were strong rumours that the Diwali 2014 release will be titled ‘Bade Bhaiyaa’, Barjatya has instead opted to title the film as ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ – a title derived from a popular bhajan, which clearly suggests that the film is a family drama.

Prem Ram Dhan Payo

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will go on floors in the last week of May or first week of June, as soon as Salman is done with the ongoing shooting schedule of KICK. He has given 180 days to the film.

Sonam Kapoor has been cast as the female lead, while Anupam Kher, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepak Dobriyal and Swara Bhaskar have also been signed to play important roles. The music of the film will be composed by Himesh Reshammiya.

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  • Title could have been better…A bit hard to remember..They might change the title looking at the audiences’ response…Anyway, we will definitely watch this movie…

    @indicine, the person called “@sss” has used the term “bhojpuri” for Salman again. Should we use different name against SRK like sarkar of paglapur too? @Gunday Hai Hum also asked you whether you can continue your policy. But you failed here by allowing his comment here?

    • @Rkz, don’t consider ‘Bhojpuri’ a derogatory word as long as its not over-used. Its the same as calling a film a south Indian remake. Words like Rickshawala etc have been edited or deleted. Thanks.

  • @sss Shut up.. Firstly both films will not clash, Don’t talk about Don vs Jaanemann,Don was remake of highly successful Amitabh film,while Jaanemann was thrashed by critics.

    and you are talking about OSO vs Saawariya,you might be dancing by defeating a newcomer Ranbir’s film….lol

    What about JTHJ vs SOS??
    JTHJ = SRK+yrf+kat+ar rehman+gulzar+anushka+Yash chopra’s last film + good reviews by critics + more screens=120crs…

  • very different n classic title.. perfect title for a diwali family film.. all the haters just remember the legacy salman sooraj combo has.. also remember that it will be very refreshing to see a traditional family film in today’s time.. the anticipation will be huge.. as far is music is concerned himesh is the perfect choice.. he has a classical melody to his music n as well as the modern touch.. M sure he will come out with a melodious album..

  • @Babaji Ka Thullu,You don’t have knowledge, because you said jaaneman was thrashed by critics. lol..jaaneman is considered as one of the best movies of salman….and jaaneman was salman+akshay starrer while don was only srk starrer…

  • When title Jab Tak Hai Jaan has released it sounds awkward than after some days its sounds good so thats not big deal with ”Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” its sounds different and catchy from todays movies title. Salmam & Sooraj will definitely gona rock.

  • @Indicine, as you @sss has already over used term “Bhojpuri”. It’s somehow justified when someone calls Salman a south remake khan. (In fact, everyone has worked in remakes or south remakes.) But has he made any Bhojpuri film? Then, why don’t you allow quoting from an official film called Yeh Hai Bakrapur?

    @sss, hit the nerve?? Babaji asked u to shut up. u better do it. u make no sense…OSO vs Sawariyaa?? Both film had Salman Khan. In fact, the form had Salman’s brother and his sister-in-law in cameos. Jaanemann was directed by HNY’s editor. That’s why it flopped. Besides, Salman was having extremely bad phase of his life. The rest has been explained by babaji..Think of JTHJ vs SOS as well.

    dont underestimate sooraj-salman’s combo…

  • Very good title…movie will shatter all Bo records unless it turns another mhpkd or ek aisa bhi vivah. I trust on Suraj like rajkumar hirani when it’s comes to box office.
    But get ready for
    Bundhi k laddu, jilebiya, samose, kachori, gajar ka halwa, rasgulle, ice cream even this is not enough then Aloknath is there with his suger candy expressions.
    All baabus will come under same roof like Vivek baabu, prem baabu, Vinod baabu, Anand baabu, anurag baabu etc
    Sonam will be another sonali bendre very sweet and lovely
    Salmans father will be one of the biggest and reputed industrialist.
    Finally Aloknath will say his samdhan
    Pichle janam zaroor Maine koi achche kaam kiye Jo muze aisa sanskari bahu mili

  • @babaji ka thullu u always says something negative about srk. Make ur mind that jthj did more business than SOS. Critics rating doesn’t reflect in Bo collection else lunchbox would have been atbb and ce might have turn flop.
    No of screen dosent matter else gulab gang would have done twice than queen.
    If working in remake movie is criteria of success then himmatwala would have been bb.
    If big directors music director actress lyricist ensure box office draw then billu 25 cr would have never done more business than yuvraj 15cr (salman, Katrina, gulzar, rehman, Subhash ghai, Jacky)
    If u hate srk no issue but at least don’t lie. There was huge negativity around don and criteric was giving positive reviews for janeman.
    I respect sachin11 and navin as a srk haters because they never lies but always make fun on him.

  • what a lovely title. wow! in a world where we have all kinds of crazy and weird titles, prem ratan dhan payo gives a very traditional and refreshing title. it sounds very soothing. you just know its a rajshri movie. and with salman playing the iconic prem and sooraj directing you know you are in for a treat. MPK, HAHK, HSSH revisited! i hope the days of simple, pure and heart touching cinema is back.

  • its a typical indian title, but don’t worry this film gonna be huge if content is good, if only title matters for movie faith than actor should interview many Pundits who decide movie name. This movie will create euphoria due to Salman-Sooraj duo and if won’t work than due to content not the title.

  • @Floppy thanks for giving this idea which u applied during ‘Jab tak hai Jaan’ but we don’t need to write on paper like u as we don’t belong to floppy era and we have memory cards on phones where the name can be saved.lol

  • @srk-the baap of 9 hits actor so it means Srk is too old so he should be work as a grandfather of Ranbir kapoor, its better for him unlike he will keep injured by braking glasses of thermacol. Lol. Grandfather srk of bakra fans now doing HNY and Raees kind of film in this age while he should shoot for movies like ‘zindagi ka safar jo beet gaya’. Kya baat h Salman,aamir,hr to apne baap se bhi aage nikal gaye, poor Papa of some Bakras.

  • @sss The best title for any movie in the history of bollywood is none other than ‘Maya memsaab’.lol

  • Great title and nice to see the illiterates coming out in force complaining of headaches bcoz of the length of the title…. Now they know how audiences felt when watching Jab Tak Hai Jaan which was about 2 hrs longer than it needed to be- that film should have ended when Lord Jesus won the girl but no our green envied King had to have his way n bore the Lord into submission and finally give up Kat to the suicidal come addicted Samar…!

  • No one is talking about rajshree production-
    Rajshri Productions, the film production division of Rajshri, was set up in 1962. Its first release Aarti was critically acclaimed and was screened at international film festivals. This was followed by Dosti, a non star-cast film which went on to become a mega success at the box-office. Dosti was presented the National Award for the Best Hindi Film of the Year (1964) and also won six Filmfare Awards.Rajshri Productions made several successful and critically acclaimed movies between 1960s and 1980s like Dosti, Uphaar, Geet Gaata Chal, Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se, Chitchor, Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye and Saaransh. ‘Saaransh’ ..

    Dosti-Super hit
    Jeevan Mrityu – Hit
    Dulhan wohi jo piya man bhaye- Hit

    while YRF from 1970-1989 u find it idiots???????

    and in between 1989-1994 two ATBB yet small benner compare to yrf / dp why BCOZ they have not one and only KING KHAN SRK

  • finally salman will do a movie which is not masala type,same as jai ho no item song like munni,fevicol,not a south remake and not a nobrainer type in short a lovely movie like qsqt,hahk,mpk,ddlg and chennai express

  • Guys today is a birthday of legend Aamir Khan, may god bless him and his well wishers and his haters too. Hope he will continue his superb success with SMJ and P.k. Love you man. Keep rocking. Prem Ram dhan payo ji aur Aamir’s Day aayo ji.lol.

  • 1st of all,did I hurt anyone?I think no.

    @babaji ka thullu,why are you talking unnecessary things only against SRK.but many things you didn’t know,lol,let me explain,look-

    you said why sos vs JTHJ happened?answer is due to sallu,he convinced ajay to release sos with it.didn’t you know how many elements sos contained-

    sos=ajay+sonakshi+salman+sanjay+himesh reshamiya’s hit music+MASALA ENTERTAINMENT=100cr only with 2000screen vs JTHJ(2600 screens).

    salman did this only to hold the highest grosser,because if he wouldn’t have done this,than add sos’s figure 100cr with JTHJ=225cr,that means JTHJ could had earned 205 cr and would have beat 3idiot’s record and could’ve been the highest grosser of 2012.because no one can stand against LEGEND JODI YASHJI+KING SRK,lol.now don’t give any explanation,JTHJ logically the highest grosser of 2012.

    so basically you want to say ajay have more star power than KING KHAN,then see 2013,lol.

    CE>>>>>ouatimd(akshay)+madras cafe(john)+satyagraha(BIGB+ajay+arjun).before giving just read comment of one named @Hrithik _Rulez,what he wrote for ett and CE lol,you know what SRK is the only Genuine Megastar who didn’t afraid of clash unlike sallu and amir.SRK is the CLASH WINNER and ONE MAN ARMY.

    also about DON vs jaaneman,I’m talking about star power and it has no relation with remakes,lol,because as DON is a remake so no one should interested about it,but why they choose DON instead of great star power of sallu+akshay?

    so what I ask is,is salman alone in prdp or any supporting actor is there,otherwise it is very tough to give competition against one man army,lol?

    @babaji,I think the most foolish thing you wrote is good critics rating,in today’s generation masala films earns more than classic films,otherwise salman couldn’t have hold 5bbs as non of his bbs are even below average according to critics,lol.so moral is SRK never told anyone to clash with him,it’s all others who are itching for clashes and they got their results.

    so @babaji,don’t give foolish comments and shut up.

  • 2indicine,as you allowed @babaji ka thullu’s comment,so hope you’ll also my 12:51am comment,it’s very important to clarify his doubt,if there any misuse of word there,kindly edit it and kindly publish it and show it to all.

  • @sss,@sht
    When you bash others,then it is,right,and when babaji does,then hungama ho gya!!!
    And plz don’t make stupid comments..
    WOM and critics rating are important for B.O collection.
    3idiots,excellent reviews and wom took it to 202crs,from an opening day of 13crs.
    Take Teesmaarkhan,13crs opening day,lifetime 72crs due to poor reviews and WOM.
    Stars can only guarantee good opening days or weekend,rest depends on the quality of film.

  • @sht
    Plz for god’s sake don’t write so foolish comments…that why Lunchbox could’nt earn more than CE…
    CE was an entertaining film,with SRK,Rohit shetty and was highly awaited.
    Lunchbox was an artistic film.You did’nt know the film’s actress’ name also before its release.But still good reviews helped it to gross 22crs.Irfan khan is’nt a superstar,and the film was’nt made to gross 200crs,even their producers in their wildest dreams would’nt have thought this.

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