Tiger Zinda Hai New Still

Director Ali Abbas Zafar shared a new still from the upcoming Christmas release ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and it looks like the film, featuring Salman Khan in the lead, which has some heavy-duty action sequences.

Earlier, Salman had said the film has never-before-scene sequences “Tiger Zinda Hai is going to be bigger than Ek Tha Tiger for sure. It begins from where we left off in part one. Tiger Zinda Hai has things that you have never seen before in Indian cinema. We are making this film on a huge scale, especially the action.”

He further added “The action scenes that I have shot with the team in Austria and Abu Dhabi are on another level. There are horses, tanks, big weapons and there’s this whole army, military backdrop. It’s like something you see in Hollywood films.. The plot is also inspired by a real incident. It’s a really nice script. I cannot tell you what the true story is, as Adi (Aditya Chopra) will kill me!”

Zafar had also said the climax is going to be heavy on firing “Ready to fire 10000 rounds of fire @TigerZindaHai #Armoury …The Madness Begins …”

‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ is one of the most expensive films to be produced by the industry. The film produced by Yash Raj films will release in theatres on December 22nd 2017.

Tiger Zinda Hai New Still - Salman Khan



  • “Indicine” mark this statement :
    TZH takes Thunderstorm opening …. First film to breach 50cr in a day ….250cr in week 1

  • If Music is at the level of ek tha tiger tiger zinda hai may beat bahubali opening day and opening weekend or may be 1st week,bit dont think about 2nd week or so..

  • No one was interested in tubelight for flop music,salman look,sohail khan,foreign type theme,fake critics reviews and post bahubali.people were almost spent a huge amount of money in bahubali ,so they missed tubelight

  • Why do all tag their films ‘inspired by real incident’ now-e-days ??? then there’s a flood of uninteresting biopics in Hindi cinema, they are simply confused how to promote their films… And firstly how to make their films – even biographies of some of the biggest persons are enough to be read in newspapers and books rather portraying them in an uninteresting way (For e.g. too many and the upcoming starring Harshwardhan Kapoor – biopic of ‘Abhinav Bindra’ (belonging a super rich family, took training in Germany and won Gold for India in Shooting in the Olympics, is it interesting enough to be a film ?)… The use of ‘inspired by real’ is being exploited…!

    • Blockbuster? LOL. Semi Hit ho jaaye to bhi Bahoot badi baat hai. We all know salman sir’s stardom which was exposed by tubelight and jai ho.

  • Every still of Tiger Zinda Hai is looking exceptional and its been a long time since we have watched a big action film in theatres. I expect a juggernaut opening from this film..a 100 crore weekend is a real possibility.

  • @Shaivs; Even I am a regular Gym Person, its almost 8 years I am doing exercise, and you an Idiot Body Double is used only for death defining stunts only not for a scene where actor has to just stand and fire a weapons and every actors use Body Double even in Hollywood……

    In Sultan 95% action scenes are done by Salman….You Idiot

    And talking about Body, so you fool Salman is one who introduce 6 pack trend in Bollywood……Don’t compare him with new actors he is 50 plus now……show some respect to these actors who work so hard only to entertain people and some losers like you……

  • No Doubt that TZH will be HGOTY, but I will not predict any figures now……

    But I think I am sure that the 1st day, 1st weekend and 1st week will be all time higher in Bollywood even with normal weekend (Bahubaali is not Bollywood movie but it may challenge that figure too)…

  • @Ashish;
    You Idiot Salman left that movie because of his friendship with Ajay……Both Ajay and Akki are his friend so he kept himself out of this awkward situation……Everyone knows that Salman always keep his family and friends above his profession……He always listen to his Heart…..

  • Haters A*S are burning like HELL, that too with just small pics……Abhi tak toh Salman ki full pic bhi nahi aayi hai……with just 2 pics (one with ‘eye’ and other with ‘hand’) they are shocked don’t know what will happen when Trailer comes out…….

    Becharo ko kuch nahi mil raha troll karne ke liye toh, they are saying that its body double arm….LOL……If this is body double arm then all Srk romantic scenes in all movies are done by body double, all Akki stunts are also done by body double, all Aamir and Hrithik stunt scenes in Dhoom series are also done by body doubles….STUPID HATERS….

  • No other Actor can generate such a Huge Buzz with just small pic……

    When we talk about movie Buzz then Salman Khan movies are on another level……No movie gets such a huge Buzz besides Salman Khan movies……Craze for his movie is always HUGE…….

  • Till date in 2017
    1st Day
    1st Weekend
    1st Week
    Business are belong to Salman Khan movie even though it get all the negativity…….Power of Salman Khan’s Mega-Stardom……

  • Opening – 38 + Crore
    Opening Weekend – 110 + Crore
    Opening Week – 220 + Crore
    Life Time Business- – 326 + Crore
    Verdict – All Time Blockbuster

    • Don’t speak fake kick dialogue moron. You are proving yourself dumber and dumber day by day. No one can match Hollywood action stars like sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. You are no doubt a riksha waala so what else can we expect from your tiny mind?

      • @Truth Hurts;
        What I said was a “Truth”, and it again “Hurts” you…..So another example which shows that your title suits you……HaHaHa

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