‘There’s only one Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’ – Wesley Snipes

American Actor, Producer and Martial artist Wesley Snipes has said that he loves the world of ‘song and dance’ that the Indian film industries create in their films.

He also said that he hopes to travel to India someday and feature in a film starring Shah Rukh Khan.

“I love the world of song and dance and have travelled to India in my dreams. In that dream I was doing a Bollywood film too” he told Mumbai Mirror.

When he does find time to visit India, the actor has three things on his bucket list; learn Kalaripayattu under a martial arts guru and study the Ayurvedic form of healing in Kerala, take a Bollywood dance class and act in an action-thriller with Khan.

When asked which Khan he would like to work with, he said “There’s only one Khan, Shah Rukh Khan”

The two actors met in 2008 at a party hosted by Shahrukh at his hotel in Dubai.

“We also met on Broadway and one day I will act and work with him” Wesley said.

Shah Rukh posted a tweet to Wesley, which read “Whenever u say my friend. I am a fan.. say the time & place I will be there to share screen space with the Blade!!!”

via Mumbai Mirror



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