Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor on the sets of Ki & Ka

Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan were spotted on the sets of their upcoming film ‘Ki & Ka’ directed by R. Balki of ‘Paa’ and ‘Cheeni Kum’ fame.

The two actors were spotted shooting, cutting cakes and also posing for pictures with fans.

Have a look.

Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor on the sets of Ki and Ka

Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor on the sets of Ki and Ka

Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan shooting for Ki and Ka

Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan shooting for Ki and Ka

Kareena Kapoor Khan Ki and Ka on location

Kareena Kapoor Khan Ki and Ka on location

Kareena and Arjun Kapoor all caked up on the sets of Ki & Ka

Kareena and Arjun Kapoor all caked up on the sets of Ki & Ka

Kareena with a fan on Ki and Ka set

Kareena with a fan on Ki and Ka set



  • ArjunK looking like a fatty guy…!!…

    On the whole arjunK hasn’t managed a single solo hit in his career…all his films hv worked due to alia,, yrf etc…!!…

    On the whole… Ki and Ki is going to be biggest disaster of 2016….!

    Definitely will not watch this movie even if i m offered free ticket….!

  • ALL TIME DISASTER… not interested.. Only fool will watch flop arjun kapoor…

    I am looking forward to sultan,shivaay, hf3 , airlift, azhar biopic n rustam in 2016..

  • Flop Arjun kapoor should give a hit on his own.. He has not got any fan following of his own.. He should quit acting job.. Tumsa na ho payega beta…

    Please boney kapoor why u bring this torture flop arjun to us

  • Kapoor clan is responsible for nepotism in btown.. And arjun kapoor is good for nothing.. Why he is he getting films.?? Isse accha mujhe cast kar lete, mujhme kya kam hai?

  • Movies which will disaster/flop next year

    ki and ka
    jagga jassos

    movie which will be hit/blockbuster

    azhar biopic
    namstey london2

  • Worst actor…worst movie of next year guaranteed….!!…

    Superflop disaster…

    this film looks so cliche. Same old
    story with over dramatic flashes…..Arjun kapoor the 3rd class flop star…. I am not gonna watch it eveb when its DVD releases…

  • 3 idiots. 25 mins role in total
    Golmaal 3 20 mins role in total
    Ra 1, 40mins role
    Bodyguard 30mins role
    Singham returns 15 mins role
    Bhajrangi bhaijan 15 mins role

    All above A list superstars 100 crores movie
    featuring kareena.

    Ki and ka. 2hours full fledged role without a doubt.
    Kareena with arjun???? Hmmm this is serious. Well at least after heroine she will do another lead role!!

  • ATBB in making.it should easily cross bajrangi baijaan’s collections and i am sure it will be bettr thn any salman films in his career.

  • Huge blockbuster is guaranteed,this film will break every records.just wait you darpok khans your baap arjun kapoor is coming.

  • 2 states 102cr collected more than Flopmir’s TheLaash 93cr Floprukh’s mnik 75cr and Flopman’s every film before crapfest dabangg.
    Arjun kapoor will conquer bollywood with ki and ka,it will be cult film in the history of indian cinema mark my words.
    khans must hv started shivering like hritik roshan by now in fear of arjun kapoor,the baap of bollywood.

  • I love R.Balki’s films, even Shamitabh was great, but this one looks horrible… Come on, why did he take such flop actors ?? :/

  • This movie will be a garbage disaster just like its title. YUCKKKKKKKKK what a pathetic title.. Pathetic starcast specially ugly talentless flop non-actor arjun kapoor…….

  • i am replacing my idol arjun kapoor by sooraj pancholi in my youngistan team,sooraj please film the registration of my youngistan team.
    my team now—
    ratbir kapoor(captain)
    va run The Van
    ran veer singh
    sid Earth Mal Hot ra
    Susushant raj pot
    Susooraj pehan choli

  • Industry’s biggest flop is Marigold
    and any can not break Marigold’s
    huge record of 35 lac lifetime.
    Salman Fans. Akshay Kumar is self
    made Superstar he did not came
    with father or mother’s names like
    your Criminal Bhaijaan.
    Akshay Kumar has a record of
    highest non holiday grosser of All
    Akshay Kumar is more Fit than
    Salman ur Salman has his body
    shape like potato hahaha…
    Akshay Kumar best in every kind of
    Akshay Kumar is 3rd best action
    hero in the world.
    Akshay Kumar do not release his movie
    after an year or two years.
    #Respect Mr #Akshay_Kumar
    #Fear The #Daredevil #Khiladi

  • Arjun kapur Iz the paap of Bollywood .
    Nd his only fan @Arjun yungistaan Iz The biggest disaster ever born on earth .

  • I think ki an ka wil be epic
    flop.the title itself is flop
    just look at their age difference
    karina 35yrs,arjun kapur 30yrs.age difference is nt big problem in hollywood
    Ki and ka 1st day 4cr
    weekend 15
    lifetime 25cr

  • Hit like if u think arjun kapoor overacts and becomes to oversmart that there is no as smart as him
    Ghatiya bakwas actor

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