The role of PR (Public Relations) in promoting a film

While most are well aware of the importance of marketing while promoting a film, not many are aware of the importance of PR – Public Relations.

PR and Marketing go hand in hand – When a promotional event for a film is planned, the role of PR is maximising the reach and coverage of the event across various platforms. A great PR agency ensures that the event gains maximum eyeballs and is covered across news channels.

For example – If a trailer launch of any forthcoming film is planned – the role of PR is to inform the various journalists about the event, ensure and track the coverage of the event. If a certain film plans to promote itself in various cities like many films plan their city promotions in various cities – then the role of PR is to tap the local media in those cities and ensure the event gets covered in the local press in that city (e.g Rajasthan Patrika is the leading newspaper when you visit Rajasthan).

Unlike marketing, PR of a film begins the moment a film is announced. If a film is announced and is all set to go on floors for shoot, the role of a PR company is to get exclusive news and stills from the shoot and constantly be in news till the trailer and songs from the film are out. That’s why a PR job is actually a lot longer and more challenging job than marketing.

There are various PR companies that have worked on some of the best films recently. We have mentioned a few companies along with the films that they have handled in recent times – in no particular order

  • Mandvi Sharma (Chennai Express, Happy New Year)
  • Spice PR (Ghajini, Taare Zameen Par, Welcome, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)
  • Raindrop Media (Aashiqui2, Hasee Toh Phasee , Tevar)

Now that you know the difference between PR and marketing, tell us the best job that a PR company has done to keep the movie in news – right from the announcement to its theatrical release.



  • some one said that hny didn’t crossed kick, lol’s. seriously you want hny, a film with mixed wom to collect over a film with positive wom!!!!

  • I think it has to be SRK all the way.
    The energy he exudes while promoting his move magnanimous.
    Best example is the Slam Tour. To be travelling half the globe in around a weeks time is no mean job and then to perform and give countless interviews and attend multiple shows in between. It real does take a toll but SRK does it with ease.
    Be it organising shows for his movie or creatin games based on his movie or even putting a full fledge web page about the movie.
    Kudos to SRK.
    Next I guess would be Amir.
    @hrithik. Guess u would be aware about him getting Padma shri. Guess that’s an Indian award of importance. Sorry didn’t know tat u were an illiterate brigade.

  • @Gj007, agreed but Salman let’s the product speaks for itself rather going overboard with the film. He makes sure his films give right dose of entertainment to his fan base. Else, they won’t come back theatres to watch the films multiple times. For example, jai ho was less entertaining. There were hardly any repeating audiences.
    So, He tries not to disappoint his fans. Simple, he serves what he promises.

    @Sambuddha Mukherji, do you think u bash Navin? In your dream baby! You insensible fellow doesn’t even understand that he bashes left to right and strips u off in public!

  • @Noam : Peek inside yourself before pointing towards others. Your Srk is not even in good books of many actors, if I start counting from Sunny Deol to Manoj Kumar it will be more than half of industry. Getting many awards from goras is neither a character certificate nor a true recognitions !!!!!! btw I am from Bangalore too, if I am illiterate so you are too. You cant even Imagine whats my work & designation (I never wanted to brag it but you forced it) forget comparing it !!!!!!!!! Last thing Padma Bhushan (Aamir got it) is higher than Padma Shri.

  • @sky… Well said…spot on!
    @megha…. Yup u have a point! Agree with u..typical example of wot u said….RA ONE!
    Yeah SRK is d best when it comes to promotions! don’t forget HNY was d 1st film trailer to b released on wats app and Facebook!

  • No offence SRK fans…great respect 4 him!! But am I d only one that just read according to TIMES OF INDIA that HNY failed to cross 200crores????..
    This is d 3rd MOST RELIABLE SOURCE (TOI) after BOX OFFICE INDIA and WIKIPEDIA…. all as at 19/11/14…

  • Very good article indicine. …….some time PR of rival group acting against movie…They spread negativity. …is it correct indicine?

  • @sani D according to same source singham return did 140 cr domestic. Worldwide gross is 203 cr less than HNY domestic gross (239). Forget about 330 cr worldwide. For u Elephant (srk) always looks bigger than dog (devgan) even though he is sleeping

  • Though all of em have listed the best marketed or promoted movie, i feel the best marketed or promoted movies in the last few years have been ‘Peepli Live’.

    The buzz created by the trailer, character interviews and other marketing techniques were so brilliant, that the movie grossed more than 4 times its cost.

    It wouldn’t even have grossed 10% of that if Aamir had not marketed it the way he did. Who would have gone to the cinemas to see an arty movie that has god only knows who the actors were.

  • @SHT ….looks FAR OLDER I agree!!
    Poor boy…TRUTH IS BITTER!!
    For many here we all know DAT 239….is an illusion!!
    TIMES OF INDIA your countries most PRESTIGIOUS news ARCHIEVE has it!!!
    BOX OFFICE INDIA….most reliable SOURCE to follow up collections of Hindi movie ….INDIA most TRUSTED SITE!!
    WIKIPEDIA!!… I dont have to tell u d meaning if if u seem so so DUMB!!! My SINGHAM wasn’t ADULTERATED!! Every one knows it hit 141!! NOTHING CAN MAJE US BELIEVE DAT HNY CROSSED 200CRORES !! NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!!
    When ur ELEPHANTS GETS HIS 6TH HUNDRED CRORES MOVIE THEN TALK!! As for SINGHAM LION SIR….SHHHH!!! Nb: don’t waste your time replying rather go and get more sound and knowledgeable with your countries movie STASTIC!! U R SO DULL!!!…am not coming back to did save ur energy or COMMENT WONT B READ BY ME EXCEPT IF WE MEET SOMWHERE ELSE…phir takaar(woh bhi KHOSHISH) ka bhool karle ..Haathi ka chamxha VS SINGHAM!! BAAT KART HAI!!!…..also…330 crores world wide??? Awww almost 170 CRORES SHORT OF AAMIR KHAN DHOOM3!!!! ….see u wen u grow up!

  • For all those that saw bang bang classified as 100-150crores movie just go to TIMES OF INDIA… or goggle/bing /yahoo…. AND TYPE HAPPY NEW YEAR FAILS TO REACH 200CRORES DESPITE DIWALI RELEASE….. learn more …knowledge is power!!

  • @Anand

    Agreed. Salman doesn’t create hype around his films. That happens mostly with Aamir. I mean he creates tower high expectations, which can be quite disappointing sometimes. Happened with me with Dhoom 3 where I thought this was going to be something spectacularly unusual but it ultimately ended up being a disappointment for me. Some may bash me for this, but I genuinely enjoyed Talaash. It had raw emotions.

    Nothing wrong with Salman’s way. Ultimately if the film satisfies expectations of the audience and does a decent (in case of Salman, mostly blockbuster) business, no issues with standard marketing!

  • &sani D either u r acting like childish or u don’t know box office. Read carefully what I wrote above
    As per same source singham return net 140 and HNY 179
    World wide Gross collection singham return 203 check wiki, Boi toi
    World wide gross
    HNY 335-340 (same source)
    As far as I know 350 is more than 203
    According to u singham return is outperform and HNY is underperform….agree
    So elephant (srk) is even dead still looks bigger than dog (devgan). I had only replied to ur earlier comment just to stop dragging srk and HNY every where. If u don’t know about subject topic just ignore or do like or dislike others comments.

  • @shit. Pls double indolant standard srk fans like u r real disgrace to d ASLI SRK FANS!! I follow d comments of d Singham fans u envy and they talk nice things about srk when due but ppl like u make them to bash and bash u and worst is these r guys that r not full Indians based abroad but u stand no where near them interms of assimilating and understanding d Real world! Am a Canadian and we call ppl like u disguised freaks of well respected celebrities like SRK!

  • look at hny after too much promotion still less than kick. i found even akshay kumar’s flop movies are more entertaining than srk’s hit movies forget about akki and salman’s hit movies.

  • @Sri. Don’t try to be oversmart. There are many people like u r claimed they’re neutral but desguise form of srk haters I don’t think so u have read entire comments of different users this was very good topic to be discuss and many already put their opinion until sani D spoiled it with his off topic comment. And I had just replied him. U r acting like smart person then y don’t u replied him. I like many people here even though are srk haters like navin, sky, ajay rocks, babaji Anand sachin11 nipun etc because they don’t manipulates numbers like sani D who refers different sources for collections for different actors I hardly involve in any discussion unless it is not related to Bo.

  • @SHT… For your kind info Mr wateva am an ajay d and ranveer Singh fan! Also manipulate figure? U put 239 domestic for happy new year???? Even chennai express wasn’t up to 239crores domestic so who is manipulating figure? TOI published it yesterday dat HNY dddnt make it to d 200crore club so r u challenging them? Box office India places HNY with 176 crores so r u challenging them? I just checked wikipedia yestr nyt and same figure 177 so Sani D was right u just didn’t have d guts to digest it OK!
    By d way I didn’t reply him cos he was right! We do discuss and reply each other okay! So don’t b having inferiority complex if some big time facts are forwarded to u!!! I don’t hare srk I respect him a lot but calling Ajay dog was too matured of u. Stay safe wit your inferiority complex

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