‘The love we get in Kolkata, makes all of us happy’ – SRK

Shahrukh KhanTerming his team Kolkata Knight Riders’ smashing victory over Delhi Daredevils “wonderful”, an exuberant Shahrukh Khan felt elated to “return back” to the “city of joy” for the opening match of the sixth edition of Indian Premier League.

“Yea it’s wonderful the whole team has fared. They are all here and they have been looking forward to carrying on from where they left off.

“What makes me even happier is that we had the opening ceremony here and the city which has been so kind to us for so many years, we could return back what we are best at, which is entertainment,” Khan told a TV channel at the end of the match between defending champions KKR and Delhi Daredevils at Eden Gardens here Wednesday.

Khan and Bollywood’s leading ladies Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif had enthralled over 50,000 spectators at a glitzy IPL-6 inaugural ceremony at Kolkata’s Salt Lake stadium Tuesday.

The superstar celebrated KKR’s emphatic six-wicket win over a depleted Delhi Daredevils with a victory lap with Padukone in tow, around the Eden Gardens arena.

“I get so much happiness and love from the city of joy, to be honest. I have experienced lot of goodness and niceness in life but what I get in Kolkata, KKR gets in Kolkata, all our friends, my children, our family, the whole KKR team -we feel so happy. I think we owe it to the city that we share some joy some energy whatever little in our small way we do,” Khan said.



  • what a fantastic performance by srk’s kkr team in opening match. sunil narine you really are a superman for KKR.

  • All hail KKR !!!!!!
    What a great match. At first kkr was the weakest team but now look at them , nothing can stand in their way!!

  • KKR and SRK rocks in IPL…But Salman is still busy in collecting Ghanta and Kela awards.@Navin, 3 days to go for Wrestlemania…your time is up, my time is now.

  • KKR had great win but no surprises in seeing buddha srk trying to hog the limelight for himself. Buddha srk went on a Victory Lap Parade and the entire audience started pelting him with rotten kelas and srk was heard saying:- “feed me more, feed me more, feed me more…!”. Buddha srk loves playing with kelas of all colours and sizes and this made the crowd throw even more kelas at Srk.
    yes @John Cena Fan you too like playing around with kelas of all sizes and colours but you only have 3 more days to continue this fetish of yours before the Rock dismantles your joke of a wrestling career in 1 solitary night.
    @star bhai roxXxXx and the Rock roxXxXxXx too

  • That Is the Prove that Every One loves SRK,
    whichever place he goes people will rush to see him

  • It’s true that due to KKR, SRK got a huge amount of fans at Calcutta itself.
    He is the brand ambessedor of W.B. Tourism and each time he flew for W.B., he gets a huge appreciation from CM and other government officials there.
    So, actually it’s a big achievement for a bollywood superstar to get such a space into political and sports corners. It is his hard work and well targetted plans , which made him so popular and famous among each and every aspect of IPL.
    So, haters may talk whatever nonsense, in their low voice, they also used to praise SRK and his KKR…:)

  • Srk indirectly saying Kolkata is a better place than Mumbai coz he is banned from entering Wankhede stadium. He is not even Thankful towards the city which made him a star n has given so much. Thats the true color of srk!!

  • All i hear from srk fans is that people love him, people love him, but why are these loving people not seeing his movies?

    He is a filmstar first, so if he has so huge following and love why is his magnum opus movie not even breaking record of Salman’s Ready?

    If he was the global star, his movies should be fetching around 200-300 cr, but it is not. So, something is wrong isn’t it?

    This is simple logic, and every fading star’s fans just doesn’t follow this – no amount of Touring Shows, TV shows, Entertainment Shows or Media PR will work any magic. The thing that matters the most is the Box Office.

    And, the numbers are there to tell continuously from the last 5 years.

    How many more proofs these guys require?

  • @hritic my prediction came true. I told you yesterday kkr win against dd and kkr won. Our home ground eden garden was houseful. If you hate srk then i wouldny ask you to love him.. but plz support your home team kkr

  • @JC, Srk does not have any tapories or rickshawalas as his fan, and for conflict with sallu these kind of people don’t watch his film. That’s why his flims don’t do wonders in the box office.

  • @ Romance express : If KKR won congrats to you but what should I do? Dance ?? :P Moreover KKR is not my home team. The Royals (RCB) Challenger Bangalore is my home team. Predicting outcome of 1 match is nothing, if you have guts tell me who is going to win this year IPL ?

  • @Dr. no : It seems you got JTHJ disease from xzone, IMAM, John Cena fan, remotecontrol and many more demented srkians. Do you know the rickshawalas and taporis includes srk kids as they are Salman’s big fans. So if you call Salman fans tapories then accept srk is father of tapories and rickshawalas !!


  • @Kingshuk Bhattacharjee: ETT was not south remake it was better collection after 3-Idiots it is not that only south remake movies are hit. JOLLY LLB, DIRTY PICTURE KAI PO CHE is some of the examples for your information.

  • @Kingshuk Bhattacharjee

    Before release of MNIK,RA1,Don2 & JTHJ all Srk fans said same what you are saying about CE.
    Only difference is that first time they said Srk & Karan are back & they will create magic of KKHH again.
    Then they said its bollywood first superhero which take bollywood to level of hollywood etc etc.
    Then they said this time king is back to action.
    And final one is fav. romantic gener with king of romance Yash Chopra.

    Every time you guys saw dreams of 200 crs & some how films just touched 100 crs.

    Now after all geners its time for Masala.!

    Ok see one more dream,because dreaming is totaly free of cost.

  • @Hritik. Where was Sallus fan during London dream. Total 28 cr business with the help of ajay. Nd who said people don’t watch his movies. lowest collection of his movie in past 10 years paheli 13 cr nd swades 17 cr. both were off beat and remaining were more than 35 crs now check how many Sallu has given desastrous collection than above two with mainstream like yuvraj, London dream veer god tusi great ho, Dil ne jise apna kaha marigold salami ishq. Jaaneman nf manyore

  • @kingshuk So the gist of your arguement is that Srk does films for the betterment of Indian Cinematic experience. Ok so Ra.one- a film heavily inspired and bordering on plagiarism from many B grade hollywood films is going to bring Bollywood international plaudits or ridicule do you think? Ra.one just like Toonpur Ka Superhero do not bring much plaudits internationally or domestic apreciation, nah nah all they bring India is widespread ridicule and a tight slap on our faces.
    Don 2- not quite on the lines of a Goodfellas or Casino but in gangster genre type films then RGVs Satya was a classic compared to crappy Don 2.
    JTHJ- if anything the film knocked romantic genre films back a century and may have scarred the legacy of Yash Ji beyond repair. Quite ironic when you consider that the self proclaimed King Of Romance has himself killed of the Romance genre films for the foreseeable future.
    So You see mr Kingshuk your King Srk has done more damage to Indian cinema with his last 3 crapfest films than can see with your rose tinted glasses. Get your eyes tested and take your keyboard to a pc repair store if you cannot fix your Caps lock problem. :-P

  • @hritic max chance to win ipl6 is mumbai indians, on paper mi is very strong and rcb bolling very week. But i support home town kkr.

  • Navin….like salwoman izz doin gr8 films for d upliftment of indian society n bollywud…lol
    Ett-raw agent becomes traitor
    Dabanng 2-corrupt police officer
    Bodyguard-seducing her boss…
    God bless indian cinema

  • @hritik, very funny but the thing is that srk’s kids are not sallu’s fan because they are too smart for sallu’s disgusting no story movies.
    First tapori to second tapori: bhai Dabang 2 kaisa laga?
    Second tapori: story ka kuch nahi samjha magar action scenes “FARRU THE BAAP”
    god bless ghanta bhai ;p

  • @Damnnn…! So people should pay extortionate rates to go to theatres and only watch films which showcase socially relevant films and somehow bore them to sleep. So you work 5 long days in the week and then come friday night you pay to watch some art film or a message filled film all in the pretence of bettering yourselves. Nah nah you fool, people go to watch Salman bhais films for 3 things:- Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.
    Its people like @kingshuk and morons like you who may want to waste your money to watch a srk film which teaches/ gives you a social message but dont have a pop at bhai fans when you’re bored senseless watching such crappy films from Srk and bhai fans are smiling their way out of theatres after being entertained nonstop by Salman bhai. Each to their own but when Masala filled Chennai Depress releases, we will see if you srkians are fully satisfied or once again bored senseless by Srks senseless and crappy acting.
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx

  • @Damnnn…!
    Try some of this, you may like it.

    Ra.one- seducing the wife of his creator… Disloyal aswell as being disgusting.
    Don 2- giving wrong impressions to impressionalbe youngsters that Gundagiri is ok….
    JTHJ- sleeping with Jesus’ girlfriend not once but several times…! Blasphemous and deserves divine punishment from God himself.

    @star Damnnn…! still talks like a sociopath who doesnt give a Damn about the nonsense he spouts out. :-P
    Bhai roxXxXxXx

  • @Dr.no: Dude this is a highly intelligent conversation between 2 Srkian friends.

    1st Srkian:- “yaar how did you find the love quadrangle in JTHJ?”
    2nd Srkian:- “quadrangle? What quadrangle?”
    1st Srkian:- “You know the one between King, Kat, Anushka and Jesus yaar!”
    2nd Srkian:- “naa yaar there was no love quadrangle. King loved Kat. Anushka loved King. Kat loved Jesus. But who did Jesus love??? So how could it be a love quadrangle when theres only 3 people in love and secondly where was Jesus during the movie? Jesus was invisible in the movie just like the Editor went missing post the filming otherwise Jesus’ part/ name would have been completely cut out.”
    1st Srkian:- “yaar you are spot on, wow you are a smart boy!”

    @Dr.no I guess Im wrong and Srkians are very intellectual and make very smart observations. :-P

  • Official Confirmation From Ormex Media poll:-
    1.filmfare award this year trp_4.8(srk)
    2.zee-cine award this year trp_3.8(srk)
    3.star guild award this year trp_3.7(salman)
    Note :- Star Guild 7.6 TRP News Is Total Wrong….

  • # navin

    Bodygaurd — makes fun of image bodyguard and disrespect poor people who works in post like BG

    ETT— Desh gaya bhar mein, mein pyaar karunga shame on this movie

    Dabangg2 — Meaningless with semi nude dance number effecting our social culture

    Shame on salman and his movies

  • @Dr. No : No, No, no… You are wrong again. Check this video :


    Moreover srk kids watched Dabangg 2 at home. I dont speak without a solid proof unlike u n ur mates.

  • @Sht : We were at same place as you were at time of Asoka, Billu Barber, Paheli, Zaamana Deewana, Oh! Darling yeh hai India, Guddu, English Babu Desi Mem, Yeh Lamhe Judaai ke n epic n sadak chhap class Maya Memsaab!!

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