The Happy New Year gang

Shahrukh Khan tweeted a new still from his upcoming film ‘Happy New Year’. “Farah Khan’s ‘Indiawaale’ gang. Miss having us all together as the film approaches the finish line. Happy New Year.”

Happy New Year, scheduled to release in theatres during Diwali, is nearing the end of its shoot.

Happy New Year Stars

From left: Vivaan Shah, Sonu Sood, Abhishek Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani



  • @Nipun Senior best comment ever..!!!
    Kkr stands for “King Khan Rulez”
    HNY will roar at boxoffice..I can feel it:)

  • This is what a hero dresses like! SRK in a tux! While other actors wear lehengas and look like drag queens!

  • Shame on copy khan srk. This looks copy of singh is king. They have ripped off ocean’s 11,players and cash but srkians are calling it innovative. Haha hypocrites. You are fooling yourselves. Iss diwali flop honge hny wale. Yes srk is daddy and he should play daddy roles now lol

  • Trying to look super cool like Danny Oceans gang but sadly they look worse than Abhisheks Players…!

    Deepika is the saving grace but rest are a bunch of jokers and Sarkar looked better in a lungi than the tux… Disaster look…!

  • @nipun,seriously you proved yourself the no.1 ISO certified morons.who until today didn’t watched such great movie and tried to teach acting whose actor failed miserably in films like kites,guzarish.if KHNH’S acting also overrated/overacting you really needs mental treatment and also you praised the same year release most overacted movies in my life kmg.what I need to say about you any more that’s it.whatever I thought at 1st you’re a sensible film watcher and now I confirmed you’re just a bit different from the gangs of bhojpuris but almost equal who tried to put down 100% PEOPLE’S MADE GREAT ACTOR KING KHAN unnecessarily only to show a poor actor I mean a failure 100% papa’s made actor.

    bhojpuris like @navin,@sachin11 are trying to tell everybody 3rd class south remake kick is better than this GREAT FILM.hope bhai’s film will get at least hit verdict otherwise our decade blockbuster star’s earning will shut down and he’ll again come back to his early 2000 time,lol.

    now after some time fans like @hrithik will argue with me why I commented against salman,I have a doubt that guy starts comment as @sachin11/@navin and ended comments with @hrithik or something else like @jc/@js,lol.

    whatever whose fans didn’t have the ability to win a poll even when united with others like amir fans,then in which way their star could win CAREER RACE started against THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.however this is Incredible India,anything could be possible here murderers like salman also become stars and even could earn with 3rd class remakes.and it is the same land where films like SWADESH couldn’t do great business but 3rd grade films like bg,ready,dabang,dabang2 earned.

  • @sss : Keep cooking your own stories. I wonder how your friends & family tolerate you !!!!! May God bless them for their tolerance level. Just 1 thing your so called self made king slept & ate at Salman’s home, became a son like figure to Yash ji, made friends with Adi & Kjo, still seek favors from Ekta & Jitu ji for solo release & does not see Aamir eye to eye just because he is a better actor than him. If People’s man is like this then you urgently need a treatment !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,did you see ever KING KHAN ate in salman’s house.even no one knows what kind of help salman gave to KING SRK even though HE didn’t want salman at that time.even though salman ever helped a bit but soon after he started to hate/jealous to KING KHAN which made the separation between them.but how could you family-less person could understood that who doesn’t know how someone feels if a member of his family killed by a you couldn’t be tolerated in the whole world.

    you made jokes after jokes,stories after stories.KING KHAN directly gave a slap amir in last 2 decades which led fan-less amir to join with salman.he knows very well only salman fans are who could praise his acting as their star is a non actor otherwise no one cares about amir’s acting,it’s his good choice of movies still he couldn’t be able to give hits with solo starrer movies like talash.really he ghanta and kela award juries always preferred amir/salman movies.that’s why amir is great actor,lol.your amir apologized to KING KHAN for his guilty that he had done in twitter,so he is the one who couldn’t match his eyes with LEGEND ACTOR,he still needs a tution from KING KHAN to do some exceptional acting in some LEGEND FILMS like BAAZIGAR/DARR.

    if YASHJI/Adityaji really cared about SRK then they would have took his real son uday chopra instead of KING KHAN.because they know very well they didn’t had a single blockbuster before working with KING KHAN.with out KING KHAN YRF/DP is just like vishesh productions.and your star salman made popular and being known among people due to his rivalry against THE SELF MADE GLOBAL MEGASTAR KING SRK.

    ha ha ha ha….that’s why said earlier once salman-amir fans they always made great stories.if you ask them why salman/amir have so much flops,they will talk about bbbs/4atbbs of whole life,that’s the only thing what they know really’s jitu and ekta who desperate and requested to get a release and KING KHAN gave more than half screen to their film but their film get doomed even with larger screen.that is also SRK’S you write wrongly poeple’s man in some film’s poster other than SRK’S FILM then that film will get the verdict just like jai who is mad I or your bhai who himself considered himself people’s man,lol,even though he is nothing with out his papa?so don’t make stories because I have each and every best reply to your each and every disgusting stories.

  • @sss SRk was fed and given shelter by King Salman when he was NOTHING. Now that traitor is backstabbing King Salman. Salman the big hearted man should never have helped that backstabber and let him rot.
    Salman and Aamir are the Kings and Srk is the one who eats their leftovers from the table. Backstabber would have rotted on streets if the two didnt help.

  • @sss : Your state of mentality shows by your
    own words : You asked whether I have seen srk
    eating at Salman’s home (which even srk had
    acknowledge many times) & you, yourself talking
    about Salman’s jealousy at start of srk career
    which has no official confirmation (atleast not
    until early 2000) !!!!!!!! you still urgently require a
    treatment, Get well soon !!!!!!!!

  • @Js @HRITHIK – Coming to SALMAN giving shelter to SRK even its true then FYI SRK never said or done anythingh bad to SALMAN….In return he dedicated his filmfare award to him, went on to him to show him his body during OSO, Acted along side him thrice, invited him to MANNAT etc…..and its SALLU who got drunked at KATs birthday party and bashed him and even openly said against him……after realising his mistake its him who tried to reconcil with SRK in iftar party to various award shows.

  • @Kingshuk : Initiating reconcilation does not mean that person was on fault or wrong it requires big heart & guts to do it unlike small hearted king & his arrogance. Btw Salman may be was drunked but it was Srk who instigated Salman as per Aamir & other guests present in KAT party !!!!!!!

  • Small hearted ???????LOLLLLL….By which means you are talking trash to defend SALLU…..It was salman who talked thrash to SRK not only in the birthday bash but also next day at an interview promoting God Tusi Great Ho…..SRK never provoked SALLU as he is not a person who go on rampage at others party.

  • hny burn srk haters. dabang bodyguard = CE. now ett jai ho kick = hny. Lol. tzp ghazini < OSo rnbdj. now dhoom3 pk < CE hny. Lol. king to king hi rehta hai. hny rocks haters shocks. burn haters burn. is divali royenge fans salman aamir vaale.

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