Hrithik Roshan watches Hollywood movie with his kids: Photos

Hrithik Roshan was spotted with his kids at the screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past, late last night. As soon as word spread that the superstar had come to watch a movie, media and fans gathered outside to catch a glimpse of the actor.

Hrithik waved to his fans before leaving in his car. Also spotted at the screening was Shahid Kapoor, Sonali Bendre and few others. Check out the photos.

Hrithik Roshan with his kids at X-Men Days Of Future Past screening

Hrithik Roshan with his kids at X-Men Days Of Future Past screening

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Shahid Kapoor at X-Men Days Of Future Past screening

Shahid Kapoor at X-Men Days Of Future Past screening



  • I wonder whether it is due to Divorce or Health issues, he has his lost his good looks to a certain extent. Feel really sorry for him. Hope spending time with kids would have brought some peace to him and wish all the best for Bang Bang!

  • Hrithik came to watch Xmen so that he can copy some elements of that film for Krrish 4..
    He always go out and watch a superhero hollywood film for copying.
    And he takes his kids also so that this habit of copying passes from one generation to the other

  • Hrithik is good father but our king is better father who made Ra one for them and other kids inspite of knowing that he looks joker in superhero costume and character

  • Hrithik always rock…

    There are reasons to hate SRK,Salman…but don’t understand why some poor guys hate HR…
    His fans are also sensible and genuine than SRK or Salman fans.

  • i knew someone would come up with a stupid comment just like dynamic’s comment.
    @dyanamic, you are dynamically and statically a stupid. we all remember how was ripped off from hollywood flicks. the suit and bike ripped from TRON:LEGACY,the chest piece ripped from IRON MAN,even the poster was ripped from BATMAN BEGINS. Still the movie fell flat on its face. do i need to say anymore ?

    Till now there is ONLY ONE successful superhero franchise in India, thats KRRISH. Haters gonna hate because Hrithik is their fav actors’ counterpart. History will remember that Science fiction and superhero genre which is the most money making genre in world today was brought to Indian Mainstream Cinema by Hrithik. I hope haters stop hating one on another and work together to take Bollywood ahead internationally. We can create our superheroes universe here, even Anurag Kashyap is making DOGA!

  • @Anupama, he’s looking much better and relaxed after the divorce. Last year, he was having health and marital issues.

    Days Of Future Past is an awesome movie, definitely one of the best Hollywood biggies of the year. Better than TASM-2, on par with Winter Soldier and Godzilla.

  • plz resolved the problems with Suzane. Hrithik & Suzane the most beautiful couple in the brown.

  • plz resolved the problems with Suzanne. Hrithik & Suzanne the most beautiful couple in the b-town.

  • @babaji ki lungi Maybe its because of nonsensical fans like you n ‘nipin senior’ that ppl hate on Hritic…! You guys arent exactly a shining light of decency on Khans articles n here you have the cheek to say you are decent fans…! Get real

  • @babaji:i agreed wid u. There is no reason to hate hrithik
    @dynamic:before coming to da article. I expected dat comment.but you’re saying as if raone was totally original. And btw,even indicine admitted dat k3 is best superhero film of bollywud so far.
    @anupama:somewhat agreed! But he still has dat attraction. The reason why hr is not looking greater than other pics of him is dat he is leaning.

  • @babaji ka thullu,of course you missed another one akki’s fans are always shameless.why we will hate hr?his fans are shivering and they always passed comments against KHANS even though hr learned a lot from KHANS then why couldn’t be the vice-versa happen.even hr fans are more insecure of ranbir kapoor’s success whose star still couldn’t stand with out his there is no need to be jealous/to hate hr because we feel shame upon such an superstar rather than we hate.he did 1st BO fraud incident and his fans are thinking themselves as smart as like hr.who knows may krrsih4 involve these stunts and for some of his fans it becomes another masterpiece like rohit series for them who claims himself as most sensible film watcher and blame ALL TIME LEGEND FILMS like DDLJ,KHNH,DTPH, only we could show our sympathy upon these mentally retarded losers rather we showe our anger upon them.according to me hr is nothing but one of a best dancer,that’s it.he have to learn acting from ranbir kapoor to make his film hit with out papa.

  • @sss stay in limits. Why r u pulling Akki here. Your chindi star Srk is nothing in front of legendary stars Akki and Hrithik. Khans have become old and will play grandfathers while Akki and Hrithik rule for another 20 years. And Ranbir is joker kid, lacks charm of hrithik and action style of Akki. he will soon be rejected by audience.

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