The beautiful Anushka Sharma on Elle Magazine

Anushka Sharma, who awaits the release of her upcoming film ‘Bombay Velvet’, graces the cover of Elle magazine for the month of May 2015.

The PK star looks beautiful in a Dior top and a Bodice skirt.

Have a look!

Anushka Sharma on Elle Magazine Cover

Anushka Sharma on Elle Magazine Cover



  • @indicine what’s the meaning of:-
    Anushka Sharma, who awaits the “look” of her upcoming film ‘Bombay Velvet’
    there should be “release” instead of “look”

  • Every actress who features on a cover is termed beautiful, dazzling, glamorous etc. Of the current top actresses, Katrina is the most beautiful (without make up) by a mile.

  • GABBAR is Back ReviewAKSHAY REDEFINES SUPERHERO‘Let’s give the drivel’ its due. Films about heroeswho harangue and punish the corrupt go back tothe time when Guru Dutt turned his back on ahopeless humanity in “Pyaasa”. Since then,corruption has grown epidemic. And so have filmson the theme.What sets “Gabbar is Back” apart in the genre isits unabashedly massy tone. Here is a film abouta man who decides to take charge of a socialorder on the brink of anarchy when all the formalfaculties fail. He doesn’t believe in reprimandingthe corrupt. He believes in punishing them withdeath.So, we have bribe-happy district collectors andother law enforcers hanging limp on trees andhoardings.Ouch!Yup, this Gabbar means business. And to thecharacter’s good fortune, he is played by the verywatchable Akshay Kumar. For my money andtime, Akshay is by far the most complete star-actor package among contemporary A-listerheroes in Bollywood. The way in which he delivershis lines on the rampancy of corruption, hisdemeanour and his wry detached disdain for thecorrupt, are all brought to the surface with aforceful equilibrium constantly at play.This is a star-actor at the pinnacle of his power.Akshay exudes the kind of understated confidencewhile delivering lines about a corrupt-free nation,that requires a lot of sang-froid, inner convictionand most important of all, an audience thatwould believe in the hero’s convictions.With due respect, none of the other A-listersuperstars of Bollywood have the power to swaythe masses with idealistic rhetoric. It’s in hiseyes. Akshay makes you situp and listen withoutraising his voice. To his good fortune, in“Gabbar…”, he gets lines about a Swachh Bharatthat are compelling rather than corny. The linesflow with furious passion without gettingswamped in a bombast. That’s a near-miraculousachievement in a film whichis designed as ahigh-octane melodrama with every sequencepunctuated by elaborate background acoustics(Sandeep Chowta).Rajat Arora’s dialogues are Akshay Kumar’sbiggest support system here. Director Krish,known down south for fashioning flamboyantfables, here exercises unexpected restraint whenone least expects it. This is where this film abouta self-appointed anti-corruption vigilante scores.It taps Akshay Kumar’s spiritual energy andharnesses it at key points of the narrative tounderscore rather than over-punctuate the themeof corruption.By the time Akshay’s Man Of The Masses gets tothe climax on top of a car todeliver a rousingspeech on youth power, thenarrative is perfectlyattuned to its leading man’s monkish equilibriumand how it can be projectedoutwards to conveythe angst of a wounded ravaged civilisation. Evenwhen the arch-villain, an unscrupulous builderplayed with operatic gusto by Suman Talwar isbusy hamming it up to the hilt, Akshay maintainshis attitude of detached contempt.Baatein kam, ‘calm’ zyadaa!Thank God for Akshay Kumar. The screenplaywould otherwise have beenmore of scream-play.The characters and the twists and turns in the lotconstantly scream for attention. The exceptionbesides Akshay is Sunil Grover. Known as thedrag queen Gutthi on Kapil Sharma’s comedyshow, Sunil playing a low-rank police constable ina police station filled with officers who are morebothered with the chutney for their plates ofsamosa than the collapse of the law and orderand situation, epitomises India’s smothered voiceof the conscience.It’s such sudden spurts of sensitivity that redeemwhat would otherwise have been just anotherloud, boorish and garish film about corruption inhigh-rise places. Builders are the baddies here,you see.Jaideep Ahlawat, usually soriveting on screen,here seems uncomfortable in his suited avatar asa CBI officer. His belated entry should have doneto the narrative what Nawazuddin Siddiqui did to“Kahaani”.No such luck. The villains are all clumsycardboard cut-outs conveying the corrupt elementwith as much subtlety as an uncovered sewage.The women are sketchily portrayed. ShrutiHaasan bustles in and out playing a lawyer whois busy delivering homilies and babies on thestreets rather than fighting cases. Chitrangdapops up to do an awful itemsong, best left editedout. And Kareena Kapoor Khan, looking like azillion bucks (so what’s new), sings a romanticsong with Akshay and perishes in a clumsilystaged building collapse.Luckily, the film survives to tell a tale that’s asrelevant today as it was when Kamal Haasan, alldressed up in wizened prosthetics blew the lid offgovernmental corruption in “Hindustani”.“Gabbar Is Back” knocks the bottom off the actiongenre with a breathless odeto Swachh Bharat.The film may appear louder-than-life to thedainty-hearted. But the tone is unapologeticmassy. You can’t change the disintegrating socialorder by being subtle.Miraculously, Akshay Kumar does exactly that.Don’t ask how. Just go for his bearded, broodingleadership qualities. Swachh Bharat needs suchahero.

  • bombey velet…not good nd also trailer nd song boring..pata chala cinema hall m nind le rahe h bande ..background garafhic..also bad

  • Shruti hasan,Kriti Sanon ,Sonam kapoor are not beautiful than ANUSHKA….
    Prove: just open Bollywood top 10 beautiful heroines and see which actresses are there…
    And by the way ur names are not a successful actresses
    GOT it

  • And yes,Raaz.. Right
    She is wearing Dior top and bodice skirt which looks like same the way she is wearing.
    Air Rahi baat wierd expression Ki toh I am damm sure Ki tumse crore times better face hai uska

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