The audience is in tears after watching ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’: Salman

A day after the release of Kabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the hero of the film, Salman Khan, spoke about the response that the film is getting.

The actor has said that the film has left people speechless.

“No one says anything. And they have got a smile on their face. They have tears in their eyes. They wait in the theatre till the rolling titles are over and then they start coming out mesmerised”

“You guys have also waited outside the screening… have you seen anyone come out and say anything. So we’re going to keep them there for some more time, an hour or one and half hours and then you might get a reaction.”

“We’re getting a reaction after a few hours and even the next day. What a film, what an amazing movie, positive film  (is what people are saying) and that it’s actually an elevating experience watching the film” said Salman.




  • Yes. They would to be demands for return his money.and they were also demanding to return money previous 6-7crapy movie.

  • Opening of Bajrangi bhaijaan is low to an extent…..!!…

    So its duty of @indicine to promote it…..!!…

    Good job…..!!….

  • Even people like Anupama Chopra and Masand cried while watching it! I want to watch the film after my exams..

  • some srk fans comparing diwali period released movie –festival holiday comparing here….lolax. plz point out valid points. lolaxxx stop comparing farah n kabir. makes no sense at all.
    Talking abt jay ho, ticket rates was 100/- like marathi movies….oderwise picture would have been different.

  • go n see critics reviews many of them cry too…
    i nevr seen such salman film….
    no action….
    no 1 liners ..nothing…
    no goon chasing karina n salman kicking his ass…. pure acting by salman… he is pleasure to watch….
    only problm.was REMO DESUZA CHOREOGRAPHY ..
    dnt care abt collections … bhai gift us such a film… thanx bhai…

  • I m his biggest hater till kick but I liked his Bajarangi baijaan.I really cried during climax.I never expected this type of film from Salman.

  • Some films hv so many soul touching moments and endearing characters plus a strong message that u r bound to overlook their flaws and just clap for them.

    Megastar salmans bajrangi bhaijaan surprisingly belongs to that category. the simple often silly but a soul touching film is about a cute angelic mute girl named sahida after sahid afridi who gets lost in india but finds solace and family in hanuman devotee pawan kumar chaturvedi who makes it his mission to drop the girl in her house in Pakistan by overcoming all obstacles.

    Salman as bajrangi is in top form.he is so earnest and sweet in his character that u fall in luv with him like never bfr.salmans innocence onscreen is definitely back.harshaali as sahida is outstanding and she is the biggest usp of the film.nawaz is brilliant yet again while kareena om puri r all superb .

    Even though the the film drags in d first half but several scenes like bajrangi rescuing the girl from brothel,bhaijann discovering her real identity etc r superb.

    But its in 2nd half that the real action begins.the film reaches its peak in the awesome zindagi song but it is slightly let down by the silly manipulative climax

    Kabir is again at d top of the game and prvds himself as one of best director of Indian cinema

    Overall 8/10 from my side.its simple silly yet so endearing and entertaining that its a must watch

  • Paid audiences showed fake tears,ROFL.please neutral audience don’t take this seriously,after failing to do a good score bhojpuri bhaijaan is in a way to become a debacle.Sunday onwards nobody will remain inside theatre to show tears,lol.very huge publicity is going on to again make alive the dead buzz of this crapiest,so everybody take care of yourselves by keep yourself by remaining far disatant away from this crapfest.

  • Bhai is 100% true, whoever from my friend circle have watched the movie say the same.

  • Atleast salman fans watch movie in theater unlike srk fans who r always ready to create history in highest selling pirated dvd of srk movies…

  • All king fans are barking too much on BB’s 1st collections. But in reality their king’s last non holiday release don 2 collected only 14cr…lol.

  • When the Bajrangi Bhaijaan title announced, I never thought even in my dreams that it would be Salman’s most appreciated film in recent times. But once the mediocre teaser came I realised that this film gonna be a better film.
    I have not seen movie yet, will see tmrw may be. But I am happy that Salman also shows his haters that he can shine in non-masala films too, as to make people crying is very difficult task. The best part film produced by Salman’s production and only film in recent time when he promoted his films on large scale, credit should goes to story writer and director Kabir khan. Well done guys.

    @babaji I told you may be the film predictable for you but it will be best film from Salman for you when you watch in recent time. My instinct worked.

  • Finally Salman Khan doing movie with rich content, performance oriented and with message. Cmon sallu, dont act anymore in brainless movies like ready, bodyguard, dabangg 2, you deserve better movies, your fans deserve better movies as well.

  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan real story man named Salman under influence of alcohol kill one man run away then kills witness police constable. The END.

  • srk fans u better know that hny 1st day collection is 37.50cr(trade).which already beaten by pk 3rd day (boxofficeindia).but srk manipulated it to 44.97.but salman and amir dont do manipulation that not means they are small as compared to hr n srk(manipulation king).if salman do manipulation he show it 35cr n make news biggest opening ever in eid.if today is a big holiday so it can cross 35cr.n sunday is likely to be in that range

  • () Ek villain 17 cr in 1800 Screens ..bzrngi 27 in 4200 screens ..! Ek villain bigger opener clearly..!

    ()ouatimd 13 cr in 1400 …bzrngi 27 in 4200…ouatimd Clearly Bigger Opener ..!

    () Bahubaali 42 Cr in Same number of screen of bzrngi..bahubaali clear winner..!

    When TWMR collected 8 cr in 2200 screens nd gabbar 13 cr in 3000 screens Indicine said TWMR iz bigger opener due 2 Lower screen logic so I Calculated abovE films screens nd collection nd clearly bzrngi lose So lallu fans take revital nd go Goa gone ..!

  • They were crying for their valuable money which they have just spent to watch a utter crap! Bhai, wrong number mat do. No ullu banawing.

  • @sunny chechi
    you make a film and you acts as main actor and release it on only one thereater and buy all tickect and collection is
    1 cr in 1 threater

    as your logic your movie collect 5000 cr in 5000 cinema halls
    and you are the world biggest star and your film bear avtar collection

    kyu sahi kaha

    abe pagal
    jis movie me jitni potential hoti he wo utne jyada threater me release hoti he

    cinema owner jante he kon se movie apne yaha lagani he

    srk aur salman aur amir ki movie hi 5000 screen me release ho sakti he teri ya chanki pandey ki nahi

  • @king aamir khan
    Both Aamir and Salman rocks.
    Stop acting like an Srk fan who bashes every other actor without any reason.

  • I wasn’t in tears but the story touched my heart.
    Last time I was so touched was during PK when Aamir begged in front of all those God statues.
    The best moment for me in BB was when Harshaali called “Maaamaaaaa, maaamaaa” and Salman turned and they hugged each other in-between the border. 💙
    Thank you, Salman and Kabir for a fantastic movie that’ll stay in my heart for a long time.

  • @Dlkh idiot
    I said na Indicine hve used tht logic that’s I used..can’t u read properly dumb Nd screens do make effect..if ouatimd might hve got 3500 screen so collections would hve been 30 plus on day1 cOs it got housefull opening bt collections affected due to screen problems with CE ..!

  • in multiplex they increase or decrease screen when movie performance basis

    if twmr release hoti ce ke sath to ouaitimd ki tarah flop nahi hoti
    ce ko screen jyada screen ye prove karta he ku stk is very big star as compare aksay in collection basis

    next year eid if clash happen screen count clear that who are bigger star between srk and salman

    and i personly feel salman get more screen in single screen in multiplex they change every day on movie performance basis

  • @Sunny chachi: you are right, lets see yur logic-
    ek villain-16cr(1800screens) &
    baby- 9cr (3600screens).

    So, siddharth is 3times bigger than akki. Also thats why akki is playing 2nd lead in Brothers to Sid.

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