The Amazing Spiderman Day 1 – Historic opening in India

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spiderman has opened to packed houses all over the country on it’s opening day in India. The superhero film, with a huge fan-following in the country, is way ahead of other Hollywood blockbusters like ‘2012’ and the more recent releases like ‘Avengers’, ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’, ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2’ and ‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’.

Infact, the opening on Friday morning was as good as some of the big Bollywood releases like Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore.

As per early estimates, the Day 1 collections for ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ is around Rs 8.5 crore nett, which is a first day record for a Hollywood release in India.

The Amazing Spiderman was released on 1150 prints in four languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu) in both 2D and 3D formats.

Update: The Amazing Spiderman has collected Rs 8.5 crore on its opening day, surpassing all expectations. The opening is bigger than most Bollywood releases and considering the fact that the film released on about half the number of screens (compared to some of the Bollywood biggies), these are huge numbers.

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  • just watch out amazing spiderman
    n was thnking of ra. one ha ha ha
    zamen asman ka farak tha
    mvie was great with efects

  • if 1150 prints = 7cr
    then 2300 prints = 14cr

    with this kind of opening films like Raone and Rowdy Rathor who have released with more prints collected similar or just 2crs more on day one..

    here spiderman kicked our supertar’s so called star power.. :D

  • so the conclusion is, if it is release widest like Rowdy Rathore with 2800 prints then even 17-18cr seems very much possibe.. which is little higher than Rowdy ( forget Raone here, who has underperform on day one itself with 3500 prints ).

  • pade likhe gawar mr. rajesh sachdev aur spiderman zameen asman ka fark h
    to budget to dekh 125cr only
    and spiderman 1150 cr (250m)
    india ki best vfx ki movie h
    wese india me world ki sbse high budget ki movie pipeline me h (mahabharta) aur world ke best effects honge

  • @ranbir the great
    bollywod m sher khan will b the highest budget mvie in which special efect will b more than plus m story hogi mvie m
    jaisi m ni thi
    n rahi bt spider man se compare krne ki m toh bs bolywod n holywod btaya
    negetive thnking

  • @Indicine..plz put an article..about growth in Punjabi Cinema..
    Within past 3-4 years..Records(Opening) have been smashed by 80% ..regularly..
    Its on steepest films..barely fail..they just run with over admission..
    take eg. of recent Jatt And Juliet.

  • aur spiderman me jo comparison kar rahe hai. vo zara dono ke budget par bhi dyan de to sahi hoga ka budget 125 cr
    spiderman ka budget 1150 cr

  • jab aukaat nai hai superhero banani ki to mat banao… samjhe mr. srk… tu kya socha ki 100cr me spiderman bana lega… lol… bewkuf!!!

  • who the hell is comparing budget
    what m saying is that the script power of super-hero mvies
    thats why stand no where
    n mere khyal se srk k fans ab ye toh ni kahenge ki script k liye b budget hota h jo spider man ka jada tha lol…

  • hollywood wale agar hag(potty) ke bhi chale jaayen toh kuch indians use chaat jayenge,..
    par india mei koi kitni bhi achhi movie banaye uski tareef nahi karenge…

  • The same people who found, a man getting superpowers when a spider bites him, believable.. or a man getting into a virtual world (TRON) awesome..laughed at RaOne, just because its an Indian movie. These Pseudo intellectuals spread the negative word of mouth. Ra.One was a far superior product than 99% of what bollywood churns out every friday. Its a herd mentality and ‘Emperors new clothes’ syndrome among these so called intellectuals..

  • AMAZING SPIDERMAN amazingly dropped in climax but
    everything was just awesome… you’ll regret if you watch the movie in stupid 15 inch screen
    go have a bang in the theater.. I DID.. and seriously working to make a WEB SHOOTER like the one peter parker had :D
    i’ll let you know when it will be completed

  • srk the greatest actor
    ra .one kya mvie thi
    no words
    mario video game is much beter tha watchng

  • Again again srk’s movies is always being compared with Hollywood movies.
    This shows how great srk is.
    And lallu’s shera khan will never ever match the vfx of The thing was that the indian media had spread the negitivity of the movie even though the film at least managed to get hit status in india but it was apriciated by overseas audience. Now just think what if this much negitivity was there in lallu’s movie? It would have been even worse than disaster.

  • vfx effects was a joke… i mean common man it looked like a crappy 2D game from the 90?s… his fans call him a “so called global star”… then why doesn’t he makes a proper superhero film with a budget of 1000cr odd… he is a “so called global star” right??? So he should be able to recover the money and make profits… he is a “self proclaimed king” and “fans proclaimed global star”…

  • Yaha bahut log comparisoin kar rahe hai hollywood or bollywood ka. Hamesha positive hi dekhna chahiye. Hoolywood me khas hai unki technology ki samajh or istmal par india ki khasiyat hai emotions and story line. Mene batman the dark night ki jesi story line hoolywood ki kisi superhero movi me nahi dekhi. Hamara best part emotions hi hai. Wese amazing spider man me 2001 ki spiderman movi ki taraha dil ko nahi chuti

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