Abhay Deol’s girlfriend helping him with his new house

Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai on L'Officiel India September IssueAbhay Deol is getting a house built for himself in Goa and the actor reveals that he loves to get his hands dirty on the job as he likes to do interiors.

“I like doing interiors, it’s kind of a hobby. I have hired a contractor for my apartment and right at the end I hired an architect to help me out. So I like getting my hands dirty,” the 36-year-old said here Friday at the launch of an interior designing line “The Pure Concept”.

“Going out finding tiles, finding samples for colours, matching the tiles and colour together, so it’s something that I enjoy,” he added.

Meanwhile, Abhay, who is a Greenpeace activist, has chosen to go eco-friendly with his new house.

“I am going a bit eco-friendly, water harvesting, water treatment, on-side solar panels, I am going to use all this. My taste is very minimalistic, I don’t like flashy stuff,” added Abhay.

Abhay’s girlfriend Preeti Desai is also helping him out in getting the house done.


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