Tezz Postponed, solo release for Hrithik’s Agneepath

The battle between Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgan for box-office supremacy on Republic day next year, has quite sensibly been averted.

As expected, it’s the makers of Ajay Devgan’s Tezz who have decided to postpone their high-budget film by 2 months. Tezz will now arrive on March 23rd 2012.

Not so long ago, Ganesh Jain (producer) had promised that they won’t be postponing the release of Tezz, come what may “We were the first to announce the release date. We were ready to face Aamir Khan, we are ready to face competition from Hrithik Roshan too.” he had said.

But with about 35 days to go for January 26th, Tezz was always struggling against time to release with Agneepath. Add to that, the fact that, there is already a strong buzz around the Hrithik Roshan film and it was only sensible for Ganesh Jain to postpone Tezz.

So then, Agneepath will have a solo release and so will Tezz. Both films will benefit and both are expected to break some serious box-office records.



  • hahahah where the fans of Ajay will hide their face now. Sometime ago, they were being too loud and we were eagerly waiting to see the clash!! poor ajay!! LOL….. can’t say if Agneepath will break all the records or not but no one can stop its success. It will surely be a smash hit with far better collection of ZNMD and will cross the 100 crore mark easily

  • ha ha ha…ha. shame on tezz team. scared of agneepath and hrithik. not even a week’s gap but 2 whole months. ha..ha. scared shitless, super scared… the fire of agneepath burnt them a little and they are already on the run. superstar ajay devgan my foot. thank God they realized it earlier before they are doomed. with katrina kaif’s sizzling chikni chamelli, hrithik’s daredevil expressions, priyanka’s romantic and tantalizing moves, sanjay dutt’s menancing looks and kjo’s perfect packaging, agneepath is sure to spin money endlessly at the box office come january 26th atleast throut the whole 1st half of the year.

  • best actor 2013[national awards]; hrithik roshan for agneepath
    best actor 2013[filmfare]; hrithik roshan for agneepath and krrish3]

  • They are not releasing Tezz because its not ready and it need to be promoted well. Otherwise it would have beaten the shit out of Agneepath.

    Wait and watch Hrithiks performance will receive a lot of flak… he will be compared to amitabh and noone can match upto him. His career will start going down after that..

    Singham beat ZNMD remember? Ab batao!

  • Come on Ajay fans.. let us not allow stupid Hrithik fans to outnumber us :D Tezz means fast.. if released on the same day.. it would have been same as Janeman and Don

    I would request SRK fans to join me.. Ajay and SRK rock!!!

  • SRK fan here. . . .
    Not fair to join any party dis time. . . Though i luv both Ajay n Hritik equally. . . .
    But wen i watched Singham, it gave an edge to Ajay. . . . I watched Singham 23 times . . . .
    As far as d case of Agnipath goes. . . . Hritik will face tough task. . . . He’ll be compared wid Big B. . . .
    Ajay’s Tezz isn’t fully ready yet dat’z why it was postponed. . . .
    And one thing, Releasing movies on clashing dates is not gonna help both, because in d longer run money matters, not d pride. . . . .
    If Tezz rocks, who’ll remember dat it was postponed. . . . !

  • Tezz is not releasing because Ajay is busy shooting for Son of Sardar. So Ajay is not having enough time to shoot for Tezz and promote Tezz. Ajay is two time national award winner and has two 100 crore box office records with him, better than compared to Hritik. Hritik fans look into figures and shout.

  • before there was a buzz that it will RELEASE on da same day now what happened i m a hrithik fan so i wiil go with HRITHIK

  • oh krineeth cmon dude…i pity on u…u cmparin hr’s status with ajay..singham ws bit nt bcoz of akshay nhi coz of story n mass-appeal…agar salman khan hota toh it wud ve been d highest grossing muvi…so dnt b xcited…ajay iz a gud actor bt cmparin 2 hrithik iz just doin unfair 2 hrithik’s status..if ajay iz such a big star ,y didnt rascals took big opening even tho it had xtended week+dushera holday….n kites film grossd 90cr n verdict flop nd ajay devgans film outim grssed 60 cr..v can undstnd hrithik’s flop film makes mre mney dan ajay’s hit film…nw dont temme dt golmaal 3 ws hit coz of ajay,it didnt ..u knw wt kareena ws paid mre dan ajay in d film…so he lacks star-power..bt he iz a v gud actor

  • Poor tezz gets postponed by agneepath..Hrithik rockss..Hrithik’s a far far better that ajay..Though, ajay is a good actor..Agneepath will breaks all records of box office..
    1st day 25 cr
    weekend 90 cr
    week 125 cr
    lifetime 225 cr..
    Hrithik always rocks..Eagerly waiting for agneepath..Agneepath agneepath agneepath..

  • @krineet-Singham was pure packed with mindless 3rd grade action though story was good and grossed 10crores much than ZNMD but if you compare overseas than ZNMD is far ahead of Singhan.

  • Hrithik is good but ajay devgn is his baap. So there’s no comparison. Ajay’s debut was in 1992 and hrithik’s debut was in 2000. So really Hrithik is still a kid compared to Ajay Devgn the LION (SINGHAM). The reason why hrithik gets awards is because he dances and sponsors the awards functions. Devgn Saab is very honest, he lets the public decide about his films and not any crap awards. By the way Hrithik fans, HAS HRITHIK GOT ANY NATIONAL AWARDS? AJAY HAS GOT TWO THATS WHAT COUNTS. But as I said Hrithik has no class against Devgn saab.

  • Hrithik is far far better than ajay.Singham is a commercial movie but ZNMD is a fully different and challenging movie… worldwide ZNMD Collect 152core(india 89.5core) core and Singham collect 130core(india 100core)…So internationally Hrithik far far betttter than ajay….Tezz is a 3rd class action base movie But Agneepath is a Strong story based,soft romantic and amazing action based movie.So their is no compare Agneepath and tezz.Ajay afraid about hrithiks popolaruty and tezz is postponded.Agneepath will be break all of recods…..Best of luck hrithik….

  • Hrithik actor to best hai hi,insaan bhi achcha hai or usne jabbhi kisi reality show main gaya har contestent ko kuch na diya ,rahi baat ajay ki to use to koi reality show main bulata hi nahi ….bechara ajay!

  • @az.. Filmfare best actor award is a sign of good actor + star power which Ajay devgan totally lacks.. remember Rascals didnt even get a good opening? Ajay is not a superstar, he doesnt have crazy fans.. and dont forget overseas where noone cares about Ajay.. Hrithik is a huge star all over the world..

  • hritik ki takdir achi hai ki tezz complete nahi hui warna, warna hritik ko usi k agnee me jalake rakh kar deti..
    Or agneepath aaj famous hai bcoz of sanju baba n kat..hritik ka namonishan tak nahi..

  • @avinash, come on yaar reality ko samjho tezz ka har tezz nikal gaya.our wo jo tezz ka producer bol raha tha ke usika film release hoga kyon ke agar wo log amir ko takkar dene ke liye taiyar tha to hritik ke liye bhi taiyer hai …. Sari hekri nikal gayi ?our ye film puri na hone ka bahana nahi chalega …manlo ke darr ke harr gaya

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