Kolaveri Di Singer Dhanush wants Hrithik Roshan!

Not many know that Kolaveri Di singer Dhanush is a very popular actor in the Tamil film industry and has also won a National Award for his performance in a film titled Aadukalam.

Sources say, Dhanush is keen on directing a Hindi film and was in Mumbai to narrate his story to some of the top actors in the industry. Since the film is heavy on action sequences and is a big-budget fantasy film, Dhanush is in search of someone who can look convincing in larger-than-life characters.

Reliable sources also add that he is keen on casting Hrithik Roshan in the film!

Frankly, we can’t think of anyone better either. For a fantasy film with action sequences, it’s got to be Hrithik!

Update: We found a confirmation to our story on CNNIBN – “A few days back, Dhanush was in Mumbai and he met some people regarding his project. He has a few names in mind and Hrithik is on the top of his list. This is a big budget fantasy flick and he needs someone larger-than-life who can carry off the film.”


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